10th Aug 2021
Tues Morning Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
11th Aug 2021
Weds Evening Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
12th Aug 2021
Thurs Afternoon Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
17th Aug 2021
Tues Morning Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
18th Aug 2021
Weds Evening Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
Convention Cards and Partnership Agreements

Whilst not making it compulsory, the Committee would like to encourage all partnerships to have an agreed convention card. You can use your own layout, fill in one of the blank formats to be found on the EBU website or use the simple form on the front page of the score card. The EBU website has some suggested convention cards for basic systems. Having a written partnership agreement obviously helps consistency in bidding and playing and also improving your bridge.

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Club Reopening

With lockdown ending on 19th July, the Committee is examining how and when we can reopen the club for face-to-face bridge. We are determined to provide as risk-free an environment as is reasonably possible but at present there is no guidance available from the Government, the EBU or indeed Age UK (owners of Lamb House) on what is desirable.  

We are conscious that many clubs that have reopened have had a very limited take-up so far but we know some local clubs have announced their intention to open immediately after 19th July. We want to get it right but have no wish to have a system necessitating use of more than one set of boards and a major cleaning requirement of cards, bidding boxes, bridgemates etc. after each session so we have decided to delay reopening until at least the end of August when we can be sure what protocols are necessary.

However we still need more volunteers to be Directors and Director’s Assistants so if you feel you can help in this regard, please contact Chris Jago at and we will arrange suitable training. We will keep members fully informed as the position becomes clearer but in the meantime our joint on-line sessions with Avenue and Lewes Bridge Clubs continue.

EBU Summer Meeting in Eastbourne, 6-15 August

The EBU has confirmed that, with the lifting of lockdown restrictions on 19th July, they intend to hold their Summer Meeting in Eastbourne from 6th to 15th August. It will be their first national face-to-face event for about 18 months.

Since government regulations will no longer limit the number of people who can meet in a group and the “1m-plus rule” will be removed, there will be no requirement for players to wear masks beyond the government’s statement that it "expects and recommends" people to wear face coverings in crowded areas. They will provide masks for those who wish to use them. You will not be asked to provide evidence of vaccination or a negative COVID test.

If you are interested in entering, full details of the congress and all the events contained in it, including some events for less-experienced players. are available on the Summer Meeting webpage. For those who are not able to come in person, the Monday and Tuesday mid-week sessions are able to be played online and the Wednesday and Thursday evening games will be offered as “satellite events” in a few clubs, as listed on the website.

*Time is running out to renew your 2021-22 membership*! Please contact Membership Secretary Ed Barter at by 15th August to ensure your membership does not lapse. There is no subscription to pay this year; we just need an accurate figure for our total membership.

If we don’t hear back from you we will assume that you don’t wish to remain a club member nor wish to play in the Avenue/Lewes/WSBC sessions on BBO.

WSBC Online

Although our Club premises remain closed, WSBC is offering online bridge through a partnership with Avenue and Lewes Clubs.  Three weekly sessions are available, on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Thursday afternoons.  These sessions have proved very popular to many of our members, including some to whom online bridge has been a new experience.  If you have not yet tried playing in this medium, we would encourage you to give it a try.  The first step is to contact Hazel (

We will continue to be in weekly contact by email with all our members with club news and the intriguing and informative bridge teasers.

Stay well and keep in touch.

WSBC Winter Bridge Break February 2022

3 Nights Sunday 6th to 9th February 2022 at the 4 star Miramar Hotel in Bournemouth. Directed by Graham Hedley, assisted by Neil Watts. You don't need a partner to sign up as a standby will be available.  (click here to request details). 

Thurs Afternoon Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
Weds Evening Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
Tues Morning Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
Thurs Afternoon Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
Weds Evening Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online

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Solution No. 71 available Saturday, 7 August, on Test Your Knowledge

Love All, Dealer: North
Contract: 3NT by South
Lead: K♠

North opened 1♣, South responded 1NT and you bid 2♠.  North bid 3♠ (asking about a spade stop) and South bid 3NT.

At trick one, partner plays the three of spades and declarer the eight.

You are sitting West. Plan the defence – it’s a teams match.