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News Page
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Healey Cup 2019
Healey Cup 2019

The Healey Cup in 2019 was won by Susan Sharp, Marian Wilcox, Pam Pearce & Jane Morton who were representing Marcle Bridge Club.

Last updated : 10th Dec 2019 11:01 GMT
Malvern Congress 2019
  • 19MalvernCong01
  • 19MalvernCong02
  • 19MalvernCong03
  • 19MalvernCong04
  • 19MalvernCong05
  • 19MalvernCong06
  • 19MalvernCong07
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  • 19MalvernCong18

Congratulations to all our Congress winners:

GP Swiss Pairs: Debbie and Simon Richards

Non-Expert Pairs: David Johnson and Liz Bretherton

No-Fear Pairs: Malcolm Hunt and Heather Somerfield; runners-up Sue Fairer and Natalie Egginton

Newcomers Teams: Teresa Ford and Jane Henry, Neil and Gay Enoch

GP Swiss Teams: Henry Rose and Aleksandar Lishkov, Kathy and Denis Talbot

Non-Expert Teams: Ian Sidgwick and Paul Spencer, Jeanette Simon and David Cook

Photos of all these, plus a few wine-prize winners above...

More details, updates, results and photos can be found  here

Last updated : 10th Dec 2019 11:02 GMT
John Turner RIP

It is with great sadness that I must report that John Turner died on the 16th August 2019. He was a true gentleman, respected by all, and had supported Worcestershire bridge for 50 years.

  • He had been a member of the County Committee since 1970 until he retired from it in 2017 and was the Chairman on 4 occasions. 
  • He had also been a member of the Conduct Committee and the Selection Committee as well as being a qualified Tournament Director.
  • He was the Events Secretary for 7 years from 1997. 
  • He was a Member of the Midland Counties Congress Committee from 1973 until Warwickshire took over the Congress in 2016 and had been Chairman of the Congress on a number of occasions. 

John was presented with a Dimmie Fleming Award in 2002 for his contributions to bridge in Worcestershire.

Last updated : 10th Dec 2019 11:01 GMT
Annual General Meeting, Mon 13th May
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There is no Bridge on Mon 6th May; the Annual General Meeting of WCBA will be held on Mon 13th May at Cutnall Green, beginning at 7-15pm.

The agenda for the meeting can be found here; at the end of the meeting, prizes will be presented to this year's trophy winners, after which there will be a free session of handicapped Pairs for all.

Last updated : 10th Jun 2019 09:51 BST
Chairman's Cup 2019 - Wednesday 1st May
Chairman's Cup 2019 - Wednesday 1st May

Congratulations to Eiron Evans and Dai Warren, who won a well-attended Chairman's Cup event, which featured players from Malvern, Redditch, Martley, Droitwich and Worcester.

Close behind them in 2nd place were new partnership John Smith and Roland Draper, followed by Neil and Gay Enoch.

WCBA Chairman Mike Willoughby (centre) presented the trophy to Dai (left) and Eiron (right).

Results here, including comments by Mike Willoughby.

Last updated : 22nd May 2019 14:23 BST
Pro-Am 2019
Winners Section A
Winners Section B
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This was a highly successful event, with 14 tables participating in good humour, and playing some great Bridge.

Winning pairs were Lynn Munn with Dennis Loynes, and Val Ridding with Ian McAlroy.  Some measure of the success of the format is that two years ago, Ian was playing (and winning!) as an Am!

Photos of the winners with WCBA Chairman Mike Willoughby are here.

Hand commentary can now be found with the travellers on the results pages.

Last updated : 9th May 2019 10:46 BST
WCBA Charity Rubber Bridge Knock-Out 2018-19

In the Semi-Finals of the Rubber Bridge Knock-Out 

David Wilkes and Allan Pardoe bt Peter and Ann Drake 

Martin Gill and Paul Slater bt Malcolm Hunt and Heather Somerfield 

and in the Final

Martin Gill and Paul Slater bt David Wilkes and Allan Pardoe

The event raised £461 for the Stroke Association.

Last updated : 10th Jun 2019 09:50 BST
Inter Club Teams 2018-19
Inter Club Teams 2019
Simple Systems Division 2019
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After the 2nd heat of the Inter Club Teams Worcester 1, Droitwich & Worcester 2 had pulled clear of the other teams. In the final heat Droitwich had two good wins to take the title whilst Worcester 2 also had  two wins to finish 2nd. The Simple Systems Division was also close with the top 4 teams within 8VPs of each other. In the last heat Ridgeway played well, winning 3 of their 4 matches to win the Division.

