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2019 Cup Winners

Giles Thompson won the Tuesday Cup

Brian Barrow & Peter Lane won the Wednesday Cup
Keith Wilson & Giles Thompson won the Club Pairs
Iraj Dervish won The Barbara Cup

Veronica Hiscocks won the Dianthus Cup
Irene Goodwin & Margo Smith Won the prize for most Grand Slams bid in the year

Philip Goldenburg & Goodie Gill won the prize for the highest percentage achieved in the year

Ernie Gilburd & Andrew Male won the Mary Edwards

Ernie Gilburt, Andrew Male, Julie Kennedy & Richard Sheridan Won the teams trophy


Last updated : 5th Mar 2020 00:07 GMT
2019 Blue Point Swiss Pairs

First Prize Winners
Tracy Capal & David Sherman

Second Prize Winners
Andrew Bannock & David Arundel

Third Prize Winners
Steve Bourton & Julia Brough

Round Winners

Non-Expert Prize Winners
John Lemmey & Karen Murphy

Chairman's Random Prize Winners
Caroline Bowden & Stella Dutton


Last updated : 18th Oct 2019 00:28 BST

This sets out policy and objectives for the promotion of bridge in Surrey.

Last updated : 26th Jan 2017 23:31 GMT