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Table money

The “table money” for the WBC Tuesday and Sunday pairs on BBO is currently US$ 4 per person per session (of which a third goes to each of BBO, the EBU and WBC).


The session will be NGS rated and Masterpoints will be issued.



WBC members (see below this section for guests)

Enter your BBO username into your WBC Pianola account (via ”my account” in Pianola. [] ). You only need to do this once. Only BBO usernames  put on the approved list will be able to join the sessions. If you can’t get into your Pianola account then please send an e mail to Fred Pitel with your username. 

Buy BBO$ dollars in advance - please don’t leave this until just before the session -  1 BBO dollar costs 1 USD and you can buy them on the BBO website.

Session registration will be open from 5.30pm on Tuesday and 2pm on Sunday. To register, both you and your partner need to be online at the same time. One of you signs up for the tournament and enters the BBO username of your partner to invite them. You can, if you wish, register as a pair early, then log off and log back in shortly before the start time.

The session name will be “Woodberry Pairs” - Please ensure you register by not later 3:50pm on Sunday or 7:20pm on Tuesday. BBO is very congested in the evenings and it can take multiple attempts to login. The session can be found under “All Tournaments” in the “Competitive bridge” section of BBO. 

It would be really helpful if you could make sure you and your partner are finally logged in not later than 3.50pm or 7.20pm. This will help the director of the session sort out the final logistics.

If you get the error “too many players” when trying to login to BBO, please keep trying, it will let you in eventually. 

If you do not have a partner and wish to play please use the “Partnership Desk” tab in the tournament registration page.


A guest of a WBC member may play as a guest three times. The WBC member should e mail Fred Pitel with the guest’s BBO User name in advance of the session, ideally not later than two hours before the start time on the date of play. If the same guest plays in a subsequent week, it will not be necessary to repeat this.

Once a guest has played three times in the WBC online pairs, if he/she or wishes to play in a subsequent week then he/she will need to become a WBC member. This involves: filling in an online BBO–related application form (which can be downloaded from this website under the "information" tab); sending it to ; and paying the joining fee and annual subscription to the WBC bank account (details are noted on the application form).  

 The joining fee is £10, and the annual subscription for 2021 is £20 waged/£10 unwaged. The annual subscription is however, pro-rated for those who join partway through the year as noted on the application form. For the avoidance of any doubt, joining via this BBO-related application gives full membership. When it is possible to resume normal play at the Claremont the member will therefore be eligible to play for the remainder of 2021, and can then continue as a Woodberry member for following year(s) on paying the relevant annual subscription(s).

Visitor Information
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Games on Bridge base Online

If this is the first time you are playing or if you are bringing a guest along then at around 3.30 pm pm chat vebu201685 on BBO with the following details for the new player: BBO nameFull Name, EBU Number and Email Address. If you experience any problems please  chat to username vEBU201685.