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Recent successes

Congratulations to Helen Cameron and Louise Wilson, who WON the Teams event in the "Really-Easy Congress" on Wednesday, and were way out in front in the X-IMPS! They also came 3rd and 6th in two of the Pairs events.

In the Swiss Pairs (four-session) event in the Main congress at the weekend, John Sansom (with Jason Hackett) were 15th=, and Nick Forward and Steve Allerston were 18th=, out of 160 pairs. Well done to all!

Congratulations to Pam Pearce, who (with partner Ron Davis) won the recent Llandudno Swiss Pairs Congress; also to John Sansom (with Jason Hackett) who was in 2nd place.

Club History
Club History

Worcester Bridge Club was founded in November 1989 by a group of people interested in bridge. Some played in local clubs, others rubber bridge on the kitchen table with a bottle of cheap red wine. All wanted to improve their bridge and thought Worcester could support a club of its own. At the time, the only place you could play in Worcester was the Conservative Club. Chris and Joyce Skeleton, Derek Ruskin, Kathy and Bill Bellamy,Magda and Andy Cullen worked together to find a venue and a teacher and invested their own resources to get the club started.

The opening night the1st November 1989 was held at Worcestershire County Cricket Club, the director was David Guyatt and Dr. Tom Mackie taught an improvers class. Unfortunately there was flooding during the winter and we had to find a new venue. Since then the club has moved 4 times and now ( in 2011) play at The Royal British Legion in Claines, Worcester.

During this journey the club has grown in numbers and the quality of players it attracts. The late Diana Williams, an English International and World Champion was a member and when she was host, you might be lucky enough to play with her.

The increase in numbers was in a large part due to the efforts of John Cattanach, who sadly died in 2008. He was a charismatic chairman who ran teaching classes in his home and then introduced his pupils to the club in 'try duplicate ' evenings. These were played in a separate section from the main room.

The club has been successful in county competitions having many county champions and has won the County Club Championship - the Garden Cities on numerous occassions and qualified for the national final (only 8 teams) four times - not bad for a club our size

At the present time we have 6 Grand Masters and many Life Masters

In 2009, we celebrated our 20th anniversary in style,  and we would like our next 20 years to be just as successful

In Summer 2017, Worcester BC opened a Daytime weekly duplicate at Hallow Parish Hall







Look at the roll of honour to see all of our past champion.