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A reminder...
A reminder...

If you register for a session, and do not get included when the session starts (ie you are booted), please always chat DarrenE and LizGahan (the TDs), because if there is a half table we can add you back in. 

We cannot, however, add you back in if there is no half table.  Sorry!


If you are affected by a connection issue, then you are expected to return.

If your partner is affected, you are expected to remain at the table until the TD confirms you may withdraw.  Thank you.  

Can you help...

as a substitute in our events? 
If so, please chat DarrenE & LizGahan when logged in. Thank you!

Understanding the Robots

Robot's System Card

Robot's System Explained

In general, the GIB robots on BBO use the 2/1 system described in the above.

You can click on any of GIB's bids for an explanation.

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Welcome to the West Midlands Bridge Circle Website

 ♠ Fun, Fair & Friendly Online Bridge  

Children in Need 2020

♣   ♠  We are supporting ♣   ♠ 

The Circle, Warwickshire CBA, and West Midlands Bridge Club
are coming together to support Children in Need, and we need your help!

Evening Sessions, 7.15pm, (on BBO):

Friday 6 November 2020

Monday 9 November 2020

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Thursday 12 November 2020

These sessions will be c20 boards

Sessions will, as usual, be free of charge, but donations (please mark as CiN CIRCLE) are welcome, PLEASE, to eCatsBridge CiN
OR simply make a payment to the Circle  the payment description of CiN - PLEASE do not make a donation of £5.00
or it will be tricky differentiating it from membership payments (you are not all good at getting the payment description right...wink).  Any other amount will stand out.


On the evening, search for the event WMBCircle - CiN

 The Circle will make a donation of £2 per table that plays in all its sessions during the period 6 - 12 November 2020  

If you are not a member of the Circle, but would like to support Children in Need and play in these sessions, 
please complete the CiN temporary membership (6-12 November 2020) form below and you will be added to our list for that period.


eLearning Platform - Online Bridge Lessons
eLearning Platform - Online Bridge Lessons

Click here for more details

If you have any questions please contact Myra


Who are we?

Bridge Sessions and associated activities for
West Midlands Bridge Circle
Local Players & Friends on BridgeBase Online

West Midlands Bridge Circle is an independent sole proprietorship operated by Darren Evetts

The sole aim of the West Midlands Bridge Circle is to offer low cost online bridge and associated activities to players local to the West Midlands area, their friends, and guests.

Please read the guidelines, and enjoy! 

 ♦ The Team ♦ 

♦ Darren (BBO: DarrenE) - Manager   Liz (BBO: LizGahan) - TD & eLP Tutor ♦ 
 ♦ Cathy (BBO: Cathey) - Partnership Facilitator ♦ Myra (BBO: MHS22) - eLP Consultant & Tutor ♦ 

GDPR Notice

Data collected (Name, Email Address, and BBO Name) is for the sole purpose of administering your current and future membership of the West Midlands Bridge Circle. 
Data is shared with BBO (your BBO ID) and Bridgewebs (if you complete an online form), but will not be shared with any other organisation unless so required by law, or as part of an investigation into a breach of Circle guidelines.
For questions relating to how your data is used, or to amend your data, please email here.

Times of Play

Monday - Friday @ 2pm & 7.15pm
Saturday & Sunday @ 2pm

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Monthly subscription applies.

Need a Partner?

For any Circle sessions?

Contact our partnership facilitator, Cathy, by emailing here,
and she will do her best to arrange one for you

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If you have any questions,
comments or feedback
please email us here

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