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Contact Email Address

To avoid our emails not being received or going into junk/spam, please add the following email address to your contact list "". Also if you know of any member who does not receive our emails, please advise them accordingly

Welcome to Windsor LT Bridge Belfast
BBO Online Tournament Information
BBO Online Tournament Information

Hello Members, all the information listed below is current at this point in time. If there are any changes, this information will be updated as soon as I am aware of it. The best way to keep up to date is by logging in to our Bridgewebs site every so often and also by looking at " The Racquet" which is published and sent out to all members on a regular basis. Other websites include the NIBU and the various Bridgewebs of the clubs involved especially Kelvin Malone and Derryvolgie.


Tues Thurs & Sun 7pm  Host is vNIBU 130  director Kevin Hinds

Wed 2pm  Host is vNIBU128 with different directors

All these cost BBO $2  18 boards 7mins per board



Members will receive emails re tournaments but anybody can enrol. Email Jim McGilly with BBO name, real name and mobile number

Tues & Thurs at 7.00pm . These have a BBO fee of $2. There us a free tournament on Fridays at 2.00pm.

Host Derryvolgie 



Mon Wed Thurs & Sat 2pm  These are free at the moment, approx 20/21 boards 7mins per board

To play in these tournaments you need to join the Kelvin Whats App by contacting Roberta Madill 07918701755 with BBO Name, real name and mobile number


Kelvin Malone

Tues & Sat 7.15pm from 7th July.  Fee is BBO $2. If you are already registered with Balmoral/Kelvin, then you are welcome. If not, then pleae contact

Diane Greenwood Pairs Wed 7pm. Registration from 5pm, all welcome,undos allowed, 18 boards with 7mins per board, cost $2. Tournament is NIBU130


If you wish to play in any of these, you and partner must be online at same time and at least 10 mins before but I would recommend registering an hour before. Once registered, you can log off but return at 10 mins before the start.

If a board is timed out, in most of these, an adjusted score will be made according to what the director believes what the final result would be. This is to stop deliberate slow play


To find a particular tournament, this depends on if it is free or not

Free Tournaments. Go to Competitive>Free>Pending> search for relevant host

Paid Tournaments. Go to Featured Area>Virtual Clubs>Other Countries>Pending>search for relevant host

BBO $ can be purchased on BBO main page


Undo's are not always allowed so it is recommended that you go into your personal account and under settings, turn on "confirm bids". This ensures every time a bid is made, you have to confirm it first

. I expect from 1st August, no free tournaments will be allowed. I would also recommend our members to play in the NIBU tournaments. If anybody needs any further help in this matter, please don't hesitate to contact me

Brian Moore (Secretary)


Windsor LT Bridge-Annual Social Outing 2020 Update
Windsor LT Bridge-Annual Social Outing 2020 Update

Hello, our holiday this year scheduled for Sun 4th Oct to Wed 7th Oct at the Shandon Hotel is now cancelled. Alice is currently negotiating with the hotel for suitable dates for next year. More information will follow as soon as possible

Lessons during "Virus Period"

As a response to the fact that we can no longer play at Windsor, David is offering one-hour courses via telephone and/or Duo to all Bridge members on any (Bridge!) subject of their choosing. He is restricting numbers to either 2 or 4 for each session. The fee will be £10 per person for each session. During the 'virus period' David shall be available several afternoons and evenings each week and timing will be agreed beforehand. David can be contacted by email at


Immediate Suspension of Bridge Play Monday 16th March 2020
Immediate Suspension of Bridge Play Monday 16th March 2020

Dear Members

Because of the rapid and evolving situation with regard to Covid-19, Bridge play at Windsor is now suspended including Monday 16th March 2020.


Please follow our bridgewebs page for updates.

Also, I would urge anyone who has not given Brian their email address that they now do so. This is in order to keep everyone posted with any updates. Brian may be contacted via his mobile number which can be found on our bridgewebs page.


Angela Currie – Windsor LT Bridge Section.


A revoke is established when the offender or partner leads or plays to the next trick. If attention is made before this happens then the revoke card becomes a Major penalty card ( to be explained another time)

1) If the offending player wins that trick, then one trick is transferred to the non-offending side along with only one of any subsequent tricks won by the offending side

2) If the offending side do not win the revoke trick and also no subsequent trick then there is no penalty ie no tricks transferred

However if neither of these two cases apply, one trick is transferred. If the non-offending side believe they have been insufficiently compensated, the TD has the power to adjust the score

Latest Online BBO News

.The EBU invites all NIBU members to play in their heat at 2.00pm and indeed in all their events of which there are several daily. There is a fast game at Noon and then ordinary events at 2pm, 3.30pm, 7.30pm and 9pm The standard is average and 12 boards are played with a cost of $1.50 with up to 80 tables. These can be found by clicking Competitive>BBO Points Tournaments or Competitive>All Tournaments  and then search for EBU. Registration is 2 hours before start time.