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Welcome to West Midlands Bridge Circle

Offering Free Online Bridge

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BBO Update

Saturday and Sunday evening pairs sessions cancelled.

If you are interested in playing teams on a Saturday or Sunday evening commencing @ 7.30pm, please click here

Watch this space and announcements in the sessions.

Please remember that if you are affected by a connection issue, then you are expected to return.
If your partner is affected, you are expected to remain at the table until the TD confirms you may withdraw.  Thank you.  

Sessions for
West Midlands Bridge Circle
Local Players & Friends on BridgeBase Online

Guidelines for Players - Click Here

2.15pm - A session of 16 boards (about 2 hours).
9.00pm - A session of 12 boards (about 1.5 hours)

Daily matchpointed pairs sessions:

Monday @ 2.15pm & 9pm

Tuesday @ 2.15pm & 9pm

Wednesday @ 2.15pm & 9pm

Thursday @ 2.15pm & 9pm

Friday @ 2.15pm & 9pm

Saturday @ 2.15pm & See Teams below

Sunday @ 2.15pm Swiss Pairs* & See Teams below

*(A matchpointed pairs event, where the leading pairs always play at table 1 and the bottom 2 pairs
on the last table, with everyone else playing in order down the field!)

If you are interested in playing teams on a Saturday or Sunday evening commencing @ 7.30pm, please click here

STANDARD SYSTEM CARD Click Here - No need to alert/accounce if you use this card.

Can you help as a substitute in our events?  If so, please chat DarrenE when logged in. Thank you!

♣ Help Section  

****** Guidelines for Sessions on BBO (Last Update 14/05/20) - Click here  ******

New to BBO (need to sign up) - Click here

Join an event with or without a Partner - Click Here

Please review the self-alerting & chat guide Click here

What's at the table (watching, chat, etc) - Click here 

BBO's Own Guide Click here


Any questions/comments or feedback, please email us - Click here


In order to maintain our games with our group of WMBC friends we are in a closed group. 

This will mean that you need to please email us here with your name (first name and surname) and your BBO screenname.  Or chat DarrenE on BBO.

If you attempt to register, and cannot, please chat DarrenE with your name

Who are we?

West Midlands Bridge Circle is an unincorporated non-commercial association solely managed by Darren Evetts

The sole aim of the West Midlands Bridge Circie is to offer free online bridge to players local to West Midlands, and their friends.

Please read the guidelines for playing, and enjoy! 

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