Last updated : 9th May 2019 10:47 BST
Healey Cup 2018
Healey Cup 2018

There was a close finish in the Healey Cup. Droitwich 1 were leading for most of the event but were overtaken by Bromsgrove in the last match. The winners were Keith Collins, Clive Finney, Martin Gill & David Motley. Worcester & Marcle 2 were joint 3rd.

Last updated : 6th Dec 2018 17:15 GMT
AGM 2018
  • P1030965
  • P1030966
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  • P1030969
  • P1030970
  • P1030971
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  • P1030989
  • P1030991
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  • P1030995
  • P1030996
  • P1030998
  • P1030999
  • P1040001
  • P1040002
  • P1040004
  • P1040005
  • P1040012

The AGM was well attended and was a constructive meeting. The Committee were asked to consider alternative partners for the Own Venue Project and to review the format of the Grand Prix Teams. In the pairs event which followed Mike Willoughby & Paul Hammond finished 1st but when the NGS handicaps were applied the winners were Louise Wilson & Helen Cameron.

Last updated : 11th Jun 2018 09:28 BST
Charity Rubber Bridge 2018

Congratulations to John Dow and Patrick Eckersley, who beat Manel and Gavin Tringham in the Final to win the event for the second time.

In the Semi-Finals:

  • John and Patrick bt Keith and Clive;
  • Gavin and Manel bt John and James

The event has raised £490 for the WhizzKidz charity, which raises funds for mobility equipment for disabled children.

Last updated : 4th Jun 2018 14:06 BST
Healey Cup 2017
Healey Cup 2017

There was a close finish in the Healey Cup. Droitwich led from the start but a strong finish by Worcester 1 saw them take the lead in the last match. Well done to Mike Vetch, John Dowbiggin, Dick & Jane Rutter.

Last updated : 7th Dec 2017 22:25 GMT
Chairman's Cup 2017
Chairman's Cup 2017

The Chairman's Cup was won by Robert Grimer & David Campbell with an impressive score of 72.4%. Gina Butler & Margaret Guy were second and James Culcheth & Ian McAlroy 3rd.

Last updated : 26th May 2017 10:45 BST
Malvern Congress 2016
No Fear Pairs 2016
Swiss Pairs Winners 2016
Swiss Teams Winners 2016
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Wall James Chappell sponsorship for the Worcestershire Contract Bridge Association (WCBA) annual Swiss Pairs Championship was very successful. The event was held on the 29th of October at the St John's Sports Centre in Worcester and was packed to capacity with bridge players from the Midlands areas. The result was close victory for the pair of Andy King & Peter Litchfield who managed to win by just two victory points in a keenly fought and tight event. Congratulations to the winners pictured above. The WCBA are very appreciative of the support that Wall James Chappell provides to this annual Worcestershire bridge event. Worcestershire Bridge is part of the UK initiative to promote bridge as a mind sports game suitable for all ages - a great game that gives both young and old the facility to be active both mentally and socially. WCBA is raising funds to acquire it own venue in order to provide educational and training facilities as well as improved playing conditions for bridge in the county.

The WCBA are also appreciative of the sponsorship by Bridge Overseas of the Swiss Teams Championship which was held on the 30th of October. Congratulations to the winners, John Atthey, Janine Griffiths-Baker, James Thrower & Phil Godfrey.

The No Fear/Intermediate Pairs was won by Kathy MacLaren & Richard Arrowsmith.

Thanks to the Congress Committee of Joyce Skelton, Martin Gill & Mike Vetch plus all the other volunteers who made the Malvern Congress a success.

