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It is closed due to a collapsed sewer. Thames Water started work on 5th August. Diversions in place. It is likely to take a couple of weeks to repair.

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please call the club on

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 at least 15 minutes beforehand so that you can be included in the table numbers. 

Thank you! 

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"I would like to say how I am enjoying the game of bridge.  Tim and Naomi are so nice very patient.
They are so helpful and stay afterwards to answer questions."
Lynn Wilkinson 28/11/2018
"Hilary’s in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for Bridge comes across in her teaching.  Her teaching is well structured and there is time for playing out the cards to reinforce the teaching during the lessons.  I liked that Hilary really encourages her students to practice and go to the supervised play sessions to help with their confidence. " 
Jill & Stewart Carroll 15/08/2018

"Anne and I learned to play bridge elsewhere.  All the lessons were crammed into one year course leaving us slightly confused. Than, just over year ago we joined Wimbledon club. Under Martha’s guidance our understanding of bridge has improved a lot. Martha’s easy style of teaching and her encouragement helped us to much better understanding of the game. Play sessions under Martha’s supervision are wonderful introduction to competitive game. "

Jarmila Fuller and Anne Fitzgerald  20/06/2018

"I joined the club in September 2011. I knew nothing about bridge and I did a two years course with Giorgio Provenza, who taught us really well and also encouraged us to participate in various competitions eg we participated in “Novice League” competition at the very beginning. Afterwards Martha became our teacher and supervisor and I must say that because of her friendly and encouraging nature I learnt a lot and as a result my confidence developed very quickly. Thanks to the club and its wonderful atmosphere I have learnt to play and love the game of bridge and hope that I will continue to improve my game in the future. "
Dolly Ahmed 6/06/2018
"I joined Martha Jaynes beginners class some 3 years ago.  I found the lessons most enjoyable and conducted in a very friendly and some time humorous atmosphere.
I have since moved in to more advanced cources and now play regularly at the club and privately.  It now forms an important part of my life having made some good friends and meet regularly."
Jim Clarke 1/06/2018

"I signed up for lessons two years ago with Wimbledon Bridge Club. I had not played previously.  I started the course with Martha who has immense knowledge and skill coupled with an easy and adaptable style that enables her to mesh well with any group and provide very informative instruction in a fun, flexible way. 

She wrote many examples on the board while giving explanations of how and why. This was done at a slow pace for our understanding with opportunity for questions.  We were then able to practice what we had learnt. I have met some lovely people and I have progressed to playing in general sessions, some supervised and some competitive. The club is friendly and supportive and I always look forward to the sessions I play.” 

Pam Semmens 27/05/2018


"I have just completed 2 years of lessons at the Wimbledon Bridge Club. I had not played previously. The teaching was fantastic, really enjoyable and I met some great people. The club is very friendly and supportive and makes it easy to progress to playing in general sessions; some are supervised to give you all the help you need and you can move to gentle competitive playing if you want to. There is something at the club for every level. I highly recommend it."  Mel 22/9/2016 


"I signed up for lessons two years ago with Wimbledon Bridge Club, when my son went to University. I have enjoyed the two year course and practice sessions. The teachers are very friendly, patient, helpful and approachable. Personally, you couldn't learn to play bridge in a better environment."  Linda  31/7/2016


"I started the Year 1 course with Ann about three years ago and found that the course was very well organised, lessons well planned and handout material very useful. Whilst I had played before many years ago at work, I felt that the use of Mini-Bridge to introduce the basic machinery of the game without over-loading beginners was an excellent idea, as it gave people time to absorb one set of ideas (the play) without having to worry about another (the bidding) at the same time. The encouragement and support from our teacher meant it was not long before most of us were playing at the Monday supervised 'Coffee & Cake' session - an excellent chance to practise what we had learned in class the week before."  Dave 29/7/2016  


"I joined the club about three years ago now. In my mid-sixties keen to learn something new, but with a degree of trepidation, I couldn't have found a better place to start playing. The classes are not only stimulating and well organised, but the marvellous teachers make them huge fun as well."  Sue E 17/7/2016