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West Midlands Bridge Club Limited

Registered in
England & Wales
Number: 5464771
909 Warwick Road
Solihull, B91 3EP

WMBC Membership Fees

Subscriptions are now due, payment by BACS Preferred please. Details on your forms.  Thank you!

Last updated : 3rd Apr 2020 11:14 BST
Bridge Online
Bridge Online

Not unsurprisingly, BBO is overwhelmed at the moment, and as a consequence have limited tournament entries... 
Please register in the event early, and apologies if you cannot connect. 
Sorry, but we will not be accepting additional players to our list at this time.

BBO technicians are working to resolve this issue, whereupon we shall reopen our players list.

Daily matchpointed pairs sessions:

Monday @ 7pm

Tuesday @ 7pm

Wednesday @ 7pm

Thursday @ 7pm

Friday @ 7pm

Saturday @ 2pm

Sunday @ 7pm - Something Different

♣ ♦ ♥ ♠  Sunday 12 April @ 7pm ♣ ♦ ♥ ♠ 


(A matchpointed pairs event, where the leading pairs always play at table 1 and the bottom 2 pairs
on the last table, with everyone else playing in order down the field!)

Sessions for
West Midlands Members & Friends on BridgeBase Online

A session of 16 boards (about 2 hours).

Register with your partner
(you both need to be online to do this).

Click here 
for BBO


Join a WMBC event with or without a Partner - Click Here

Can you help as a substitute in our events?  If so, please chat DarrenE when logged in. Thank you!


In order to maintain our games with our group of WMBC members and friends we are moving to a closed group. 

This will mean that you need to please email us here with your name (first name and surname) and your BBO screenname.  Or chat DarrenE on BBO.

If you attempt to register, and cannot, please chat DarrenE with your name

(BBO Guide here)

Not already a member of BBO? (Click here for quick help on registering)

Any questions, or if you require a partner, etc, please email Cathy on our BBO email account - Click here

Joining Instructions (Tournament not available until an hour before starting time) Click here

Best to register about 10 minutes before the start time.

Please review the self-alerting & chat guide here

You comments/feedback are welcome - Click here

Please note that where the round times out, and the final result on the board is not in question (ie contract already made, or obvious what ticks are makeable), I can adjust the avergage back to the score it should have been.  To do this you will need to chat me in BBO (not email me) with the board number, declarer (NSEW), and total number of tricks made.  When I confirm it is done, please double check it is correct...  Thank you.  You will have 5 minites after the final board is played to do this, after which it is too late.  I make no guarantees, however, if I miss your chat and don't amend the score, I'm afraid that is just bad luck :)... Sorry!

Also, if you believe your opponent is being slow, don't hestiate to remind them it is their turn.. If a bigger issue, please call the TD and let us know, as we can intervene, and amend the score if necessary.

If you have any ideas for something different, please let us know.



Last updated : 5th Apr 2020 21:53 BST
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last Updated: 20/03/2020 18:45

Following the Government’s announcement 20 March 2020, the Club is closed until further notice.

During this time the Club will be fully closed, so unless a pre-arrangement has been made for access, please do not try to gain entry.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Board, or email here.

Thank you, and please look after yourselves and take great care during this difficult time, we wish you all the very best.

Margaret Wort

Last updated : 21st Mar 2020 19:59 GMT
West Midlands Bridge Club
West Midlands Bridge Club

Marion Murtagh House

Last updated : 22nd Nov 2019 22:26 GMT
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Main Session Times:
Afternoons @ 1.30pm - Evenings @ 7pm

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