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Please Email manager@wimbledonbridgeclub.co.uk or call the club on 020 8947 0147 during opening hours

For urgent matters only outside opening hours please call Janet on 07890 024 172

Weekly updates are sent by email to all members. If you don’t receive these updates, please check we have your correct email address on the membership database

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Members' Account Balances

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Tuesday am F2F Duplicate - 18 boards
Dir: Jane Carpenter
Host: Sue Perin
Monday pm Online Duplicate
Dir: Stefan
Saturday pm F2F Duplicate
Dir: Harriet Chappell
Host: Caroline Wilkins
Friday am F2F Duplicate - 18 boards
Dir: Harriet Chappell
Host: Wanted NGS 4+
Friday pm Online Duplicate
Dir: Stefan
Thursday am F2F Supervised Duplicate
Dir: David Korman
Host: Dave/Ann
Thursday pm F2F Duplicate
Dir: Vaughan Bishop
Host: Jane Turner
Mini Duplicate
Dir: Niaill
Host: Calum
Wednesday am F2F Duplicate - Ploughmans
Dir: Shirley
Host: Guy Boden
Tuesday am F2F Duplicate - 18 boards
Dir: Calum Stewart
Host: Nathan Nathan
Tue 23rd Jul 2024
Tuesday pm Online Duplicate
Dir: Stefan
Tue 23rd Jul 2024
Tuesday eve F2F Duplicate EBU British Summer Sims
Dir: Harriet
Host: Tony Winship
Wed 24th Jul 2024
Wednesday am F2F Duplicate - Ploughmans
Dir: Shirley
Host: Wanted NGS 6+
Thu 25th Jul 2024
Thursday am F2F Supervised Duplicate
Dir: Ann/Dave
Host: Dave/Ann
Thu 25th Jul 2024
Thursday pm F2F Duplicate EBU British Summer Sims
Dir: Vaughan
Host: Verena Higgs
Thu 25th Jul 2024
Mini Duplicate
Dir: Niall
Fri 26th Jul 2024
Friday am F2F Duplicate - 18 boards
Dir: Harriet
Host: Wanted NGS 4+
Fri 26th Jul 2024
Friday pm Online Duplicate
Dir: Stefan
Sat 27th Jul 2024
Saturday pm F2F Duplicate
Dir: Ian
Host: Nathan Nathan
Sat 27th Jul 2024
Gentle Play
Dir: Shirley and Graham
Visitors and Members welcome at all sessions - Please call 020 8947 0147 for any queries







Wimbledon Bridge Club is delighted to be part of the “Bridge It’s a Big Deal Festival”, raising funds for Cancer Research UK and promoting awareness of bridge in the community.  We have events planned for the festival week and beyond, with something for all types of bridge player. 


A proportion of the entry fee for each event will be donated to Cancer Research UK

National Handicap Championship Pairs – Sunday 8th September 12 noon.  £10, including tea/coffee and cakes.  ENTER

Chicago Bridge Afternoon – Monday 9th September 12:00pm.  Members £12, visitors £15, including sandwich lunch and prizes.  BOOK

Play and Donate – Monday 9th to Sunday 15th September.  Every time you play in a duplicate session this week, the EBU will donate 42p per player to Cancer Research UK.

Golf day at Coombe Wood Golf Club – Thursday 12th September tee times from 10am. £75 including breakfast, lunch and prizes. BOOK

Duplicate Bridge Evening – Thursday 12th September 6:30pm. Members £12, visitors £15, including cheese and wine and prizes.  Suitable for all.  BOOK

Open Morning and Taster Sessions – Saturday 14th September 10am to 1pm.  Drop in.  Free.  Tea/coffee and pastries will be served.  Bookable taster sessions will run at 10am, 11am and 12 noon.  BOOK

Marietta Andree Memorial Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs – Sunday 13th October 1pm.  £15, including afternoon cream tea.


