Winter Haven Bridge Club
Winter Haven Bridge Club Contact Information

1805 9th St. S.E.

Winter Haven, FL  33880

For more information regarding club activities or  our web site,

please call (863) 293-8785

or email us at


Directions to the Winter Haven Bridge Club:

From the South, take US 27 North to SR 540 (Cypress Gardens Blvd.)  From the North take US 27 South to SR 540.  Go West on SR 540 approximately 6 miles; turn left at 9th St. (at traffic light with McDonalds on the left).  Bridge Center is the first building on the right, behind McDonalds.

Release 2.19n


Please note a change in the cell phone policy per the WHBC Board.

Every time your phone makes a sound during a bridge game, you will be asked to donate a dollar to the club.  The $1 donation will be doubled every time the phone makes a sound for the rest of that day.

This includes cell phones in purses.  If you are expecting an emergency call, please advise the Director before the game, and arrangements will be made to answer the call.  Thank you for  your cooperation.


Game directors have been asked to remove all non-played boards from  tables if the opening lead is not on the table by the 4-minute warning.  This results in a no-play for the boards affected which does NOT impact your overall score.  Directors are also permitted to penalize slow players who are late more than two rounds during the game.  The penalty will be a quarter board penalty.  If you are held up by slow players in front of you, you will not be penalized.

Everyone can help speed up the game.  Some suggestions:

Before entering the contract onto your scoresheet or into the Bridgemate...

♣ Make the opening lead (face down)

♠ If you are dummy place your cards on the table

Refrain from discussing any of the hands until all the boards for that round have been played.

Claim or concede as soon as you are able.  Be sure to explain your plan of play when you claim.



Calling the Director

 "Director, PLEASE"

♠ Raise your hand until the Director sees you.

 The person who summoned the Director should explain the reason for the call.

♣ Other players at the table will be given the opportunity to provide input if needed.

It is not appropriate to argue with the Director - a polite question should always be addressed.  If you disagree with the Director's ruling the appropriate action is to accept the ruling as stated, then at the end of the game ask the Director to review the ruling with you.  If you still disagree (Directors are not infallible) then request that the Director review the ruling with the Club Manager.  If there is still a disagreement, the Director will refer the matter to the Mediation Committee.

And remember, the Directors are there to help when any irregularity occurs.  Don't hesitate to call, "Director, please,"


WHBC "Sit Out" Policy

When a sit out is necessary it is the club's policy to always have the sit out be North/South.

Please keep this in mind when you choose where you sit.


Everyone Plays

The WHBC policy is that everyone plays.  If you don't have a partner - come on in and you will.  Guaranteed!


The Winter Haven Bridge Club will make every reasonable effort to assure disabled members can participate in our bridge activities, consistent with ACBL policy.

Be Scent-sitive

Some people have an extreme sensitivity to fragrances (colognes or perfumes). Many ACBL clubs, units and districts have adopted policies that prohibit players from wearing fragrances.  Because duplicate bridge requires players to be in close proximity to each other, individuals who suffer from fragrance-related reactions cannot avoid those who are wearing them.  For these individuals, the issue is much more serious than simply disliking a particular smell — it’s a real health problem.


The ACBL asks everyone to give this issue the consideration it deserves. Please, if you’re going to play in a club or a tournament, don’t wear cologne, perfume or scented lotions.


Welcome to Winter Haven Bridge Club


During the July 27-August 2 2020 virtual WHBC games, all points will be silver points.  They will be DOUBLE SILVER POINTS and the entry fee per person will be $5 instead of $4.  Please let all your friends know and join us!!


Due to requests and great attendance for the Friday virtual game, Anne is adding a second weekly WHBC Virtual ACBL game on WEDNESDAYS starting this coming Wednesday, July 8, 2020.  Now there are two WHBC Virtual ACBL games weekly on Wednesdays @ 1:15PM and Fridays @ 1:15PM.  Please tell your friends and show up online for the games.  It's only $4 and moves very quickly.  And you can do it from any remote location!!


♠   ♣ 

Winter Haven Bridge Club held its first virtual bridge game on BBO on Friday 19 June 2020.  We had 8 full tables.  Kudos to Anne Lambdin for all her efforts to make this a smooth pleasant event.  Players from Winter Haven, Solivita and Lakeland participated.

