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Woodberry Pairs Face to Face and online bridge

Woodberry Bridge Club plays duplicate pairs every Tuesday evening @ 7.30pm 

We meet for face to face bridge at the Claremont Centre 

Please try to arrive by 7:20pm.

Refreshments are available at the Claremont Centre.
See the information tab for more information.




Promoting Woodberry Bridge Club

Please promote Woodberry Bridge Club by posting our flyer in any suitable free space. Libraries and supermarkets often have this facility.

You could also post this on your social media page.

Click on the "Woodberry flyer" tab to view and copy the flyer.




A Successful Bridge Weekend

The Woodberry bridge weekend 10-12 March 2023 was a great success and greatly enjoyed by the participants. The hotel was comfortable, the food delicious and the weather reasonable for the time of year. 

For video evidence, click here.  May be slow to load, and require a couple of retries to play, but worth persisting!


30th April 2024
Duplicate Pairs IMP scoring
Tournament Director: Paul Lamford
Host: Malcolm Moris
Movement Director: Kevin Robins
7th May 2024
Duplicate Pairs
Tournament Director: Steven Coulter
Host: Martin Lerner
Movement Director: Harvey Fox
Duplicate Pairs
Tournament Director: David Powell
Scorer: Nigel Freake
Host: Sati Mckenzie
Movement Director: Andy Conway
Duplicate Pairs
Tournament Director: Paul Lamford
Scorer: Nigel Freake
Host: David Powell
Movement Director: Ed Sanders