20th Jan 2020
Monday Evening Pairs
Director: Peter Bates
Stand By: Norman
Director's Assistant: Hazel Beveridge/ Neil Watts
21st Jan 2020
Tuesday Evening Pairs
Director: Robert Hirst
Stand By: Sue Porter
Director's Assistant: Tony Harris
22nd Jan 2020
Wednesday Evening Pairs
Director: Chris Jago
23rd Jan 2020
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Brian Kirkdale
23rd Jan 2020
Basic Bridge (Level 2) Evening
Director: Brian Cutler
Director's Assistant: Liz Dewar
Playing at WSBC

Players are requested to arrive 10 minutes before play is due to start please so the Director can finalise the movement and make a prompt start.

Bank Holiday Mondays

There will be bridge on all bank holiday Mondays except at Easter and Christmas.

Convention Cards and Partnership Agreements

Whilst not making it compulsory, the Committee would like to encourage all partnerships to have an agreed convention card. You can use your own layout, fill in one of the blank formats to be found on the EBU website or use the simple form on the front page of the score card. The EBU website has some suggested convention cards for basic systems. Having a written partnership agreement obviously helps consistency in bidding and playing and also improving your bridge.

Thursday Evenings

The Thursday evening session is primarily intended for less experienced players and only Level 2 systems may be used. Full details of which conventions are not accepted can be viewed in the menu item called “Thursday Evening Guidelines”.

Please come along if you would like to play as others without partners will also do so and you may well get a game. If you end up going home you will get a free play voucher!

Sessions with a Standby

Players without partners (whether or not they are a member) can now turn up at the following sessions and be guaranteed a game:

• All Monday evenings
• All Tuesday evenings
• Thursday evenings except 2nd, 3rd and 4th (but please see notice above)

Please check the website Calendar for irregularities. Everyone is welcome to make use of this facility but please arrive at the club by 7.15pm.

Thursday Afternoon Sessions

Thursday afternoons start at 1.30 pm. Table money is now £1.50 for members and £2.50 for visitors.

Release 2.19n
Beginners Bridge course 2019/20

This course starts in the Autumn and there are two entry points. Complete beginners start at week one – usually the last Wednesday in September and those with Limited Experience start at week five.

Each experienced teacher will be supported by a senior club player for each lesson. Each lesson will last for two hours from 5 to 7pm and will comprise a presentation followed by practice play. There will be no need to take notes as weekly notes and detailed notes on the hands played will be provided at the end of each lesson. The full syllabus for each course can be seen on the relevant link. The course will be run provided there are sufficient numbers.

The Autumn term will comprise:

For Complete Beginners:
Weeks 1-4 Playing Minibridge which provides an excellent and simple introduction to some of the basic concepts of Bridge.

Those with Limited Experience will then combine with the Complete Beginners for the rest of the course:
Weeks 5-8 An introduction to Bidding and Opening at the one level.
Weeks 9-10 Planning the play with some simple techniques

The 10 week Spring term will comprise:
Weeks 11-20   Defence, Competitive Bidding and Higher level Opening Bids.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our lead teachers: Ed Barter 01444 257028 or Hazel Beveridge 01825 740960