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Code of Conduct
A Code of Conduct and Etiquette at the Bridge Table
Bridge is an extremely enjoyable game.  Courteous behaviour is an exceptionally important part of that enjoyment. Law 74 of the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge sets out rules on courtesy and etiquette. This code serves as a reminder to all players (members and visitors). The aim is quite simple :-



1. Greeting the pair arriving at the table in a friendly manner.
2. Being a good ‘host’ or ‘guest’ at the table.
3. Giving credit for good bids or plays.
4. Bidding and playing a hand at a uniform speed.
5. Explaining fully, when asked, your partnership bids & any related conventions.
6. Moving to the next table as soon as possible after the TD calls move.
7. Summoning the TD appropriately i.e. ‘Director please’ NOT ‘Director’, and accepting his ruling at the table.  Note– you retain a right of appeal.
8. Ensure that your mobile ‘phone is turned off.
9. Take care of your personal grooming.


1. General rudeness, insinuation, harassment or intimidation by word, gesture or posture.
2. Openly criticising partner’s or opponents bids / plays.
3. Talking in a loud voice so that players at adjoining tables can hear      the conversation.
4. Detaching a card before it is your turn to play.
5. Paying insufficient attention to the bid / game in play.
6. Objecting to a call for the TD.
7. Disputing the TD’s ruling at that time.
8. Giving unasked for tuition at the table.

If you feel that this code has been breached, the Director must be called. Where necessary the Director has the power to penalise breaches by board penalties and repetition [in the same event] by disqualification. Serious or persistent violations may be referred to the Conduct Committee.