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Welcome to Woodley Bridge Club
Welcome to the Woodley Bridge Club website.
Welcome to the Woodley Bridge Club website.

We are a friendly club, playing duplicate bridge every Wednesday evening. We meet some weeks at St John's Church Centre, Church Road, Woodley RG5 4QN and other weeks online - see calendar for location information each week. Please try to arrive before 7:20pm, especially when meeting at the Church Centre, so we are able to start by 7:30pm.

Additionally we run an online social bridge session on a Monday afternoon.

If you are local to Woodley and would like to play at the club then please contact us.



The weeks we meet online we use RealBridge. This uses audio and video on your computer so you are able to see and talk to the other players at your table. A special link to join a session is provided each week on this website, that will take you into the online room where you can choose which table to sit at. Once sat at a table you can talk to the others at the table. When the session starts the cards will appear and play is as close as possible to how it would be if meeting in person, with even a bidding box appearing when needed!

Please click on RealBridge Login in the calendar entry to the right to join a meeting between 7:15-7:25pm. If you have a partner for the week please sit at the first available table, if you are looking for a partner please sit at the last available table.

Sessions are free for members. Guests, after their first complementary session, need to arrange to pay £2 per week. Those who have previously played at the club or who are playing with a member or who live locally are especially welcome.

Click here to view RealBridgeGuide.pdf (courtesy of Kendal Bridge club)
For more information you can visit the RealBridge website.

RealBridge Technical Help

RealBridge are very happy to help with technical problems relating to RealBridge.
Telephone: 0794 232 2209 or 0772 692 0784

If you have a problem during a session, please ring RealBridge at the time. This applies both to players and to directors. If you often have problems with RealBridge, please contact RealBridge for advice.

iPads with iOS 15

The latest release of iOS – version 15 – can cause problems when playing on RealBridge. The symptoms are:

  • Loss of video and/or audio.
  • Freezing, so that you can’t click anything.

The problem may occur at every table, or it may only occur against some opponents.

There is no need to suffer these problems – RealBridge have a solution which takes a few minutes to apply. Step-by-step instructions:

For all iPads with iOS 15, you should use Safari, not Google Chrome.

MacBooks and iMacs with Monterey or Safari 15

If you have a Mac that has been upgraded to macOS Monterey, and you use Safari, please see the instructions here:

If you have a Mac that has not been upgraded to macOS Monterey, but does have Safari 15, and you are experiencing freezing or loss of audio, also please see the instructions here:

Best Behaviour at Bridge

Bridge is an extremely enjoyable game. Courteous behaviour is an exceptionally important part of that enjoyment.

8th February 2023
Duplicate Pairs
St John's Centre
15th February 2023
Duplicate Pairs
St John's Centre
22nd February 2023
Duplicate Pairs
Duplicate Pairs
Duplicate Pairs
AGM & Duplicate Pairs
Director: Jen Philpott
Scorer: Chris Hopkins