5th Jul 2022
Tues Morning Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
10.00 am
5th Jul 2022
Tues Evening Duplicate: Midsummer Celebration
7.15 pm
6th Jul 2022
Weds Evening Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
7.30 pm
7th Jul 2022
Thurs Afternoon Duplicate
1.30 pm
7th Jul 2022
Thurs Afternoon Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
1.30 pm
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... to West Sussex Bridge Club


The Club warmly welcomes members and visitors of all ages and skill levels. We meet for duplicate pairs each Tuesday and Thursday at The Old School in Cuckfield. Find out more by clicking here.

If you would like to join us for the first time, do please either come along with a partner, or use our Find-a-Partner service, or, if you have questions, contact our Club Secretary Chris Jago on 01825 721282.

Rally the Troops: Midsummer Celebration

Following the success of our first "special Tuesday" in June, we are eager to repeat the camaraderie, friendly competition and cakes enjoyed by the 26 players who came to play. On Tuesday, 5th July, let's see if we can beat the 6.5 tables we achieved in June. Free entry and chance to win a prize!

June Competition Winners

Meet our first monthly winners in our new competitions! Our Tuesday evening winners were awarded prizes for best performances in open and handicapped categories based on the best three sessions played during June. Please join us in congratulating:

David Young - 1st place, Open
Karen and Mark Darby - 1st place, Handicapped


Runners-up in the Open category were Chris Jago and Peter Berry, with Chris and David Young also placing in the Handicapped category.

Congratulations also to Eric and Robert Jenner, the winners of our Thursday evening competition. This competition awards prizes for the best performance by a Class C player or players over the best three sessions during the month.

**Time to Renew Your Membership**

Annual membership for 2022-23 renews on 1st April (new members click here to apply). We look forward to welcoming members back to West Sussex Bridge Club for another year. You may now renew online -- click here or on the Membership option in the main menu. The renewal fee is held at £15 for 2022-23, discounted to £12.50 if paid before the end of June. We hope to see you soon at the bridge table!

Please note that, if you do not renew by the end of June, you will no longer be able to play online at our joint sessions with Avenue and Lewes Bridge Clubs, nor be able to use vouchers at our sessions.

New Competitions

WSBC needs your support to ensure we meet our goal of four tables per session by the end of July in order to keep that session going.

As an incentive, we are offering monthly competitions beginning in June:

  • Tuesday evening sessions will have adjusted handicapped results based on NGS rankings in tandem with the regular results, and a monthly prize of a bottle of wine given for the best performances over any three weeks in each section. 

  • There will be a monthly prize of a bottle of wine to the Class C member or members with the aggregate best three results on Thursday evenings in the month based on master points after stratification.

On both Tuesday and Thursday evenings, you can play with the same or different partners. To check Tuesday's handicapped results, go to the Results page and click on the Information tab that is shown there.

Members – your bridge club needs YOU!

Future of the Club

Following our AGM held on 3rd May at which there were many ideas put forward for trying to encourage a greater attendance at our playing sessions, your Committee met on 11th May to consider all of them. In summary, this is what we propose to do:

  • We hope to broaden the appeal of Tuesday evening sessions by producing handicapped results (if possible, based on NGS rankings) in tandem with the regular results, and award annual prizes for the best performances in each section. 
  • We do not think table money or a membership fee is putting off players but visitors will now only be charged £3, the same as members who do not use vouchers (which will continue to be sold only to members).
  • Renewal of membership will stay at £12.50 until the end of June.
  • We will try to promote the club more by advertising in local publications, village notice boards and libraries.
  • We will offer a mentoring service for new players on the first Thursday evening of the month with a booking arrangement for those who wish to participate being provided on the website.
  • We have investigated the possibility of providing different chairs for those who find the existing ones too uncomfortable but unfortunately there is nowhere to store them.
  • Starting in June there will be a monthly prize of a bottle of wine to the Class C member or members with the aggregate best 3 results on Thursday evenings in the month based on master points after stratification. You can play with the same or different partners.
  • We are looking at a catering roster for Thursday evenings.
  • Whilst we are open to amalgamating with another club, options for doing so are limited.
  • On Tuesday 7th June we will have a special event with a short break for refreshments to mark the Queen’s Jubilee and we hope as many members as possible will come along - there will be free entry and enhanced master point awards. More special Tuesdays to follow if attendance picks up!

