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Learning Bridge

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Welcome to Wetherby Bridge Club

Welcome to Wetherby Bridge Club


We aim to provide a high level of competition for good players and an environment in which those wishing to improve their game are enabled to do so. We play five evenings a week.

Visitors are welcome.   Master points awarded

Members are requested to be seated by 7.00pm in order to allow the movement and the computer to be organised and play to start as soon as possible


Autumn British Simultaneous Pairs


Monday 7th October 7pm

£4 per player

Hands and Commentary available online after the event


Understanding Duplicate Scoring and The National Grading System


If you want to have a better understanding of how the % scores are calculated for each board (and session) and how the Masterpoint and National Grading System (NGS) can give you a measure of your current level of play, then please come to one of the sessions that Ian Newsham (Competitions Secretary) is running.

Thursday 3rd October and Thursday 10th October, 10.30 to 11.30 am.  Either sign up on the notice board or email Ian …… 

Opt in to receive a Diary

From 2020 if you wish to receive an EBU diary you will need to opt in.  This is to reduce the number of unwanted diaries which are sent out and obviously has both an environmental and financial impact.  To opt in to receive the diary you willl need to login to MY EBU and check the appropriate tick box, even if you were previously marked to receive it.

If you use MY EBU, login and go to your account and check your account settings.  If you wish to receive the diary, under Magazine/Diary Preferences take the option All Editions + Diary.  Then save your changes.


Monday Afternoon Bridge
Monday Afternoon Bridge
Levels of Play at Wetherby Bridge Club

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings are Level 4

Wednesday afternoon and Friday evening are Level 2

These levels can be seen in the Blue Book situated by the TDs table at the club

Information for all TD's

The new "Duplicate Bridge Rules Simplified" by David Stevenson are now available to the TDs in the normal place together with the new "Laws of Duplicate Bridge" (both updated in 2017).

If any TDS require a personal copy of the simplified laws please speak to Frank Smart, also if anyone has any questions about the new laws Frank will do his best to clarify or get help from the EBU.

Partner Service

Monday Afternoon - David Gill

 Tel:  01937581104  email:

Tuesday - Ralph Towler

Wednesday Afternoon - Julia Newman or Val Marrison

Thursday - Phillippa Naylor

Friday - Greta Higgins


Pairs Afternoon
Afternoon Pairs
Thu 19th Sep 2019
TD: Ralph
BM: Pauline
Fri 20th Sep 2019
Stepping Stones
Fri 20th Sep 2019
TD: Margaret Crawford
BM: Bob
Mon 23rd Sep 2019
Afternoon Pairs