West Hants Bridge School
Next One-Off Refresher


Chris will be running a one-off Bidding Refresher class next Saturday.

Perfect for anyone at Step 2, 3 or 4 level who wants to cement those crucial bidding skills.

Date: Saturday 24 October

Time: 09:30-11:30

Location: Zoom

Cost: £10

email us to enrol or for more information.


The ‘5 Steps’ Course Structure


We teach Bridge from total beginner to confident intermediate across 5 courses, each lasting 10 - 13 weeks.


If you're unsure which would be best for you, get in touch and we'd be happy to evaluate your current skillset.


Step 1

Opening 1 No Trump & Responses

Opening 1 of a Suit & Responses

The Opener's & Responder's Rebid

Reverse Bidding

Simple Declarer Play

Simple Defensive Skills


Step 2

The Stayman Convention


The Unassuming Cue Bid

Strong Opening Bids  2NT & 2C

Take-out Doubles

Weak Jump Overcalls

Pre-emptive Bidding

Declarer & Defender Skills


Step 3

Making a Plan

Playing a NT Contract

Playing a Suit Contract

Simple Signals & Discards

Declarer Play Skills

Defensive Play Skills

Re-cap of the Key Aspects of Bidding


Step 4

Slam Bidding

Roman Keycard Blackwood

The Losing Trick Count

Doubling of a NT Opener

Transfers to Majors & Minors

Exit Transfers

4th Suit Forcing

Coping with Intervention

4-4-4-1 Hands


Step 5

Cue Bidding to Slam

Review of Slam Bidding

Negative Doubles

Other Uses of 'Double'


Michael's Cue Bid 

Splinter Bids

Duplicate Bridge Tactics

5 Card Puppet Stayman


Full details of all courses are available above.


Facebook Page


Click here to check out our Facebook page and follow us for course updates.


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It's still not too late to join our current Step 1, Step 3 or Step 5 courses - please see below for full details .....

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Welcome to West Hants Bridge School

The fun & friendly place to learn or improve your Bridge



All of our classes are now run online using Zoom video conferencing.  All you need is a device and internet connection.


Steps 1, 3 and 5 courses are currently running, however with the Zoom recordings it's not too late to join.

The next Step 2 and Step 4 courses will start in January 2021.

To see which course would be best for you click on the relevant tab on the left for a full breakdown of what each covers.


To enrol or get more information, please email or call us:

westhantsbridge@gmail.com     Tel: 07805 971829


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Since moving to online Zoom courses we've been amazed at the positive response.


Using two popular Bridge websites alongside the live classes, people have found that they can play more hands and take better notes while still keeping safe and having fun in these uncertain times.

Don't believe us? Well 130 students completed our first Zoom courses at the end of June ... then 130 students began the Summer term courses ... with 130 completing them at the end of August! 

Still don't believe us? Here's what some of our students have to say ...


"I am a complete newcomer to Bridge but understood the importance of having a good teacher. The Beginners Course ('Step 1') with Chris has been fantastic. He does not disappoint! He is clear, concise, easy to follow and manages to inject humour and his boundless passion for the game.What has been surprising is how effective his online classes are. No fuss, no travelling – just wonderfully focussed sessions with a good mix of learning and practice via Zoom and two online Bridge sites. I find it hard to imagine that face to face sessions could be as good! I’m subscribing to the next Course and even if it were possible to do face to face, I’d probably still opt for the online class!"

Karen Morgan, Cardiff, June 2020


"I started Bridge lessons with Chris at West Hants at the beginning of the year and when COVID struck and lockdown began I was so pleased that Chris carried on giving lessons using Zoom.  Although I am not very computer literate I find it extremely easy to use Zoom, 'No Fear Bridge' and 'Bridge Base Online' and help is on hand if I have difficulties.  I have managed to have a couple of weeks' holiday and the lessons are recorded and can be viewed on my return . This excellent standard of Bridge teaching has given me the confidence to play with people Worldwide.  In these very difficult times it has been a lifeline and now I look forward to 'Step 5' which will bring me to the end of the 2020!"  