Other competitions are being considered but they only work if there is sufficient support so members are encouraged to come along to as many sessions as possible each month. We have set a target of an absolute minimum of 4 tables at each session and if this is not being achieved by the end of July we will have to consider cancelling the session on those days.

Bournemouth Mini-Break 2023

After the success of this year’s Break, we are pleased to announce that the event will be held again from 5th to 8th February 2023 with Graham Hedley as Director. Full information is being sent to everyone who went this year but, if you are interested in attending for the first time, please email Chris Jago via

Club Reopening for Face-to-Face Bridge
With the easing of National restrictions, the Club has reopened for normal sessions at our new home - The Old School, Cuckfield (Click the “Information” Tab for more details about our location). The Sessions are as follows:
Tuesdays at 7.15pm
Thursdays at 1.30pm
Thursdays at 7.15pm
The Tuesday and Thursday afternoon sessions will initially be for a maximum of 24 boards and finish within 3 hours.
Thursday evenings will be a much more relaxed event and whilst open to all members and visitors, will be aimed at the less experienced players with an NGS rating of 9 or lower, and we will be playing fewer boards.
Table money is £3 for members and visitors but payment by voucher (£25 for book of 11, available to members only) is preferred.
If you need a partner, please try our new “Find a Partner” service using the link on the right hand side of this page.

Bournemouth Bridge Mini-Break, 6-9 February 2022
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52 members and partners of West Sussex, Horsham and Patcham Bridge Clubs had a very enjoyable 3 nights away in Bournemouth, completely taking over at the Miramar Hotel. The Bridge was organised by Graham Hedley in his usual relaxed style and there was a good variety of prizes for the winners of the various games. A very large proportion of attendees have asked for another such Break in 2023 and this is now being considered by the Committee.

New Find-a-Partner Service
New Find-a-Partner Service

Our recent membership survey highlighted the need to provide assistance to members in finding partners, whether that be for one game or a longer-term arrangement.

We are pleased to announce that we are ready to trial our new find-a-partner service, which allows you to post your partner request on our website. The new Find-a-Partner item on the main menu takes you to the Find-a-Partner Message Board, or click here.

Please give it a try and let us know how you get on! For feedback or assistance, email

WSBC Online

We are still offering online bridge through a partnership with Avenue and Lewes Clubs. Three weekly sessions are available on BBO: Tuesday mornings at 10am, Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm and Thursday afternoons at 1.30pm. If you would like to play and are not already registered, please contact Hazel (

Thurs Afternoon Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
Thurs Afternoon Duplicate
Thurs Evening Duplicate (relaxed)
Weds Evening Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
Tues Morning Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online

Passing of David Lock

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of long-time member David Lock. One of the many contributions that David made to WSBC included his chairmanship approximately 20 years ago. We understand David's funeral is for family members only. There may be a memorial service around September time, and we will advise details of this when known.

If so, get some tips from an experienced player who will play with you in a f2f session, review the hands with you and answer your questions. Hurry - places are limited, so click here to book now!

Give our new find-a-partner service a try! Click here, or click Find-a-Partner on the main website menu to go to the Message Board.

Convention Cards and Partnership Agreements

Whilst not making it compulsory, the Committee would like to encourage all partnerships to have an agreed convention card. You can use your own layout, fill in one of the blank formats to be found on the EBU website or use the simple form on the front page of the score card. The EBU website has some suggested convention cards for basic systems. Having a written partnership agreement obviously helps consistency in bidding and playing and also improving your bridge.