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Roadworks - Worple Road

Sadly Worple Road is still closed!

It is closed due to a collapsed sewer.

Thames Water started work on 5th Aug

And it is likely to last until 30th Sept.

The good news is that there is a free shuttle service running between the WBC and Wimbledon Underground Station between 9:00 and 6:00pm daily.  The details can be found on the following link and there are notices showing times and the route of the shuttle in the club at various noticeboards.  pic.twitter.com/s4YyxqtDrw

Going to be LATE?

If you are going to arrive 

later than 10 mins

before the start of the session,

please call the club on

0208 947 0147 

 at least 15 minutes beforehand

so that you can be included

in the movement - Thank you! 

Looking for a Partner?

  New Partner function available   

Players can now find a 

 partner for a particular session

 Please read the guide first on the


menu on the LHS of the Home page


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