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On 22nd October, we welcome M Alain Gillier, Hon President of the Bridge Club Romorantin in the Loire Valley: he will be visiting with Steve and Marie, who made the inital contact with us, seeking a Bridge "Exchange" partnership.

M Gillier, Steve and Marie will stay from Monday till Thursday 25th, during which time they will play three sessions of Bridge, and on Wed 24th, we will have a formal signing of accords between the two clubs at Claines RBL.

The intention thereafter is to arrange visits of a few days, where travellers (from Romorantin or from Worcester) will be hosted in families and play some Bridge, as well as sampling some local fare and doing a little tourism!

On TUESDAY 23rd OCTOBER, we plan to have a meal at The Olive Branch, Worcester (8pm) with our visitors - all members, especially those interested in taking part in an exchange trip, are welcome to attend. For the locals, the format will be "go Dutch".  If you would like to join the party, contact John Dowbiggin ( to reserve a seat, by Friday 19th October at the latest.

A VIDEO message from M Gillier can be viewed below: