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This page has hints, tips and information about play, conventions, ethics and etiquette of playing Bridge. Contributions will be greatly appreciated.


Nice one, Neville

WBU Chief Executive,Neville Richards, came up with what must be the most inventive excuse ever for the delay in issuing the WBU printed playing cards.

"The Curse of Scotland

The nine of diamonds playing card is often referred to as the "Curse of Scotland" There are a number of reasons given for this connection:

1. It was the playing card used by Sir John Dalrymple, the Earl of Stair, to cryptically authorise the Glencoe Massacre. Certainly there is a resemblance between the nine of diamonds and his coat of arms.

2. The Duke of Cumberland is supposed to have scribbled the order for "no quarter" to be given after the Battle of Culloden on a nine of diamonds playing card..

3. It has also been suggested that it is a misreading of the "Corse of Scotland" ie the "Cross of Scotland" or St Andrew's Saltire. There is a resemblance between the pattern of the nine of diamonds and the Saltire.

4. Nine diamonds were at one time stolen from the crown of Scotland and a tax was levied on the Scottish people to pay for them - the tax got the nickname "The Curse of Scotland".

The first two explanations are the ones most commonly given.

Now it seems to be the Curse of Wales, or at least the WBU as well!

The first issue of WBU playing cards had an incorrect Jannersten Bar Code on the nine of diamonds making them impossible to deal in a Duplimate machine. Richard Edward the card printers has reprinting the offending card and these will be distributed as soon as possible."

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I just have to share this with you all
  ♠ AQJ
♥ QJ94

♣ T9
♠ 3
♥ 762

♣ J87642
-- N --
W -- E
-- S --
♠ K542
♥ K3

♣ Q52
  ♠ T9876
♥ AT85

♣ AK

A contract of 6 Hearts by South and West leads a spade .    Reading this as a singleton Declarer played the Ace and, sitting East Jean Besse the top Swiss player dropped the King! under it without hesitation.Of course Declarer now assumes that this is the singleton. He also believes that he  cannot afford to take the Heart finesse in case West wins and gives East a ruff so he plays the Ace and another heart.


 Jean Besse wins the trick and plays a spade for Partner to ruff.





Another one below -

D: East
S: Team
♠ K9764
♥ 3

♣ Q
♠ QT
♥ AJ7542

♣ J5
-- N --
W -- E
-- S --
♠ J3
♥ KQT96

♣ AT3
  ♠ A852
♥ 8

♣ K987642
  This hand was dealt in a top American Teams competition.  East opened the bidding 2 Hearts (weak obviously). South passed and West bid 4 SPADES!  North passed, East passed and South passed.  The contract went 9 off for 450 away but of course NS can make 4 S+1 scoring 650 which was bid in the other room. So EW team gained 5 imps. This must rank amongst the grand psyches of all time?
West obviously expected to be doubled and he would then have bid 5H.
Bill Nicholls, of MUMBLES DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB, comments on an issue that has come up during play at the Club over the last few weeks.  

Bill Nicholls, of MUMBLES DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB, comments on an issue that has come up during play at the Club over the last few weeks.  

                                             A LOOK AT THE LAWS


"May I suggest  that whenever there is a hiccup of some sort at the table, that you call the Director for a ruling. Lately there have been several cases of a ruling being given by a player at the table. It may well be that the ruling is correct - but I know of at least 3 cases where it has been wrong.   I even came across one table playing with Declarer having a penalty card faced on the table! There is a Tournament Director whose job it is to sort things out.
  One other point please. No player has the right to tell any other player how they should have bid or played their hand. If you feel that you have been damaged within the rules then call politely ( the word 'please' helps here) for a ruling. Otherwise keep your views to yourself.
  Some points to remember.
   If you are asked what one of partners bids means (during the auction) and you don`t know - ze anserr ees simples - say "Sorry I don`t know".  (Regular partnerships are expected to know their system). PLEASE don`t say something like "I don`t know but I am going to take it as......".  This is unauthorised information for Ptr.. Again - if it affects you call for a ruling.
If your Ptr. gives the wrong explanation do not say anything to correct! or glare,sigh, swear etc.. Keep quiet. If you end up as Declarer or dummy then tell the oppts. once the auction is over and before they lead. If you end up as Defender say nothing.
Dummy is Declarer's agent. If Declarer calls for a card to be played from dummy then that card is played. It is NOT dummys` job to say "the lead is in your hand". If dummy can stop Declarer making the mistake before the action then OK. Otherwise play the card as asked. Dummy can check that Declarer has not revoked, and defenders can also check on one another.
When Declarer makes a claim saying that the rest of the tricks are his then PLAY STOPS. Do not say "play them out" etc.. Play stops and if you are dissatisfied then call the TD. When making a claim always say how you intend to play the rest of the hand or why the rest are yours.
Just a few of the points that have risen recently.
And remember of course - it should never!! be considered offensive or aggressive to have the Director called for a ruling."





Thanks to Bill Nicholls for these contributions.
























































































































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Boob of the Week

Setting: it is the final of the Spingold, the prestige knockout teams event at the American Summer Nationals. The starting field included most of the world's top teams. After 50 boards and with 10 to go,  it couldn't be much closer 75 imps versus 73 .

2  was the American Multi, a weak two in either major; 2 pass or correct, 4  was ???  

 I had planned a more modest effort of my own for this feature but I can't compete with this ( Suggestions / contributions welcome,  send to the Secretary or Chairman )

 At the table 4♥ was passed out. When the dust settled 4♥ was -5 with a quiet 4♠  making in the other room. 15 imps changed hands and the championship was lost.

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