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Welcome to Windsor LT Bridge Belfast
NIBU Tournaments during Coronavirus

NIBU have organised two tournaments every week on a Sunday & Wednesday on Bridge Base Online{BBO} starting at 2pm on both days. 12 boards are played and it lasts approx one and a half hours. Each board is timed at 7mins. There are a few condtions required to enter these tournaments. 1) You need to be a NIBU member ie have a NIBU number. It is not necessary to know this number. The vast majority of Windsor members have this. If you are unsure, contact me. 2) Registration with BBO is essential. This is very simple and all that is needed is an email address, a "User Name", a password and it is free. 3) Please ensure that when you register, the skill level is set to the appropriate level if possible but more important, the "Country" is set to Northern Ireland.

These tournaments are best entered as a pair and since there is a limit of 40, early registration is important and I would suggest logging on one hour before the start time. The steps after logging in are >Play or Watch Bridge>Competitive>All Tournaments and after this, click on NIBU Pairs with host Diana1. Click on the tournament and invite your partner to join you. It is important that both of you are logged on at the same time. Once the invite is accepted, you are then entered.

A bit of practice on the site would be a help but it is straightforward. Where you sit is chosen for you at the start, N/S stay there and E/W move. Play 2 boards per round and the result is announced after play has finished. There is a mixture of skill ranging from beginner to expert as in most clubs.

I am available for help or any questions. Either text or phone me 07540874795 or email me

Brian Moore (Secretary)

Windsor LT Bridge-Annual Social Outing 2020 Update
Windsor LT Bridge-Annual Social Outing 2020 Update

Hi Windsor bridge club members,


The 2020 club outing has been rearranged and we hope as many of you as possible will be able to still come and enjoy the three day break. The dates for the Shandon Hotel in Donegal have now been changed and the holiday is now from Sunday 4th October to 7th October 2020  The cost remains at 210 Euro per person sharing a room and 300 Euro for single occupancy for dinner, bed and breakfast and deposits are still valid.  Please check out the website
 to see the facilities.


The Shandon is able to give us a room and tables for playing bridge each evening.  They have one tennis court and a golf course and of course there are plenty of outdoor activities on the wonderful nearby beaches and cliffs.


We need to pay half the price by the end of November but at the moment I am asking you to respond to me with your expression of interest in the trip.  We have had two years at the Slieve Russell in County Cavan and all those who have been will confirm that it has been great fun and a good way to get to know members of the club.  We will play bridge each evening after dinner and then relax to the bar.


I look forward to hearing from you all by Friday 4 October please.


with best wishes,


Lessons during "Virus Period"

As a response to the fact that we can no longer play at Windsor, David is offering one-hour courses via telephone and/or Duo to all Bridge members on any (Bridge!) subject of their choosing. He is restricting numbers to either 2 or 4 for each session. The fee will be £10 per person for each session. During the 'virus period' David shall be available several afternoons and evenings each week and timing will be agreed beforehand. David can be contacted by email at


Immediate Suspension of Bridge Play Monday 16th March 2020
Immediate Suspension of Bridge Play Monday 16th March 2020

Dear Members

Because of the rapid and evolving situation with regard to Covid-19, Bridge play at Windsor is now suspended including Monday 16th March 2020.


Please follow our bridgewebs page for updates.

Also, I would urge anyone who has not given Brian their email address that they now do so. This is in order to keep everyone posted with any updates. Brian may be contacted via his mobile number which can be found on our bridgewebs page.


Angela Currie – Windsor LT Bridge Section.


A revoke is established when the offender or partner leads or plays to the next trick. If attention is made before this happens then the revoke card becomes a Major penalty card ( to be explained another time)

1) If the offending player wins that trick, then one trick is transferred to the non-offending side along with only one of any subsequent tricks won by the offending side

2) If the offending side do not win the revoke trick and also no subsequent trick then there is no penalty ie no tricks transferred

However if neither of these two cases apply, one trick is transferred. If the non-offending side believe they have been insufficiently compensated, the TD has the power to adjust the score