Millennium Cup

Millennium Cup


The Millennium cup was purchased by the club in 1999 and played for in May 1999.  It was to be a member’s-only cup but when the option to sell and move came on the scene it was diverted to be a major national trophy in 2000.


1999 C Fisher, B Wormald
2000 B WormaldP Oldbury
2003 J Dhondy, K Bennett
2004 D Kenward, J Robbins
2005 J HallC Fisher
2006 R Langowski, J Wernick 
2007 J Wright, B Holloway
2008 Y Andrews, D Andrews

Now part of the Congress

2009 Dodo Georgevic & Sue Goldman

2010 Dodo Georgevic & Arthur Williams

2011 Simon Creasey & Mike Bell

2012- Graham Sherlock Brown & Graham Cope

2013- Adrian Knight & Chris Philp