27th Oct 2020
Tues Morning Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
28th Oct 2020
Weds Evening Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
29th Oct 2020
Thurs Afternoon Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
2nd Nov 2020
Pairs League (3)
3rd Nov 2020
Tues Morning Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
Convention Cards and Partnership Agreements

Whilst not making it compulsory, the Committee would like to encourage all partnerships to have an agreed convention card. You can use your own layout, fill in one of the blank formats to be found on the EBU website or use the simple form on the front page of the score card. The EBU website has some suggested convention cards for basic systems. Having a written partnership agreement obviously helps consistency in bidding and playing and also improving your bridge.

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WSBC online

Although our Club premises remain closed, WSBC is offering online bridge through a partnership with Avenue and Lewes Clubs.  Three weekly sessions are available, on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Thursday afternoons.  These sessions have proved very popular to many of our members, including some to whom online bridge has been a new experience.  If you have not yet tried playing in this medium, we would encourage you to give it a try.  The first step is to contact Hazel (

WSBC has also started playing its popular Pairs League online.  The current league runs on the first Monday of each month until January and will be followed by a second series.  We are also looking to provide other online bridge events so keep a look out for these via our website or email. 

In the interim, we will continue to be in weekly contact by email with all our members with club news and the intriguing and informative bridge teasers.

Stay well and keep in touch.

Free Teams Match v Horsham Friday 6th Nov - 7pm

The club has been challenged by Horsham Bridge Club to play a friendly teams match on Friday 6th November at 7pm and we are looking for pairs interested in playing (pairs will then be made into teams of four).

We match up teams of 4 with similiar NGS rankings to make an even match.

If you would like to play in these friendly teams matches please let us have the following information:

Your Name and BBO Username and that of your partner. Click to email.

Result Inter-Club Teams v St Albans Tuesday 20th October
St. Albans WS Result West Sussex IMPs VPs
Steve Lambert/Gary Kendall/John Pelley/Claire Hartman Lost Chris Jepson/Neil Watts/Philip Hunt/Lebrec Yves 37 26 13 7
Rod Adams/John Stobo/Mick Wood/Shangara Singh Lost Chris Jago/Jeff Callaghan/Colin Mallows/David Williams 44 33 13 7
Simon Cook/John Hattersley/Bob Howard/John Graham Won Brian Kirkdale/Ian Sanderson/Stuart Thornton/Chris Hook 41 49 8 12
Clare Garretty/Tony Hazell/Stef Weedon/Joyce Taylor Lost Steve Smith/Sue Smith/Brian Cutler/Sue Cutler 53 11 18 2
Pam Green/Peter Hill/Angie Spittal/Barbara McKinnon Won Jane Laidlaw/Lorraine Carvalho/Sue Ponsford/Sue Finch 29 31 9 11
Lynn Prentice/Tony Wild/Jane Edrupt/John Duthie Lost Gill Lambert/Richard Begley/Janet Tait/Helena Hoare 42 30 13 7
St Albans Won 74-46 VPs 74 46


WSBC jointly with Mid Sussex BC

(Hosted Online by Avenue/Lewes/West Sussex)

Date: Monday afternoon 30 November 2020

Time: 1.30 p.m.

Place: Online with BBO

Boards: 18

Fee: $7.50 per player, with all profits to charity


          A. Champagne for each winning player, both NS and EW

          B. Wine for each leading player with NGS equal to or less than 6, both NS and EW

          C. The Jeff Hayton salver will, as usual, be awarded to the highest scoring pair, both players being members of either MSBC or WSBC.

Registration opens online two hours prior to the start of the event.

Open to all players registered on the Avenue/Lewes/West Sussex database. If not registered, please email  with your BBO user names at least two days prior to the event. Membership of a specific club is not required.

If unable to play, please consider making a donation to the charity. This can be done quickly and easily via the link below. There is an option to donate in memory of Jeff for those that knew him.

Click here to view these details as a pdf

WSBC Bournemouth Bridge Holiday 9-12 February
  • 2020-bm-001-welcomepairs-winners-flighta
  • 2020-bm-002-welcomepairs-winners-flightb
  • 2020-bm-003-mondayafternoon-winners
  • 2020-bm-004-championship-pairs-1st 2nd-flighta
  • 2020-bm-005-championship-pairs-1st 2nd-flightb
  • 2020-bm-006-tuesdayafternoon-winners
  • 2020-bm-007-championship-teams-winners
  • 2020-bm-008-championship-teams-2nd
  • 2020-bm-009-championship-teams-3rd
  • 2020-bm-010-playing-room
  • 2020-bm-011-miramar-garden

Despite Storm Ciara, everyone participating in the WSBC bridge holiday braved the elements on Sunday February 9th and arrived safely at the Hotel Miramar in Bournemouth. They were rewarded with a warm welcome from the hotel staff who once again provided excellent service and wonderful food. The winds abated over the next 3 days and sea air and sunshine were appreciated by many.

The 5 bridge sessions were brilliantly directed by Graham & Berry Hedley whose charm, flair and friendliness is unsurpassed. Neil Watts and Graham combined their talents to give 2 morning seminars which were not only very informative but exceedingly entertaining. Thanks must also go to Brian Kirkdale whose IT expertise helped enormously with the scoring.

Flight A and Flight B prizes were given for each session and the winners were:

Welcome Pairs:
Flight A - N/S - Jim & Sally Bugden and E/W Joy Mayall & Mary Rimmer
Flight B - N/S - John & Krystyna Deszberg and E/W Tom & Inge Garside

Monday afternoon: 
Flight A - Joy Mayall & Heather Barker and Flight B - Eric Jenner & Rod Turner

Championship Pairs:
Flight A - 1st - Jim & Sally Bugden and 2nd - David Cole & Berry Hedley
Flight B - 1st - Dilys Jones & Lueen Francis and 2nd - Kathy Bennis & Roy Greenbaum

Tuesday afternoon:
Flight A - Chris Jago & Joy Mayall and Flight B - Rod Turner & Eric Jenner

Championship Teams: 
1st - Alan Setchell & Josie Allen and Julie Kamieniecka & Richard Arnatt
2nd - Jim & Sally Bugden and Joy Mayall & Mary Rimmer
3rd - Alan & Linda Gardiner and Bill Nicolle & Heather Barker

Thurs Afternoon Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
Weds Evening Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
Tues Morning Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
Thurs Afternoon Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
Weds Evening Duplicate with Avenue/Lewes Online
2020 Pairs League - Leaders

After Round 2 of 5

Division 1: Lindsay Geddes & Mick Carrington

Division 2: George Wilbourn & Ian Sanderson

Division 3: Robert Hirst & Peter Berry

Round 3 will be on Monday 2nd November 19:15