Last updated : 2nd Dec 2016 16:42 GMT
Malvern Congress 2016 Pictures
  • DSC02157
  • DSC02158
  • DSC02159
  • DSC02160
  • DSC02161
  • DSC02162
  • DSC02163
  • DSC02164
  • DSC02165
  • DSC02166
  • DSC02167
  • DSC02168
  • DSC02169
  • DSC02170
  • DSC02171
  • DSC02172
  • DSC02173
  • DSC02174
  • DSC02175
  • DSC02176
  • DSC02177
  • DSC02178
  • DSC02179
  • DSC02180
  • DSC02181
  • DSC02182
  • DSC02183
  • DSC02185
  • DSC02186
  • DSC02187
  • DSC02188
  • DSC02189
  • DSC02190
  • DSC02191
  • DSC02192
  • DSC02193
  • DSC02194
  • DSC02195
  • DSC02196
  • DSC02197
  • DSC02198
  • DSC02199
  • DSC02200
  • DSC02201
  • DSC02202
  • DSC02203
  • DSC02205
  • DSC02206
  • DSC02207
  • DSC02208
  • DSC02209
  • DSC02210
  • DSC02211
  • DSC02212
  • DSC02215
  • DSC02571
  • DSC02572
  • DSC02573
  • DSC02574
  • DSC02575
  • DSC02576
  • DSC02577
  • DSC02578
  • DSC02579
  • DSC02580
  • DSC02581
  • DSC02582
  • DSC02583
  • DSC02584
  • DSC02586
  • DSC02587
  • DSC02588
  • DSC02589
  • DSC02590
  • DSC02591
  • DSC02592
  • DSC02593
  • DSC02594
  • DSC02596
  • DSC02597
  • DSC02598
  • DSC02599
  • DSC02600
  • DSC02602
  • DSC02603
  • DSC02604
  • DSC02605
  • DSC02608
  • DSC02609

Thanks to Tony Gervis for taking lots of good pictures at the Malvern Congress.

Last updated : 2nd Dec 2016 16:43 GMT
SBU Overseas Congress in Dubrovnik
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A large contingent of Worcestershire players attended the SBU Overseas Congress in Dubrovnik. Last year Tony Gervis challenged the Scots to a bridge championship and they took us on. We won comfortably. He was elected captain and as such now has the title “Captain of the English Bridge Team “ !!! The players dressed in red and white as can be seen from the photos and the trophy was “The Ashes“, being the ashes of two packs of cards. All good fun and a super Congress.

Last updated : 16th Jun 2016 11:51 BST
2016 AGM
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The AGM was held on Sunday the 15th of May, which was the first time we have held it on a Sunday. About 40 people attended and as well as the usual proceedings John Sansom gave a presentation on the the current state of the Own Venue Project. This was well received and it gave our Members a chance to ask questions. A verision of the presentation will be added to the website shortly. The official photographer was Tony Gervis and he has provided a lot of good pictures.

Last updated : 29th May 2016 11:28 BST
Roger Bowles
Cheltenham Teams 1980
Roger and John Waller
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WCBA is sad to report the death of Roger Bowles following a fall at home over the Christmas period. This is terrible news and the County has sent our condolences to his wife Shirley and our sympathies go to his family at this sad time. Roger will be a huge loss to bridge generally - being a Grand Master and one of the top 100 players in the country according to the National Grading System. 

Having started out as an English Teacher, Roger made a significant contribution to Birmingham’s Further Education during his working life, moving into Senior Management positions at Josiah Mason College. His bridge career can be traced back to the 1970s and, in the time that he played in Warwickshire with his friends Roger Flood and Pip Whitehouse, he won the County Championship Pairs seven times, the Goodman Cup six times and the Warwickshire Pairs League twice. He also won the Corwen Trophy, the national inter-County Pairs event, and was County Secretary for a number of years.

Moving to Wales, Roger won the Welsh National Pairs Championship and then the Perry Shield (mid-Wales winning for the first time ever) with John Waller. He went on to win the Webber Cup (the Welsh Teams of Four Championship) twice and the Welsh Teams of Eight with John, Keith Shuttleworth and Brian Nicholls. He also won the Bearne, representing the Shrewsbury club.

Arriving in Worcestershire in 2013, Roger soon established himself as a force within the county, winning the Championship Pairs at his first attempt and helping the County to qualify for the Tollemache Final for the first time in over twenty-five years. He initiated a mentoring scheme to bring on promising players: this has just very successfully completed its pilot phase and, as it continues into 2016, will form a permanent reminder of how much he contributed to the County’s bridge in the short time that he lived in Worcestershire.

Last updated : 2nd May 2016 17:11 BST
Silver Plate 2015
Silver Plate 2015

Tony Poole, Stewart Fishburne, Chris Philp & Mike Willoughby have won the Silver Plate. In the final they beat a team from Yorkshire by 10 IMPs over 48 boards.

Last updated : 8th Mar 2016 11:58 GMT
Malvern Congress 2015
Swiss Pairs Winners
Swiss Teams Winners
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The Wall James Chappell Swiss Pairs Championship was won by Diane & Filip Kurbalija. (Press Release)

The Origin Financial Ltd Swiss Teams Championship was won by Warner Solomon, Taf Anthias, Richard Samter & Pat Davies.

