Weston Trophy
Weston Trophy

Weston Trophy
The original Trophy went missing and was replaced by John Weston; it was a gift from King Bhumipol of Thailand. It was originally played for as a Teams competition.

1975     Mr R Bryant, Mr M Allen, Mr N Selwyn, Mr R Harris
1976     Mrs B H O’Connor, P V O’Connor, L Levey, P J Baker

1977     Mr B H O’Connor, P V O’Connor, L Levey, M A Porter

1978     Mrs M Armstrong, P Bowles, M Airey, M Allen
1979     J G Pyner, R S Holmes, J E Gooderidge, M Johnstone
1980     Mrs J Fenwick, J Fenwick, N Jones, Mrs E Dixon-Green
1981     Mrs M David, E Armstrong, P Bird, D Crees

1982     A Ottey, Mrs G Burke, D Jones, C Maher

983     Mrs M Armstrong, P Edwards, D Beavon, R Beech
1984     Mrs C Fisher, Mrs J Hall, C J Hall, P Bowkley
1985     Mrs M ArmstrongM Allen, P EdwardsR Bryant
1987     Mrs G MorrisG Morris, Mrs H TownsendJ Robbins
1988     Mrs BirchMr BirchMrs ParkerMr Parker
1989     Mrs E King & P Bower
1990     P Edwards & D Cass
1991     P Edwards & D Cass
1993     Mrs M Armstrong & R Harris
1994     Mrs E Lang & C Lang
1995     Mrs S Watton & J Watton
1996     M Amos & A Knight
1997     Mrs M Armstrong & L Sayer
1998     Mrs S Goldman & P Chapman
1999     S Byrne & J Robbins
2000     Mrs A Bailey & A Bailey
2001     Mrs P Watson & W Hood
2002     A Knight & A Poole
2003     J Robbins & D Kenward
2004     J Robbins & D Kenward
2006     R Bryant & R Langowski
​2007     Mrs E Lang & C Lang
2008     M Bailey & R Wilson

2009     Roger Bryant & David Kenward
2010     Simon Creasey & Ian Handley
2011     Syed Zaki & Mahmood Rehmany
2012     Leslie Reece & Adrian Knight
2013    Tony & Pam King
2014    Tony & Pam King​​

2015     Liz Court & Peter Sloan