28th May 2020
Afternoon Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
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2nd Jun 2020
Tuesday Evening Pairs
Director: Chris Jepson
Director's Assistant: Neil Watts
3rd Jun 2020
Wednesday Evening Pairs
Director: Chris Gray
4th Jun 2020
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
Director: David Williams
4th Jun 2020
Basic Bridge (Level 2) Evening
Director: Peter Berry
Director's Assistant: Liz Dewar
Playing at WSBC

Players are requested to arrive 10 minutes before play is due to start please so the Director can finalise the movement and make a prompt start.

Bank Holiday Mondays

There will be bridge on all bank holiday Mondays except at Easter and Christmas.

Convention Cards and Partnership Agreements

Whilst not making it compulsory, the Committee would like to encourage all partnerships to have an agreed convention card. You can use your own layout, fill in one of the blank formats to be found on the EBU website or use the simple form on the front page of the score card. The EBU website has some suggested convention cards for basic systems. Having a written partnership agreement obviously helps consistency in bidding and playing and also improving your bridge.

Thursday Evenings

The Thursday evening session is primarily intended for less experienced players and only Level 2 systems may be used. Full details of which conventions are not accepted can be viewed in the menu item called “Thursday Evening Guidelines”.

Please come along if you would like to play as others without partners will also do so and you may well get a game. If you end up going home you will get a free play voucher!

Sessions with a Standby

Players without partners (whether or not they are a member) can now turn up at the following sessions and be guaranteed a game:

• All Monday evenings
• All Tuesday evenings
• Thursday evenings except 2nd, 3rd and 4th (but please see notice above)

Please check the website Calendar for irregularities. Everyone is welcome to make use of this facility but please arrive at the club by 7.15pm.

Thursday Afternoon Sessions

Thursday afternoons start at 1.30 pm. Table money is now £1.50 for members and £2.50 for visitors.

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Details of WSBC Competitions
This page contains details on the club competititions and the rules.


This has now become the Club Championship and Plate. It consists of a qualifying heat plus a final. After the qualifying heat, the top half of the field play for the Cup and the lower half of the field play for the Plate.

The 2020 Cup winners were Bill Nicolle and Linda Gardiner and Mary Rimmer and Maureen Topley won the Plate.


Created in Coventry by George Cuthbertson and John Pyner, the competition is run in divisions of 4 tables, where over a period of 5 months, each pair plays 2 eight board matches against every other pair in their division. After each match, the E/W pairs score up as teams with the other N/S pairs in their division. The final scores for each match are converted from imps to VP’s.

Scoreboards of the results are displayed during the evening after each match is completed and cumulative scoresheets are put up on the website and at the club after each session has been completed. Master points are awarded at the end of each series. There is promotion and relegation at the end of each series plus a free entry for the next series to the winners of each division.

Not only is the event very social but over the series, the teams scoring reduces the randomness that is often associated with pairs events. It is important to bid close games and slams and NOT to go for big penalties!

Attendance and Substitutes: 

Full attendance is required for this competition so as to avoid an eight board sit out. However substitutes are allowed (either individuals or pairs). Any substitute or substitute pair can play more than once and for different people. Their score will be allocated to the original entrants. It is the responsibility of the original entrants to arrange their substitutes.

In 2019-20 the winners of Division 1 were Chris Jepson and Neil Watts with runners-up Lindsay Geddes and Mick Carrington and of Division 2 Philip Hunt and Yves Lebrec with runners-up Margaret and Roger Chaplin.


This competition (including the non-expert section) is played on each Thursday evening in January to March. A player's three best results are counted, one in each month. Partners must be club members. "NGS Stratification" will be used and the non-expert trophy will be awarded to the highest scoring player with an EBU National Grading Scheme (NGS) grading of 6 or below (i.e. <47%). (Stratification will be based on members’ EBU NGS ranking on 1 January.)

The winner in 2019 was David Young and the winner of the Non Expert was Suzanne McKenzie.


This trophy is awarded to the non-expert (fewer than 5000 master points as at 1st April) who attains the most master points at club sessions in the following year. 

The winner in 2019 was Peter Berry.


This is now the Mixed Pairs Championship and is played the closest Tuesday to Valentine's Day. There is a prize for the leading pair plus a Flitch prize for the leading married couple.

The winners of the Mixed Pairs Championship in 2020 were Chris Jepson & David Clifton and Alan Gardiner & Linda Gardiner won the Eric Reeves 'Flitch' prize.


A competition for the best individual and best pair in the club with the highest average score from 1st April to 31st March with a minimum of 10 sessions played for pairs and 20 sessions for individuals to be played.

In 2019 the Individual winner was Philip Hunt and the winning Pair was Neil Watts and Peter Collins.


This is a one session event where a prize is given to the leading Ladies pair and Mens pair.

If there is a sufficient entry the event is run in separate divisions for ladies and men with both sections playing the same boards.

However with less than 10 pairs in each division, the competition is run in a single section with all the Ladies pairs sitting North/South and all the Mens pairs sitting East/West.

In 2020 the Men’s Pairs was won by Ian Sanderson & Brian Kirkdale and Lindsay Geddes & Sally Bugden won the Ladies Pairs.


This competition is held on Thursday evenings through the year, and is restricted to members who have less than 5000 registered master points as at 1st April. The winner is the member who attains the most master points during the bridge year

The winner in 2019 was David Young.


The winners in 2019 were Eric Jenner & Chris Gray

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