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Recent successes

Well done to Helen and Louise, who WON the 2nd session of the Masters Pairs Sunday 1st March, giving them an impressive 29th place out of 220+ overall!

AGM 2016 Pictures: Thanks again to AOH!
  • 10 Joyce was happy to collect the Inter Trophy for Steve
  • 11 Bridge at last Eighteen tables
  • 1 The Trophies
  • 2 Joyce and Tim
  • 3 Shirley collects Roger s Individual Trophy
  • 4 The Men s Pairs won by Simon and Roger collected by Shirley
  • 5 Sue and Sue win the Ladies Pairs
  • 6 The Mixed Pairs won by Sue and Dennis
  • 7 David Roger Simon and Mel won the Teams
  • 8 The Pairs Playoff David and Sue
  • 9 Bob Castell won the TryDuplicate
  • Steve Bull wins Inter Trophy
Christmas Party 2015

Thanks to Andy OH for some great pictures!...

  • Img 8686
  • Img 8688
  • Img 8690
  • Img 8692
  • Img 8702
  • Img 8705
  • Img 8708
  • Img 8710
  • Img 8712
  • Img 8719
  • Club/img 8724
  • Img 8726
  • Img 8727
  • Img 8732
AGM and Prize Giving 2014
  • Chairman retiring keeps his head
  • Flowers for Jane
  • Flowers for Linda
  • Flowers for Lorna
  • The Intermediate Trophy was won by John Brown
  • The Ladies Pairs - shared between Trish Helen Pam Susan
  • The Men s Pairs was won by Paul and David
  • The Mixed Pairs 2013 was won by John and Susan
  • The Pairs Final was won by Derrick and Ray
  • The Pairs Trophy was won by Susan and Jane
  • The Secretary reads the apologies...
  • The Teams Cup was won by Jane and Pam Ray and Dennis
  • The Treasurer s report
  • The Try-Duplicate Cup went to Mike Houghton
  • Wine for Mike
AGM Prize-Giving 2013
  • AGM 2013
  • David Thomas wins the Individual Trophy
  • Dick and Jane won the Mixed Pairs
  • Eric TryDuplicate winner 2012
  • Jane Paul and Lyn collect the Teams Trophy Heidi absent
  • John collects the Pairs trophy on behalf of Richard and himself
  • Maureen and Jane Ladies Pairs Champions
  • Vic won the Improvers Cup
  • And the other Pairs trophy
AGM 2012 and Prize-giving
  • Derrick Individual Champion 2011
  • Mens Pairs Champions Clive Elliott and Paul Greaves
  • Pairs Championship Winners John Sansom and Richard Jephcott
  • Rising star Paul Hammond collects the Improvers Cup
  • Teams Champs Sue Marian Rufus and Andy
  • The Acting Chairman and his Committee
  • The Hon Treasurer presents the accounts
  • TryDuplicate Champions Andrew and Angela Meredith
  • Winners of Ladies Pairs Susan Sharp and Pam Pearce
Xmas Party 2011
  • Andy apologises to Andrew for giving him a bad board on bd2
  • EW winners Maureen and Neil with runnerup Paul
  • Jimmy and the Snowman oversee proceedings
  • NS winners Dennis and Sue runnersup Pam and Susan
  • Ray plays the flute Xmas11
  • Richard John Ada and Barbara waiting for TD to call the move
  • Tim tries to remember what system he and Ian are playing
AGM 2011 - Presentation of Trophies
  • Dick and Jane collect the Pairs Championship trophy
  • Ian and Barbara won the Mixed Pairs
  • John and Richard collect the Teams trophy which they won with Nick and David
  • John and Richard with the Pairs League trophy
  • Mike Theelke presents the TryDuplicate Cup to Jonathan Morton
  • Pam collected the Ladies Pairs trophy which she won with Susan Sharp
  • Ray Foulds wins the Individual Championship
  • Rufus and Andy with the Mens Pairs award
  • The Chairman in the chair
  • Tony dedicated his award to his partner
  • ...who attempted to remain incognito
AGM 2010
  • Mel Downing offers to saw the Individual shield in half
  • Jessie and Jean Newton won the Ladies Pairs
  • Dick and Jane won the Pairs Playoff and the Mixed Pairs
  • Sue Lane, Paul Tapster, Jimmy Ledger and Paul Hammond won Teams
  • Sue Lane and Ray Foulds won the Pairs Ladder
  • Silverware
British legion Club, Claines
  • Inside RBL
  • Inside RBL 5
  • Inside RBL 6
  • RBL Claines
Xmas party 2009
  • Andy was not impressed by Tony\'s weak jump overcall
  • A return visit by young alumni Peter and David
  • Jimmy asked the questions...
  • Dressed smartly for the occasion... Dick, Ken and Marian
  • Maureen + Dick: a serious moment at the table
  • Ray led the carol-singing
20th Anniversary Party
  • The cake
  • Founder members Andy Cullen and Joyce Skelton
  • Players from the 1st night of WBC at the 20th party