We want to welcome all to play and encourage you to encourage your bridge friends to join us every Friday @ 1:15 PM.

If there is an interest, there is a possibility of adding a Wednesday virtual game.  Email Anne with your thoughts/requests/desires -

♠   ♣ 

Winter Haven Bridge Club Virtual Game - News from Harvey
Hey all
      We will be starting virtual games on BBO on June 19 at 1:15. The cost will be $4 and we will play 18 boards. If you are already a member of BBO make sure you have money in your BBO account. You will log into BBO click on COMPETITIVE and then click on all tournaments. You will need to scroll until you find the tourney named VACb232926. You should have a partner and one or the other of you will invite. If you do not have a partner, click on the partners tab and then I will only pay for myself. Hopefully you will find a partner.
Now, if you do not already have a BBO account you must create one. Go to
and follow the prompts to create an account. Make sure you add your ACBL number. Next click on BB$ and add money. I recommend you do this a couple of days beforehand. To familiarize yourself with the site play casual bridge for a couple of hours. It is better to use the web site not the app. Please contact Anne by email or phone if you have any questions. We will have games every Friday until we are playing back at the club. If there is enough interest, I wil add another game. Registration will start 2 hours before game time. Make sure you are on BBO at least 10 minutes before the game starts. ACBL is paying 150% of the points you win on BBO.

    I am sending this to everyone on my e-mail list at this time.  I will be on the road to Ohio for the next couple of days.  If you have members on your e-mail list, please forward this to them.  Since we will not be having live games this summer, this will be the only way we can play exclusively with other members of our club, and I hope many of you will take advantage of the opportunity.




2021 WHBC Sectional Dates Set

The WHBC is scheduled for January 29-31, 2021.  Save those dates!

July 1 Lucielle Pierpont



If we have overlooked your birthday, please tell Sally so we can add you to our listing.  If we have missed your birthday, happy belated birthday.


Concerning birthday celebrations:

If you, your partner, or friends would like to celebrate your birthday at the club, you are welcome to bring a cake, treats, or whatever you would like to make it a party.  Please give Sally a heads-up.  We all look forward to celebrating your special day.


Club Championship

Dates to be determined.  Watch for updates.  




If you are interested in beginning bridge lessons please call the club for more information.

Our bridge teacher would like to begin some classes: beginning and advanced.  If you have an interest in joining a class, please call the club.

Bridge Review
Every Tuesday at noon Anne reviews the week's previous hard to bid or play hands.  Anne will offer her expertise in each of these lessons.  The lessons are free...all are welcome to join us.


Jeopardy James  Takes on Bridge

"Winning on Jeopardy is the easy thing. Bridge - I  never will master it, but hopefullyI can get a little closer every day."

James Holzhauer Jeopardy Champion


"Bridge is more than a card game - it's a cerebral sport.  Bridge teaches your logic, reasoning, quick thinking, patience, concentration, and partnership skills."

Martina Navratilova


"The real test of a bridge player isn't in keeping out of trouble, but in escaping once he's in."

Alfred Sheinwold

We had a partnership misunderstanding. 

My partner assumed I knew what I was doing.

My wife made me join a bridge club.  I jump off next Tuesday.  

Rodney Dangerfield


The Wall Street Journal just declared bridge, not chess, the ultimate game of strategy.
The Wall Street Journal just declared bridge, not chess, the ultimate game of strategy.

 Author Michael Ledeen says, “Bridge is largely about communication, and every message a player sends—by bidding or playing a significant card—is broadcast to the player’s partner and his opponents. Frequently a player will have to decide whether he would rather tell the truth to his partner (thereby informing his opponents) or deceive the enemy (thus running the risk of seriously fooling his ally across the table).”

Common Game
Common Game

Our dealing machine only deals hands from the Common Game.

What is the Common Game?  The Common Game is a service offered through local clubs that provides bridge players the opportunity to compare their results with players at other clubs, playing the same hands, in Florida and across the country.*

What does it offer to clubs and players?

