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West Midlands Bridge Club Limited

Registered in
England & Wales
Number: 5464771
909 Warwick Road
Solihull, B91 3EP

Members' Successes Outside the Club & County

February 2016
Carolyn Fisher & Pat Watson - EBU Overseas Congress (Cyprus) Pre-Congress Pairs Winners
Inter University Bridge Festival Winners: Liz Gahan, Meg Jones, Andy Cope, Darren Evetts

December 2015
Megan Jones & Liz Gahan represents England in Channel Trophy

November 2015
Liz Gahan represents England n Hluk,Czech Republic

February 2015 - Inter University Bridge Festival
Winners: Liz Gahan, Meg Jones, Andy Cope, Darren Evetts

September 2012. Guernsey Congress
Carolyn Fisher & Pat Watson _Winners of Pivot Teams,
Winners of The Ladies Pairs. Second in Seniors' Pairs.

National Women's Teams Whitelaw Cup
Finalists. Margaret Wort. Barbara Hackett.& Team Mates

Consolation Final Bell Cup.
Winners Carolyn Fisher,Jane Hall, Pat Watson & Team Mate.

EBU Summer Congress 2012
The Fraser Cup PWTE Pairs Trophy – Winners: Margaret Wort & Darren Evetts
Seniors’ Teams:Carolyn Fisher, Pat Watson, Adrian Knight, Prue Knightth – Joint 5

Manchester Ruia Cup - July 2012
Winners: Barbara, Paul & Justin Hackett, Darren Evetts & teammates

European Seniors Trials January 14-15 2012
Winners Paul Hackett &Team Mates

EBU Spring 4s 2011
Quarter Finalists: Darren Evetts, Justin, Jason and Barbara Hackett

Seniors Teams - Posnan - Open European Championships August 2011
Paul Hackett & Team Mates won The Silver Medal

Midland Counties Congress. January 2012
Flitch Winners:  Myra & Roger Twyman
Men’s Pairs Winners: Dan Crofts & Partner

Cheltenham Congress Cleverley Cup 2011
Winners: Harvey and Caroline Brown

Porthcawl Congress Little Dragon 2011
Pairs Winners: Prue & Adrian Knight

EBU Autumn Congress 2010 Sussex Cup
Margaret Wort, Darren Evetts, Myra & Roger TwymanWinners

Moseley Bowl 2010
Winners: Brent Wormald, Peter Oldbury, Leslie Reese & Adam Wood

Midland Counties Congress Successes 2010
Championship Pairs: Adrian Knight, Leslie Reece, Adam Wood & Alan Best - Littleford Healey Cup
Brent Wormald & Peter Oldbury - Mens Pairs
Prue and Adrian Knight - Flitch
Evelyn Whiteford & Juliana Berck - Ladies Pairs
Margaret Wort & Pat Watson -  Cooke-Porter Bowl

EBU Summer Congress2009
GCH Fox Championship Pairs – Winners: Margaret Wort & Darren Evetts

Midland Counties Congress Successes 2009
Mixed Pairs: Yvonne & Derek Andrews
Mens Pairs:  Brent Wormald & Peter Oldbury
West Midlands Pairs: Myra & Roger Twyman
Littleford Healey Cup: Adrian Knight, Leslie Reece, Adam Wood & David Franks

Autumn Congress - Bournemouth 2008
Satellite Pairs Winners: Margaret Wort & Darren Evetts

Great Northern Swiss Pairs 2008
Susan Goldman & Dodo Georgevic3rd:

National Women's Teams 2008
Carolyn Fisher and Jane Hall & Teammates Consolation Teams:

 Leicestershire GreenPoint Swiss Pairs/Teams March 2008
Pairs - 3rd place: Margaret Wort and Darren Evetts (Swiss Pairs)
Teams- 3rd place: Dodo Georgevic & Susan Goldman, David Hulston & Partner 

Seniors Congress- November 2007 - Championship Pairs B Final
3rd:  Dodo Georgevic & Sue Goldman

Seniors Congress- November 2007 - Swiss Pairs
3rd: Carolyn Fisher & Jane Hall

Derbyshire GreenPoint Swiss Teams - September 2007
Winners:- David Hulston, Margaret Armstrong, Dodo Georgevic and Sue Goldman