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Recent successes

Well done to Helen and Louise, who WON the 2nd session of the Masters Pairs Sunday 1st March, giving them an impressive 29th place out of 220+ overall!

Thur 12th September 2019
  • Cafe April 13
  • Cafe April 9a
  • Cafe April 9g
  • Cafe Bridge at Hive 01
  • Cafe Bridge at Hive 02
  • Cafe Bridge at Hive 03
  • Cafe Bridge at Hive 04
  • Cafe Bridge at Hive 05
  • Cafe Bridge at Hive 06 On the Radio
  • Cafe Bridge at Hive 07 On The Radio
  • Cafe Bridge Elgars
  • Cafe Bridge Playing in Boleros
  • Cafe Bridge with Elliott Webb
  • Xmascafe03
  • Xmascafe09
  • Xmascafe10

For our latest event, we are returning to the original format of "multi-café" in Worcester centre, on Thursday 12th September.  Please book using the form here

Above are some photos of previous events.

More about Worcester's Café Bridge events - (currently in aid of ACORN'S CHILDREN'S HOSPICE - we have raised over £500 in our events so far)  

Café Bridge is a new thing which is taking off all around the country (and abroad), but especially in the London area; Cafe Bridge events have been held in Nottingham, Wimbledon, Barnes, Henley, Richmond, Newark and other places; most notably, Bromsgrove held the first Worcestershire-based event in October 2016, and are repeating theirs' this autumn. The Richmond June event has just set a new record of 77 tables!

Most Café Bridge events are focused on making money for charities, and whilst we do intend to give all surplus funds to charity, our main priority is to promote the game of Bridge in Worcester, hopefully drawing attention to the growth of Daytime Bridge in the County, as well as making sure everyone has a great time and a good lunch! (plus coffee, cakes etc!)

We have now run five events: Sept 2017 (three cafes); Christmas Party 2017 + 2018 (at Elgar's), April 2018 (at Bolero's Caffe) and Sept 2018 "Bridge@TheHive" - it has proved possible to do either multi-cafe events OR single café - each have logistical issues to be resolved, but we like a challenge!



20th September 2018: Rufus, Trish, Ele, Sheila, Dennis and Andy O'H, putting Bridge and Worcester on the map via the BBC!

Listen (asap!) on this iPlayer radio link:

16m25 for the Rowdies (Rufus, Ele, Sheila, Trish and Dennis) (approx 5 mins); 25m15, where Kate actually describes us as "Bridge-Playing Dudes/The Rabble!"...

38m30 for the Chairman... (another 5 mins) (ignoring the debate about whether Bridge is related to Cribbage); Andy O'Hare with the top quotes of the day at 53m55... (another 4 mins)

  • Cafe April
  • Cafe April 10
  • Cafe April 11
  • Cafe April 13
  • Cafe April 5
  • Cafe April 6
  • Cafe April 7
  • Cafe April 8
  • Cafe April 9
  • Cafe April 9a
  • Cafe April 9b
  • Cafe April 9c
  • Cafe April 9d
  • Cafe April 9e
  • Cafe April 9f
  • Cafe April 9g
  • Cafe April 9h
  • Cafe April 9i

A good day was had by all at Caffe Bolero; five tables played a full all-play-all movement, and had a very nice lunch + a few coffees and cakes! Prizes went to Martin Gill, Andy + Lollie, and to the "wooden-spooners", Batman and Superman!

Players were generous in their donations to Acorns Children's Hospice, and, with a little extra from the event surplus, we raised £125 for our charity.

We hope to have another "multi-café" event in September!

Christmas Party (Part Two)
  • Xmascafe01
  • Xmascafe02
  • Xmascafe03
  • Xmascafe04
  • Xmascafe05
  • Xmascafe06
  • Xmascafe07
  • Xmascafe08
  • Xmascafe09
  • Xmascafe10
  • Xmascafe11

Rather grainy pics - I think some food must have got on the lens!

Worcester Café Bridge! 21st September
  • Cafe Bridge Boleros
  • Cafe Bridge Boleros 3
  • Cafe Bridge Briefing
  • Cafe Bridge Elgars
  • Club/Cafe Bridge in the Old Pheasant
  • Cafe Bridge Lunch at Elgars
  • Cafe Bridge Lunch at Elgars 3
  • Cafe Bridge Lunch at the Old Pheasant
  • Cafe Bridge Lunch in the Old Pheasant
  • Cafe Bridge On the menu
  • Cafe Bridge Playing in Boleros
  • Cafe Bridge waiting for results
  • Cafe Bridge with Elliott Webb

Well, that was fun! Well done to Lorna and Rufus (Winners), Pam and Sheila (2nd) and Andy and Richard (3rd); indeed to all, for making it such an enjoyable day, played in the best spirit.

Still a few sums to do, but we raised approximately £150 for Acorns too.

Lots of good publicity for the event and the game of Bridge, as Mike was grilled by his former pupil Elliott Webb on BBC H&W; 

1) An early morning call, before the event, listen here at approx 1hr 55m20:

2) A neat bit of video editing on FaceBook: (1400 views and counting - will we go viral??)

3) More on Friday morning's show,  - scroll to 51 mins; including a nice interview with Sharon at the table.

MANY thanks from Mike to all the helpers, Tim, Andy, George, Peter, Dick, Mike W, and to Sue and Denn for coming along as back-up pair.

More pics to follow...