Welcome to Wimbledon Bridge Club, one of the best bridge clubs in the UK, catering for players of all abilities. Visiting players are most welcome, please do join us for a session.  There is generally a host to make up numbers, so visitors don't need a partner to come along, but please check on the calendar.   Click here to see the regular playing schedule for our session times and descriptions, including sessions for beginners and novices, so you can select a session appropriate to your level.  The club no longer accepts cash so visitors should bring a debit card for payments.  We use Bridgemates and computer scoring so the results are available immediately after the session finishes.  We are affiliated to the English Bridge Union and Master Points are awarded for all duplicate sessions.  Special events are held throughout the year.

We offer a complete learning programme for all levels from complete beginners to intermediate players.  Our team of experienced teachers will guide you through the fundamentals of this endlessly fascinating game.  Please click here if you would like to register interest in learning.

Summer Learning Programme
Full Learning Programme available in the Autumn.
OPEN MORNING AND TASTER SESSIONS Saturday 14th September 10am to 1pm
Revision Tutorials
with Hilary


Revision of topics covered in BB1 and 2.  All welcome.  Recap of the topic; examples; followed by Q&A.
18 July: Opening 1NT and simple responses
8 August: Opening one of a suit, responding, opener's minimum rebids
15 August: Opener has a stronger hand; understanding the barrier; completing the auction
22 August: Scoring and tactics
29 August: Declarer play (make a plan)
5 September: Defence (leads and defenders' card plays)

No need to book, FREE
Supervised play
with Hilary
Supervised play will be available on Thursday evenings if there are sufficient players (minimum three)
(from 4 July to 5 September, not 25 July or 1 August).  Suitable for beginners who have completed at least term 2.
No need to book
£8 per session

Intermediate Revision Lessons ONLINE
with Tim Chanter

Mondays at 10:30am, repeated Tuesdays at 7pm

8/9 July: Competitive Doubles
5/6 August: Counting Losers in a Trump Contract
2/3 September: Active v Passive Defence

Sessions last  between 2 and 2 and a half hours of which 45mins is lesson and roughly 1 and a half hours playing boards pertinent to the topic.

Contact Tim direct to book:
MiniBridge Taster Sessions ONLINE
with Tim Chanter
Thursday 18 July

Free online MiniBridge taster sessions at 2pm and 7pm.  Approx 2 hours.

Online new beginners course starts mid-September

Contact Tim direct to book:
Supervised Play on Monday and Saturday afternoons, Mini Duplicate on Thursday evenings and Supervised Duplicate on Thursday mornings continue as normal over the Summer.  See the WBC Weekly Sessions for details.

If you are interested in finding out about learning and playing bridge, come along any time between 10am and 1pm to meet the team.  Coffee and pastries will be served.

1-hour taster sessions for complete beginners will run at 10am, 11am and 12 noon.  If you would like to book a taster session, please click the link to the right.  Our expert teachers will have you playing a hand in no time!  Booking is not essential.

Book a taster session (optional)


For more information on our learning programme, take a look at the Learning @ WBC section of the website.  If you need advice, please email teaching@wimbledonbridgeclub.co.uk:

Many games provide fun, but Bridge grips you. It exercises your mind. Your mind can rust, you know, but Bridge prevents the rust from forming.”  – Omar Sharif

We offer a complete learning programme for all levels from complete beginners to intermediate players

For more information on our learning programme, take a look at the Learning at WBC section of the website.  If you need advice, please email teaching@wimbledonbridgeclub.co.uk 

Course Schedule September to December 2024
Classes start w/c 23 September, Half term 28 October - 1 November.  Last lessons w/c 2 December.
Beginning Bridge Term 1 Suitable for complete beginners.  Rules, card play, scoring, tactics and basic bidding. Mondays 10:30 Click HERE to book
Beginning Bridge Term 1 Thursdays 19:00 Click HERE to book
Beginning Bridge Term 1 Thursdays 19:00 ONLINE Contact Tim direct to book:
Beginning Bridge Term 3 The competitive auction, Stayman, higher level opening bids, Slam bidding. Mondays 19:00 Click HERE to book
Beginning Bridge Term 3 Tuesdays 10:00 Click HERE to book
Improve your Bridge 1 Planning the play, hand evaluation techniques, transfers, fourth suit forcing, defensive cards plays, more about doubles.  Improver courses are modular and can be taken in any order. Fridays 10:30 Click HERE to Book
Improve your Bridge 3 Defensive plays and signals.  Bidding slams.  Landy.  4-4-4-1 hands.  Cue bidding.  Improver courses are modular and can be taken in any order Mondays 19:00 Click HERE to Book
Intermediate 1 NEW COURSE Advance your bridge with our brand-new course designed specifically for WBC players.  Learn conventions commonly played at the club plus develop your play and defence techniques Mondays 13:30 Click HERE to Book