Last updated : 7th Nov 2016 14:17 GMT
Irene Allen 2015
Irene Allen 2015 Winners
Richard Lewis 2015 Winners
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The Irene Allen Non-Expert Swiss Pairs was won by Wilf Atkinson & Sally Martin. The Richard Lewis Trophy was won by Vic Laver & Eric Myers.

Last updated : 29th Oct 2015 09:39 GMT
Inter Club Teams - 2014/15
Inter Club Teams - 2014/15

With one match to go in the final heat of the Inter-Club Teams Worcester 2 were neck-and-neck with Droitwich 1. Worcester 2 beat Bewdley 11-9 whilst Droitwich 2 beat Worcester 1 14-6 and won the competition finishing 3 VPs ahead of Worcester 2. Droitwich 2 were represented by Nick & Steph Forward, Sue Evans, Dennis Loynes, Eddy & Jette Blackburn.

Last updated : 12th Feb 2015 11:52 GMT
Healey Cup 2014
Healey Cup 2014

The Healey Cup was closely contested but in the end Pershore A (Alan Boyes, Peter Kershaw, Ted Phillipps & Mary Portman) triumphed with 85 VPs. Malvern & Bromsgrove B were equal 2nd with 74 VPs, Bromsgrove C were 4th with 72 VPs andEvesham were 5th with 69 VPs.

Last updated : 12th Feb 2015 11:52 GMT
Malvern Congress 2014
  • MalvernCongress2014
  • MalvernCongress2014 10
  • MalvernCongress2014 11
  • MalvernCongress2014 12
  • MalvernCongress2014 13
  • MalvernCongress2014 14
  • MalvernCongress2014 15
  • MalvernCongress2014 16
  • MalvernCongress2014 17
  • MalvernCongress2014 18
  • MalvernCongress2014 19
  • MalvernCongress2014
  • MalvernCongress2014 20
  • MalvernCongress2014 21
  • MalvernCongress2014 22
  • MalvernCongress2014 23
  • MalvernCongress2014 24
  • MalvernCongress2014 25
  • MalvernCongress2014 26
  • MalvernCongress2014 27
  • MalvernCongress2014 28
  • MalvernCongress2014 29
  • MalvernCongress2014 3
  • MalvernCongress2014 30
  • MalvernCongress2014 31
  • MalvernCongress2014 32
  • MalvernCongress2014 33
  • MalvernCongress2014 34
  • MalvernCongress2014 35
  • MalvernCongress2014 36
  • MalvernCongress2014 37
  • MalvernCongress2014 38
  • MalvernCongress2014 39
  • MalvernCongress2014 4
  • MalvernCongress2014 40
  • MalvernCongress2014 41
  • MalvernCongress2014 42
  • MalvernCongress2014 43
  • MalvernCongress2014 44
  • MalvernCongress2014 45
  • MalvernCongress2014 46
  • MalvernCongress2014 47
  • MalvernCongress2014 48
  • MalvernCongress2014 49
  • MalvernCongress2014 5
  • MalvernCongress2014 50
  • MalvernCongress2014 51
  • MalvernCongress2014 52
  • MalvernCongress2014 53
  • MalvernCongress2014 54
  • MalvernCongress2014 55
  • MalvernCongress2014 56
  • MalvernCongress2014 57
  • MalvernCongress2014 6
  • MalvernCongress2014 7
  • MalvernCongress2014 8
  • MalvernCongress2014 9

At the 2014 Malvern Congress the Swiss Pairs was won by Jack Terry & Ian Walsh with Jeffrey Jones & John Pugh taking the Non-Expert prize. The winners of the Swiss Teams were David S Jones, Alan Jones, Tim Brierley & Jack Terry with Richard Jephcott, Roger Bowles, Nick Forward & Steve Allerston coming second and Dick & Jane Rutter, Eddy & Jette Blackburn coming 5th. The Non-Expert prize was won by John Brandon-Joyce, Vanessa O'Callaghan, David Beacham & Simon Rye.

Thanks to Tony Gervis FRPS for the photographs.

Last updated : 30th Oct 2014 12:20 GMT
Inter-County League Final
Inter-County League Final

The County First Team has won the Inter-County League A Final. The team was John Sansom & Richard Jephcott, Ian Thompson & Simon Harrison, Nick Forward & Steve Allerston, Stewart Fishburne & Mike Willoughby. Photograph courtesy of Ian Mitchell.