Sue Mayes, Hampshire, September 2020 


"I am convinced that Zoom has played its part in our enjoyment as you can see everybody involved in the course and interact with them in a way that I am sure would not exist in the classroom.  Infact Zoom is quite brilliant. However, the best thing about the course is Chris himself – if I had had him as a teacher in my early years at school I'm sure I would have made it to Oxford University! His enthusiasm and encouragement throughout every two hoursession is quite amazing.  We get superb 'crib' notes each week and even homework! Thank you Zoom and thank you Chris."  

Andy Daykin, South Yorkshire, June 2020 


"Chris is a very clever, amusing and patient teacher. He presents the game in manageable and memorable bite sized chunks and very cleverly steers you through what could otherwise be a minefield. He is clearly incredibly enthusiastic about the game and wants his pupils to enjoy it as much as he does. I would highly recommend Chris’ Bridge School to anyone keen to learn the game, or indeed anyone wishing to update their skills".  

Sian Gordon, Dorset, April 2020


Click here to read more reviews from our students.


Free Bridge Teaching


We believe more young people should be enjoying Bridge. 


People aged 18 - 35 may enrol on any of our Zoom courses at no cost.


Please spread the word and help us future proof this wonderful game.


Congratulations to our Students


Many congratulations to the following students who have sucessfully completed our courses.


Step 2 September 2020 - 79 students

Dennis & Jane Barnard, Elaine Barton, Louise, Olivia & Madeline Bracken, Louise Burn, Simon Butler, Paul & Annie Cadge, Pauline Cherry, Jen Cobb, Caroline Conway, Sue Cullen, Andy Daykin, David Dickson, Katie Dickson, Jackie Douglas, Charlotte Edwardes, Norman Ellis, Jim Ellwood, Jane Emsell, Jo & Mike Foster, Lillian Geey, Bev George, Manda Glenn, Julie Gourgey, Maggie & Phil Gready, Beryl Grindrod, Delia Grodner, Fred & Rose Haines, Anne Hargreaves, George Harold, Mary Harold, Diana Heppenstall, Mel Ireland, Hannah Johnson, Andy & Tricia Jones, Helena Jordan, Georgie Lane, Colin Lewis, Adrian Lickiss, Pete Lock, Sue Mayes, Jillie McLaren, Gail Moneypenny, Karen Morgan, Paul Morris, Rosemary Morris, Joe Murgatroyd, Fiona Norton, Fiona Parker, Sally Pengilly, Ciara Plunkett, Colin Prince, Will Pyle, Patience Saunders, Francis Seymour, Elizabeth & Nick Stanger, Lily Stickland, Neil Swimer, Lizzy Totten, Fiona Tucker, David & Geraldine Waldron, Liz Watson, Kay Weldon, Amelia Whillans, Alice White, Katie & Stephen Whitmore, Dorothy Winter, Sarah Wrixon, Ali Zutshi.


Step 4 September 2020 - 42 students

Dorothy Bridges, Patricia Camerlynck, Pauline Cherry, Chrissie Coward, Colin & Pip Davidson, Ann Dunn, Robin & Sally Farman, Pauline Fisher, Kathie Frodsham, Barrie & Suzanne George, Sian Gordon, Rosemary Hadland, Tony Hargreaves, Iris Jenkins, Marc Lazarus, Baron & Trudy Levine, Sue Lynch, George & Marion Mackay, Heather Marrow, David Marsh, Felicity & John Meakin, Anne Mynors-Wallis, Judith Parker, Lesley & Miles Potter, Geoff Rowbotham, Nicky Russ, Caroline Sard, Helen Schroeder, Liz & Rob Schuster-Bruce, Di Scorey, Andy Spriggs, Stephenson, Roy Tazzyman, Dorothy Winter.