Many games provide fun, but Bridge grips you. It exercises your mind. Your mind can rust, you know, but Bridge prevents the rust from forming.”  – Omar Sharif


Online Schedule:
Monday 10:00
Tuesday 14:00

Friday 10:00


The games are listed as MBC & WBC, except Tuesday afternoon which is QoH and WBC.  All games are 18-board duplicates with Master Points.  NGS calculated if sufficient players are EBU members.


WBC offer a range of face to face play sessions suitable for all levels.  We encourage beginners and improvers to attend at least one play session a week to practice and consolidate what has been covered in lessons.
Monday afternoons 12:30pm -
 Supervised Play  Bid and play at your own pace with guidance if wanted.  All levels

Thursday mornings 10:30am -  
Supervised Duplicate  12 to 15 boards are played in a competitive format with guidance if wanted.  Improvers/Intermediate
Thursday evenings 7:30pm -
Mini Duplicate Introduction to duplicate. 10 to 12 boards in a competitive format with guidance and review of selected hands.  Beginners/Improvers
Saturday afternoons 2pm -
Supervised Play  Bid and play at your own pace with guidance if wanted.  All levels
Hosts are available at all sessions so you do not need to come with a partner
No booking required.
When you are ready, our shorter 18-Board Duplicate sessions on Tuesday and Friday mornings are suitable for novice pairs.
Here are our Monday afternoon players enjoying their game!


Supervised Play sessions run weekly on Wednesday mornings, 10:30am-12:30pm on RealBridge.  There is no need to book, just click on the link on the RBC website about 10 minutes before the start of play and you’ll be taken to the RealBridge login page.  Enter your full name and EBU number to log in to the session.  If you can get a table of three or four together, you’ll be guaranteed a game.  You are welcome to come as a pair or single and we will try and make up tables, but we can’t guarantee you’ll get a game.

Cost is £6 per session which will be charged to your WBC member’s account.

Counsel for the Defence/Well I do Declare! Sessions run weekly on Thursday mornings at 10:30am
These Intermediate-Advanced sessions each feature 3 particularly interesting boards for group discussion.  Each week alternates between boards from the declarer perspective (Well I Do Declare) and a defender's perspective (Counsel for the Defence).  A quiz is set in advance with questions about the given auction, and placement of cards with the other players over the first few tricks.  At a critical point the quiz asks how you would continue.  At the actual session, the boards are loaded onto BBO and we play through as a group discussing the queries via Zoom and a screenshare.  Each board is analysed in detail including an assessment of the result on different lines of play, and a post mortem to review the upshot of different bidding actions / possible contracts.  Commentaries on the quiz are issued afterwards.

The cost is £5 per person, and no booking is required.

To join, please click this Zoom meeting (from 10.20 for a 10.30 start):  https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86037429431

Going to be LATE?
Going to be LATE?

If you are going to arrive later than 10 mins before the start of the session, it is essential that you call the club on 0208 947 0147  at least 15 minutes beforehand so that you can be included in the movement. If you don't do this you may not be able to play.