Last updated : 12th Feb 2015 11:58 GMT
Photos from 2014 AGM
  • Championship Pairs 3rd place 2014
  • Championship Pairs Winners 2014
  • Championship Teams
  • Garden Cities 2014
  • Grand Prix Teams 2013 14
  • John Turner announcing the winners
  • Ladies Pairs 2013 14
  • League 2nd Division
  • League 3rd Division
  • Mens Pairs 2013 14
  • Mike awarding the Championship Teams Trophy
  • Mike hanging on to the Championship Teams Trophy
  • Mixed Pairs 2013 14
  • Mixed Teams 2013 14
  • No Fear League
  • Pairs Ladder 2013 14
  • Rubber Bridge Runners Up
  • Rubber Bridge Winners
  • Seniors Pairs 2013
  • Table of winners
  • Veteran Pairs 2014
  • Winners

Thanks to Tony Gervis FRPS for the photographs.

Last updated : 10th Jun 2014 16:23 BST
Malvern Congress 2013
  • Malvern Congress Swiss Teams Runners Up
  • Winners of Malvern Congress Swiss Pairs
  • Winners of Malvern Congress Swiss Teams

The Swiss Pairs at the Malvern Congress in 2013 was won by Geoff Fogg & Saleem Sachek. That makes 2 years in a row for Geoff as last year he won playing with John Turner.

There was a tie for the Swiss Teams which was split in favour of Robert Procter, Sandra Claridge, Allan & Judith Sanis. The team they tied with was Sue O'Hara, Nelson Stephens, Steve Tomlinson & Chris King.

Photographs by Tony Gervis.

Last updated : 4th Dec 2015 16:07 GMT
Irene Allen 2013
  • Irene Allen 2013 Winners
  • Richard Lewis 2013 Winners

The Irene Allen Non-Expert Swiss Pairs was won by James Taylor & Linda Wright. The Richard Lewis Trophy was won by Jane & Felicity Somervell.

Last updated : 12th Feb 2015 12:01 GMT
Photos from 2013 AGM
  • Championship Pairs Runners Up
  • Championship Pairs Winners
  • Club Championship Pairs
  • Garden Cities
  • Grand Prix Teams
  • Ladies Pairs
  • League Division 1
  • League Division 2
  • League Division 3
  • Masterpoint Champion
  • Mens Pairs
  • Mixed Pairs
  • Pairs Ladder
  • Phillipps Consolation
  • Phillipps Final
  • Phillipps Qualifier
  • Rubber Bridge Knock Out
  • Seniors Pairs
  • The Trophies
  • Veteran Pairs
Last updated : 25th Jun 2013 14:27 BST
EBU Overseas Congress in Furteventura
  • FuerteventuraTrip
  • LadiesPairs

At the EBU overseas congress in Fuerteventura Marian Wilcox and Maureen Hannah won the Ladies Pairs. In the Swiss Teams Jimmy Ledger, Maureen Hannah, Paul Tapster & Paul Hammond came 2nd.

Last updated : 12th Feb 2015 12:02 GMT
Healey Cup 2012
  • Healey Cup Runners Up
  • Healey Cup Winners

The Healey Cup was won by the team from the Worcester Bridge Club consisting of David Thomas, Jimmy Ledger, Ross Garratt & Mel Downing. It was very close for 2nd place with 4 teams within 3 VPs of each but almost the same team from Wyeside who won the competition last year prevailed. The team from Marcle came 3rd and the early front runners from the Malvern Hills Bridge Club ended up 6th.

Last updated : 12th Feb 2015 12:02 GMT
Malvern Congress 2012
  • Winners Malvern Congress Swiss Pairs
  • Winners Malvern Congress Swiss Teams

Worcestershire players did well in the Green Pointed Swiss Pairs at the Malvern Congress. Nick Forward & Steve Allerston won, Dennis Loynes & Sue Evans came 2nd and Dick & Jane Rutter came 4th.

The Green Pointed Swiss Teams was won by Tim Brierley, Jack Terry, Alan Jones & David Jones. Worcestershire players again did well withJohn Sansom, Richard Jephcott, Nick Forward & Steve Allerston finishing 2nd and Joyce Skelton, Ross Garratt, Stewart Fishburne & Steve Gore finishing 3rd.

Last updated : 12th Feb 2015 12:03 GMT
Irene Allen Non-Expert Swiss Pairs
  • IreneAllenWinners
  • RichardLewisWinners

The Irene Allen Non-Expert Swiss Pairs was won by Lorna Fellows & Terry Collins,whilst Wendy & Eric Silverstone retained the Richard Lewis Trophy.

Last updated : 12th Feb 2015 12:03 GMT