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Best Achievement this year (so far)

Top percentage pairs

Monday night ..................John Hindle and Roger Kaye    75.31%

Wednesday night..............John Morrell and Mark Marshall   69.44%

Friday night............Jeremy and John   72.2%

Wednesday Slam makers  

 devil= 1 grand laugh = 5 small 😊 = 1 small

laugh laugh😊😊John and Wendy

devillaugh😊😊John and Mark   

laugh😊😊😊 David and Hillary

devillaugh David and John

devildevil😊😊Martyn and Russell

devil😊😊😊  Pat and Geoff

laugh😊😊John and Robin

Windermere Winners!!!
Windermere Winners!!!

Geoff, Judy, Alan and Carl have a Champagne moment

after winning the Military Bridge Competition 29th March 2019, well done.

Jeremy, John, Jane and Harry came a close second.


Westmorland County Champs!
Westmorland County Champs!

Jeremy and John win the 2019 County Pairs


The charity bridge event this year will be on Saturday 16 February 2019 starting at 1.30pm at the Marchesi Centre, Windermere. Please click here for more information.

IMPORTANT  Note that as of 10 February there are 30 pairs entered (list of entries below). This is the absolute maximum number of entries. Thank you for your enquiry.

Any further entries will now go on the reserve list. Please complete the form below to do so, putting reserve in comments. If there are any withdrawals I will email you to see if you still wish to come. If you enter and hence take the number of pairs entered above 30 and wish to then withdraw your entry (please don't) then email me Thank you for your entry to the reserve list.