Best Behaviour at Bridge
Best Behaviour at Bridge

Regular sessions at WBC are intended to provide a friendly and enjoyable environment to play the game of Bridge, and members should conduct themselves in the spirit of this aim.  If you feel you have been affected by anything at the table that is not in the spirit of the Best Behaviour at Bridge code then the director should be called immediately.  The other players should not retaliate or enter into an argument or discussion.  Please click here to see the BB@B code.
It is hoped that most incidents can be resolved at the time.  If any player wishes to make a formal complaint, they should do so at the time so that the director can complete the appropriate report, which must be signed by all parties.  Where the incident occurs outside a play session or, if occurring at a play session is, for a valid reason not reported to the director, it must be reported in writing (or via e-mail) to the Chair or Secretary of the Club within two weeks of the incident.

Surrey County Bridge Association
Surrey County Bridge Association

SCBA supports and promotes bridge in Surrey.

Click here for the SCBA home page

Marietta Andree Pairs League
Marietta Andree Pairs League

Congratulations to the winners of the Marietta Andree Pairs League in July:
Gold: Graham Cunningham and Kevin Robins (Prize £48 per pair)
Silver: David Solomon and Richard Cumming Bruce (Prize: £36 per pair, plus promotion to Gold) 
The August MAPL starts on 5th August, continuing on 12th and 19th.  BBO as usual, with Richard as your TD and starting at 7:30pm. There are three sessions per month and we normally play between 18 and 21 boards, so it’s not too onerous and in fact with IMPs scoring it’s a lot of fun.  £15 per person per month (of which £3 goes direct to the prize fund).
Please email Janet at Manager@wimbledonbridgeclub.co.uk to enter.  All levels are welcome; whatever your grade or experience you can play, compete and enjoy.

Master Point Rank Promotions and NGS Increases
Master Point Rank Promotions and NGS Increases

Congratulations to our members listed below who have attained a Master Point promotion in June, especially Jill and Tracy who are gaining a MP promotion for the first time:
Hilary Stewart  2 Star Premier Regional Master
John Brierley  2 Star Premier Master

Diana Withers Green  1 Star Tournament Master
Cecilia Chan  Advanced Master
Angela Redman  County Master
Peter Nicholas  County Master

Peter Drysdale  District Master
Stephen Horn  Area Master

Christopher Moore  Club Master
Jill Tame  Local Master
Tracy Sherman  Local Master

Congratulations to members who achieved an increase in their NGS in June:
Top 40 NGS Increases for Surrey Members:
> Month
> Annual

Click here to see the EBU Master Point Ranks and NGS Bands

Congratulations Class of 2024!

Congratulations to all those who completed a year's course in Beginning Bridge or Improve your Bridge in June.

Now the hard work is over, the fun can begin and for many of our graduating students, the fun began at the Graduation Cheese and Wine on Thursday 4th July.  After Ellen's delicious cheeseboard and a glass of wine, students were presented with course completion certificates and then settled down to an evening of gentle duplicate bridge (with help from Niall, Calum, Tim, Naomi, Martin and Hilary).  9 tables played in the duplicate and there were also 2 tables of supervised play.

Thanks to everyone who came and we hope to see you on Thursday evenings over the summer.  Other sessions that are suitable for Beginners are Monday afternoons, Thursday mornings and Saturday afternoons and for Improving players, try a Tuesday or Friday morning.

Congratulations to:
Beginning Bridge: Graham Ball, Yvonne Cain, Robert Komar, Annette Murphy, Anarchy Williams, Amit Shah, Dene Winch, John Highwood, Karen Harrison, Louise Lucas, Lucy Sampson, Mark Simpson, Melanie Lucas, Paul Biggs, Philip Robinson, Victoria Bennett.
Improve your Bridge: 
Lindsey Carver, Stephen Cope, Nawshrat Dhalla, Mark Gilbert, Nazli Hutchins, Virginia Munrow, Gwyneth Davies, Hana Rudcenko


