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During this period of online BBO play, members are asked to be registered and online by 7.15pm. Registration for the tournaments opens at 5.30pm and once registered with your partner, you are free to leave BBO but log back in as stated above.

Brian Moore Secretary of Bridge WLTC

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To avoid our emails not being received or going into junk/spam, please add the following email address to your contact list "". Also if you know of any member who does not receive our emails, please advise them accordingly

Welcome to Windsor LT Bridge Belfast
Resumption of face to face Bridge
Live bridge was last played at Windsor tennis club on Thursday 12th March 2020. Who would have guessed back then that it would be over two years before we saw each other across a bridge table again?
However we are delighted to announce that Windsor Bridge is taking the plunge and resuming live bridge with our first event to be held on Monday 11th April 2022 at 7.15 sharp. This will be a charity event held in aid of Ukraine and will replace the online tournament normally held on Mondays. See below for entry fees and donations. Everyone is more than welcome to return as are, of course, new members. We can guarantee the bridge will be as fun as ever and the atmosphere as friendly as ever. However, there are some precautions we need to take to prevent the spread of you-know-what.
A maximum of 7 tables (14 pairs) is allowed therefore players wishing to play must send a message indicating their intention to play to the Windsor Bridge whatsapp group between 9am and 5pm on (and only on) the day of play. Brian Moore (07540874795) will send a whatsapp message at 9am on the day of play and only the first 14 pairs who reply within that timeframe may play. (One half of a partnership can register on behalf of both players in a pair). The event will be full once 14 pairs are registered or at 5pm, whichever happens first. Please don't reply if you are not playing. Otherwise you might bombard poor Brian. 
Note that we need a minimum of 4 full tables to hold a viable tournament. If fewer than 8 pairs are interested, there will be no play. 😢
We regret that there is no exception to the above policy. You must not turn up to play on the night without having registered.
So, in order to have a level playing field, everyone (or at least one half of a partnership) must belong to the Windsor Bridge whatsapp group. To join, contact Brian at the above telephone number. 
Now for the Covid rules and guidance:
 Everyone must comply with the rule for registration by indicating their intention to play via whatsapp as detailed above.
 Everyone must perform a lateral flow test within the previous 24 hours of the event. Obviously you don't come along if you are positive (and don't forget to send a message to Brian cancelling your whatsapp registration).
 Don't attend if you are feeling unwell. Cancel your registration.
Don't attend if you have tested positive for Covid-19 within the past 7 days.
 Bring a face covering, you will be asked to wear it while at the table and it must cover the nose, mouth and chin.
Wear warm clothes. We must ventilate the room and may need to open a window at times. It could be snowing in April, but, then again, it could be 20 degrees outside!
 We recommend you bring your own little hand sanitiser bottle. This way we don't have to clutter the tables with hand sanitiser bottles.
Sanitise your hands when you enter the clubhouse and again when you enter the bar.
Best if you bring the correct change, 2 pounds per tennis member, 3 pounds per non-tennis member, we are also suggesting a donation of 3 pounds per person for the UNICEF charity event on 11th April, so bring plenty of pound coins!
The first time you come along to play, you will receive your very own personal bidding box! Keep it with you at all times and don't touch anyone else's.
We all sneeze or cough from time to time, but you know the routine: catch it, bin it, kill it!  And wash your hands afterwards!
Observe "social distancing" as much as you can.
We are all vaccinated, aren't we? A recent booster (i.e. not more than 6 months ago) is strongly recommended.
The tables and surfaces will be wiped down before and after each session. The bridge committee is responsible for that but if you are willing to pick up an alcohol wipe and help us wipe down the tables and chairs, that would be great.
If the unthinkable happens and you contract Covid after playing bridge contact Maura Briscoe at 07881916053 immediately. She will alert everyone who played that evening and advise them on what to do.
Just one last item: I am sourcing disposable gloves for people to wear while holding the cards, travellers and pens. We understand not everyone will like them. They make your hands very wet and for that reason it is up to you whether you want to wear them or not.
So here's hoping we will see you on 11th April and for many more dates after that. Don't forget to bone up on recording the scores, the rules about revoking, using the STOP card, alerting, etc. We have all forgotten so much about live bridge.
And just in case you sorely miss the beloved BBO robots, we are hoping to continue online bridge once a week on a different night (to be decided) to the face-to-face events, so you can play either or both, as you wish.
Don't forget: play starts at 7.15 sharp, you must be seated at the bridge table at that time.
Thank you and we hope these rules above are only temporary.
Deirdre & Brian
Lessons during "Virus Period"

As a response to the fact that we can no longer play at Windsor, David is offering one-hour courses via telephone and/or Duo to all Bridge members on any (Bridge!) subject of their choosing. He is restricting numbers to either 2 or 4 for each session. The fee will be £10 per person for each session. During the 'virus period' David shall be available several afternoons and evenings each week and timing will be agreed beforehand. David can be contacted by email at