Whitehall Regional Bridge Club
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VISITOR PROTOCOL (obsolete during Covid times!)

If you are inviting a Visitor to the club please 

  • Members may invite a maximum of 2 guests to play in the Club during the Bridge season
  • Visitors may not play in Special Competitions 
  • As a courtesy please inform the President or the Club Secretary
Virtual Bridge Etiq.

BBO Tournaments.pdf


Please click on the

above link to view

a document

prepared by

Aidan Synnott 

Please employ

Aidan's guidelines

Virtual Bridge Rules

Virtual Bridge Rules.pdf

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above link to view

a document

outlining requlations

pertaining to virtual 


Published by the EBU 

Welcome to Whitehall Regional Bridge Club
Brighter Days Ahead!

Last updated : 16th Jan 2021 18:42 GMT
CBAI Simultaneous Pairs Competition

Please note the above competition will be 

held on Tues 2nd Feb

Last updated : 16th Jan 2021 16:57 GMT
Virtual Bridge

New Bridge Season 2020 - 2021

Unfortunately there is no possibility of us getting back to playing bridge in our club premises at 

the Dominican Convent for the forseeable future.

This will be reviewed on an on-going basis

We will continue to play online (BBO) & we will continue

to be OPEN to members operating under the umbrella of

GRVBC (Glasnevin Region Virtual Bridge Club)

Last updated : 10th Nov 2020 15:20 GMT
Online Bridge Academy - New programme for 2021

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Improve your Bridge!

Please open the above link to learn more about

a series of online bridge lessons & seminars

being run by two Irish Grand Masters

This is a great opportunity for those

players who wish to improve their

bidding & their play

Please click on the above link to find

the latest information from the 

DNR Bridge Site

Of particular importance & interest

is the information regarding

upcoming competitions

Please click on the above link to keep 

upto date on all CBAI related news

 Includes information regarding upcoming

events/competitions & registration protocol

CBAI - Newsletter Sept 2020

CBAI Annual Newsletter for 2020

please click on the above link to find the

latest news from the CBAI

Items of particular interest are:-


Online Laws of Bridge


Virtual Dates for your Bridge Diary

Virtual Club Games - TD's & Subs

To our members who have become

Virtual Tournament Directors

to our members who act as subs

AGM 2020

Our AGM was scheduled for May 25th

and of course, did not take place.

However, our Treasurer, Barbara, 

had our accounts audited as usual,

by James P. Dwyer, and all is well.

Thank you Barbara and James.

(Update from our President, Jerry)

2nd February 2021
CBAI Simultaneous Pairs Competition
Director: Barbara
Scorer: Catherine (uploaded from BBO)
9th February 2021
Club Virtual Game
Director: Catherine
Scorer: Catherine (uploaded from BBO)
16th February 2021
Club Virtual Game
Director: Jerry
Scorer: Catherine (uploaded from BBO)
Club Virtual Game
Director: Maureen
Scorer: Catherine (uploaded from BBO)
Club Virtual Game
Director: Ria
Scorer: Catherine
Club Virtual Game
Director: Barbara
Scorer: Catherine (uploaded from BBO)