SPECIAL EVENTS - June, July and August 2024

June 2024
Sun 2 13:00 Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs
All welcome.
Mon 3 19:30 MA Pairs League R1
Tue 4 19:00 Cheese and Wine Tuesday
Sat 15 18:30 Summer Buffet
Click here for menu and booking
Mon 17 19:30 MA Pairs League R2
Mon 24 19:30 MA Pairs League R3
Wed 19 19:00 AGM followed by free bridge
July 2024
Mon 1 19:30 MA Pairs League R1
Tue 2 19:00 Cheese and Wine Tuesday
Thu 4 18:30 Graduation Cheese and Wine
and Mini Duplicate
Mon 8 19:30 MA Pairs League R2
Mon 15  19:30 MA Pairs League R3
Tue 23 19:30 EBU British Summer Sims
Thu 25 13:30 EBU British Summer Sims
August 2024
Mon 5 19:30 MA Pairs League R1
Tue 5 19:00 Cheese and Wine Tuesday
Mon 12 19:30 MA Pairs League R2
Mon 19  19:30 MA Pairs League R3
Sat 31 Summer Ladders End

Click HERE for the Calendar of Special Events to August 2024

Rekindling Bridge in Schools

You can help us rekindle interest in Schools bridge.  Prior to the pandemic we provided teachers and supervisors to support the establishment of bridge sessions in schools across the counties; the events of the past few years meant these sessions went into decline. 

We would like to provide Taster Sessions in schools with the aim of starting a Bridge Club.

How you can help (1): if you have a contact in a school and/or a son or daughter, or grandson or granddaughter in a school, and would like to help identify which schools would like to have a Taster Session, then please RSVP as soon as possible to


We hope to identify 5 or more schools, so that we can run Tasters Sessions in September / October.

How you can help (2): We would also like to run a course for all interested bridge players on "How to Teach Bridge in Schools". That could be you!  No previous experience required. Once again contact

douglaswright@3countiesbridge.com with your interest, no matter how tentative

We would also like to identify any school teacher, who would like to be involved.

We hope to identify the schools before the end of this term, and run the ‘How to teach Bridge in Schools" courses in August, so time is of the essence!


The dates and locations of these courses are:

The dates for "How to Teach Bridge in Schools" courses are:

3  August 9.30am @ Richmond Bridge Club

10 August  9.30am @ Worthing Bridge Club

18 August 9.30am @ Eastbourne Bridge Club

For further details and to Register please BOOK HERE

I do hope you will consider giving us some help here. If you have any questions, please do email me, or you can call me on 07801 989630

Many thanks!
Douglas Wright

Competition and Ladder Winners 2024
Competition and Ladder Winners 2024

Congratulations to the winners of the 2024 Competitions

Gullick Cup (Blue Pointed Pairs Championship).  Winners: Lars McBride and John Edwards
Bochsler Cup (Teams Championship).  Winners: Andrew Bannock, John Dagnall, Conor Murphy and Imogen Davies
Martin Warner Cup (Tuesday morning Championship).  Winners:  Sue Perin and Karen Fearon
Gwyneth Sather Cup (NGS <6 Championship). Winners: Mary Dickens and Rosemary Hickson
Peel Bowl (Ladies’ Pairs Championship).  Winners: Janet Cahm and Hilary Stewart
Jim Ratcliffe Cup (Men’s Pairs Championship).  Winners Andrew Bannock and John Dagnall.
Hetty Van Os Trophy (Good Friday Individual Championship).  Winner: David Champion
Improvers Cup (NGS < 8 Championship).  Winners: Eric Humphrey and Veronica Kerslake
Bartlett Bowl (Mixed Pairs Championship) - Winners: Wendy Lancaster and Peter King
Karlsen Cup (Pivot Teams Championship) - Winners: Roger Pratt, Elisabeth Bingham, Henryk Klocek and Martha Jaynes

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023/24 Ladders (Sept to March 2024)
The Peggy Griffin Ladder (all full sessions): Calum Stewart and Janet Cahm
The Don King Ladder (Tuesday morning): Lynda Melly and Susan Michie
Norman Robson Ladder (Tuesday evening): Janet Cahm
Bill Medd Ladder (Wednesday Ploughman's): Janet Cahm
Doreen Charteris Cup (Thursday afternoon):  June Middleton
Robert Pope Ladder (Friday morning): Tanya Heasman
Winter Novice Ladder: Bozena Zegarlinska