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Recent successes

Congratulations to Maureen Ledger and Geoffrey Herbert who won the Mixed Pairs event at the Overseas Congress in Sicily, heading a strong field of 46 pairs! At the time of writing, Maureen and Geoffrey, pairing up with Jimmy and Dodo Georgevic, are well placed in third in the Swiss Teams event.

Welcome to WBC!
New to Worcester? New to Bridge? Just visiting?
New to Worcester? New to Bridge? Just visiting?

We would like to think that at Worcester Bridge Club, we can cater for just what you need!

(If you are looking to LEARN the game rather than play, see below under "TEACHING")

Worcester Bridge Club now has two separate sessions, both of which welcome new members and occasional visitors:

  • Wednesday evening (7-30pm start, at Claines RBL) is our traditional "main event", at which all the competitions are held, as well as a variety of "one-off" events, such as Swiss teams/Swiss Pairs and Sims; players of all abilities are welcome, and, since the successful era of "Intermediates", many of whom have now joined the main section, there is no need for a less experienced player to feel out of their depth. We usually play 24 boards where possible an aim to finish by approx 10-30pm; table money includes free tea/coffee and biscuits! Almost all events have a host, or in the case of Swiss events, a host pair. On the first Wednesday of each month, we hold our "Try-Duplicate" session, which allows newer players to try out the duplicate format, with hosts/mentor partners to welcome newcomers into the club.
  • Tuesday afternoon (1pm start, at Hallow Parish Hall) has been up and running for several months now, and provides an alternative option for players; at present, this is proving to be a gentler experience for less experienced players, though there are always plenty of stronger players to keep us on our toes! Again, we have a full hosting rota, so you can just turn up and play as a guest, or join as a new member. Tuesday afternoon has become famous for its cakes, which regulars bring along on a random basis! Tea/coffee and cakes are all included in the table money.
  • **(Subject to demand)Intermediate: this was a logical "next step" from Try-Duplicate, but recently we have found that players have been happy to graduate via either Tuesday or Wednesday main sessions. Since early 2017, most Inter players have moved up (happily!) into the Main Room: this means that we currently do not have numbers or a need for a viable Inter section; however, we are fully prepared to re-start Intermediate sessions if the need arises.

VISITORS/GUESTS: Non-members are always welcome to turn up for a game: even on Club competition nights, we are happy for visitors to join in (although mixed pairs cannot play in Men's/Ladies' or vice versa) with the proviso that non-members cannot win a trophy!  Table money for guests is £4-00 (£3-00 for members), but you can join on the night and start saving  - subs are very low!

TEACHING: We do NOT aim to teach Bridge on our Club sessions - the philosophy is to learn by playing. In the Try-Duplicate section, hosts/stewards are happy to answer your questions briefly if time allows (Should I have been in game? Should I have over-ruffed?) but will NOT try to foist their ideas on you - we leave that to the regular teachers.  There are always a few die-hards at the Bar after the event, who will no doubt have ideas on what you should/might have done, though this advice comes with a health-warning! As hands are duplimated, you can also look at the hand records: the ever-wise computer will tell you how many tricks you might have made!  If you want formal lessons (strongly recommended!), contact one of the excellent teachers listed on the County website CLICK HERE