  • Players can compare their results with players in Florida and across the country
  • Pro analysis of many of the interesting hands played
  • Individual play analysis (if your club uses Bridgemates/BridgePads)
  • Prizes awarded monthly, quarterly, and annually for both performance and attendance
  • New contests coming soon

*Participants in the Common Game does not affect a player's score or masterpoint award at the local club.  The ACBL masterpoints continue to be scored and reported as always. Common Game awards are based on match-pointed results across the larger field.


Notes on the Common Game
Notes on the Common Game
As most of you are aware, all of our hand records for games come to us from The Common Game.  That enables players to compare their results with players across the world.  In addition, you get the benefit of Personal Play Analysis, if you are a member of ACBL, and Expert Analysis of selected hands, if you review The Common Game website. 
We frequently hear comments by players regarding the "stacking of the cards" or the "elimination of all of the 'normal' hands" by the hands generated from The Common Game.  It is against ACBL policy to meddle with random deals in any way.  Click on the link below if you would like any more details.
It is actually quite interesting ... very, very technical ... but interesting!  Guess when you have the option for 53,644,737,765,488,792,839,237,440,000 or 53 octillion different deals, there are going to be a lot of strange hands!
Ginny Rosen Update

Ginny Rosen, a former WHBC board member and an avid bridge player, was admitted to Lake Howard Heights, an assisted-living facility.  Essentially, she is not able to look after herself in the manner that would allow her to live on her own. 

Her address is:

Lake Howard Heights, 650 Lake Howard Drive, Room 108, Winter Haven 33881

The phone in her room is 863-875-3987

By phone or mail...she would love to hear from her friends at Winter Haven Bridge Club.  Please remember her in your prayers.



Winter Haven Bridge Club members come together to produce an outstanding         2020 Sectional Tournament

Tournament Chairman Don Fuller expressed his appreciation for the efforts and support provided by club members that made the tournament a great success.  Your warm, friendly hospitality, the pleasant venue our club provides, and the tournament’s smooth operation attracts players from around the state. We had 400 players and generated nearly $4000 that will be put to good use for our club.  We could not have done this without our members’ hard work and coming together to make the tournament a success. Thanks again.

Kudos to our volunteers and kitchen staff provided exceptional food service.  Volunteers included: Anne Bell, Sandy Berg, Joyce Hitchman, Nancy McNamara, Anne & Norman Williams, Jane Fuller, and Mr. & Mrs Davw Lennox.

Our Welcoming volunteers made our visitors feel comfortable from the time they parked their car to the warm, personal greeting in the club.  Our greeters team included Lynda Bush, Jeannie & Dick Madaus, and Pat Rush.  All of our members helped making visitors welcome.

Many of our club members donated food or cash for food purchases.  Thanks to all who provided this support.

We also had the outstanding support from Club leadership including Club Manager, Anne Lambdin, and Sally Bonkoski, Partnership Chairman.  Club President Harvey Cohen put in a lot of time and effort to make the tournament a smashing success.

We have more tournaments in the future that will depend on our members’ continuing help and support.  Thank you.

Welcome 2020 WHBC Board of Directors
President Harvey Cohen
Vice President Kevin Gervase
Treasurer Pete Fleming
Secretary Anne Bell
Board Directors Ron Kalisz, Lynda Bush,                     Nancy McNamara


A big Thank You to 2019 officers for donating your experience and time.


Rank Changes

Congratulations to the WHBC players who have changed ranks recently.

NABC Master

Dianne Halleen

Elsa Nail

Jim Poliquin

Adv. NABC Master

Nancy McNamara
Life Master

Richard Wang

Bronze Life Master

Kay Merrick

Ruby Life Master

Donald Richards

Gold Life Master

Harvey Cohen

Sapphire Life Master

Maria Moore

Diamond Life Master

Marti  Cowie




Here's what some of us do before and after the bridge game, and occasionally during the game!  Come join us.


Club Masterpoints for February

Dave Lennox

Harvey Cohen

Allyn Lucas

Richard Wang

Pete Fleming








Name Badges for Sale

Name badges are available for purchase, ranging from $6.00-$13.00.

The order form is available at the club.


ACBL Live Results



You may also register at MYACBL to receive tournament results via email


4th August 2020
Director: Anne Lambdin
5th August 2020
Director: Sally Bonkoski
6th August 2020
Director: Sally Bonkoski
Tuesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Sally Bonkoski
Friday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Sally Bonkoski
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Sally Bonkoski