Step 3 June 2020 - 72 students

Di Angles, John Babb, Madeline Bracken, Mandy Bray, Dorothy Bridges, Annie Cadge, Patricia Camerlynck, Pauline Cherry, Anne Clifford, Caroline Conway, Chrissie Coward, Colin & Pip Davidson, Jackie Douglas, Terry Duckworth, Ann Dunn, Liz Fairweather, Robin & Sally Farman, Pauline Fisher, Jo & Mike Foster, Kathie Frodsham, Barrie & Suzanne George, Maggie Gready, Sian Gordon, Beryl Grindrod, Tony Hargreaves, Mel Ireland, Iris Jenkins, Susan Johnson, Helena Jordan, Angela & David Lane, Marc Lazarus, Valerie Lee, Colin Lewis, Baron & Trudy Levine, Sue Lynch, George & Marion Mackay, Heather Marrow, David Marsh, Sue Mayes, Felicity & John Meakin, Gail Moneypenny, Joe Murgatroyd, Anne Mynors-Wallis, Roz Peters, Jane Porter, Lesley & Miles Potter, Denise Pratt, Geoff Rowbotham, Nicky Russ, Caroline Sard, Patience Saunders, Liz & Rob Schuster-Bruce, Di Scorey, Megan Stephenson, Roy Tazzyman, Maggie Tetlow, Deirdre Walker, Katie & Stephen Whitmore, John Wilson, Shirley Winstanley, Dorothy Winter.


Step 2 March 2020 - 44 students

Di Angles, Mandy Bray, Dorothy Bridges, Terry Duckworth, Kathie Frodsham, Steph Hale, Tony Hargreaves, Steve Hickman, Marc Lazarus, Colin Lewis, George & Marion Mackay, Gail Moneypenny, Anne Mynors-Wallis, Jane Porter, Lesley & Miles Potter, Nicky Russ, Caroline Sard, Patience Saunders, Liz & Rob Schuster-Bruce, Di Scorey, Colin & Pip Davidson, Ann Dean, Lynn Ford, Barrie & Suzanne George, Sian Gordon, Susan Johnson, Maureen Keats, Angela & David Lane, Valerie Lee, Sue Lynch, David Marsh, Sue Maxted, Geoff Rowbotham, Megan Stephenson, Roy Tazzyman, Deirdre Walker, John Wilson, Shirley Winstanley.


Step 5 December 2019 - 11 students

Sue Barraclough, Alan Frost, Valerie Frost, Judy Lambert, Amanda Mallinson-King, David Preston, Sue Proctor, Angela Scott, Sue Thomas, Jill Totten, Elizabeth Whitmore. 


Step 4 August 2019 - 32 students

Carolyn Ash, Sue Barraclough, Michele Campbell, Pauline Cherry, Chris Crossman, Jan Duff, Pauline Fisher, Alan Frost, Valerie Frost, Alan Green, Don Green, Tony Hargreaves, Wendy Haring, Anne Harris, Jane Henry, Linda Johnson, Paul Kearton, Annie Ketteringham, Julie Lanceley, Mike Lloyd, Amanda Mallinson-King, Heather Marrow, Katy Norman, David Preston, Sue Proctor, Nicky Russ, Megan Stephenson, Jill Totten, Anne Trehane, Elizabeth Whitmore, Anne Williams and John Wilson.


Step 3 June 2019 - 69 students

Mike Airey, Carolyn Ash, Sue Barraclough, Margaret Battcock, Libby Bentall, Kathy Bolton, Mandy Bray, Terry Brown, Brendan Carroll, Pauline Cherry, Alan Clark, Anne Clifford, Christine Corbin, David Craigmyle, Henry Craven, Chris Crossman, Carol Dunn, Pauline Fisher, Alan Frost, Valerie Frost, Pete Gammage, Don Green, Tony Hargreaves, Wendy Haring, Katrina Heatley, Richard Henry, Jane Henry, Anthea Hipwell, Brian Hirst, Kay Hirst, Linda Johnson, Paul Kearton, Annie Ketteringham, Julie Lanceley, Baron Levine, Trudy Levine, Amanda Mallinson-King, Heather Marrow, Mike Marrow, David Marsh, John Meakin, Felicity Meakin, Tony Newman, Serena Newton, Gordon Paterson, Roz Peters, Sandy Pressdee, David Preston, Tony Raybould, Cat Roberts, Nicky Russ, Tanya Salmon, Paddy Smyth, Pat Snow, Megan Stephenson, Steve Taylor, Roy Tazzyman, Bill Thomas, Gail Thomas, Sue Thomas, Jill Totten, Stuart Totten, Anne Trehane, Patti Waller, Elizabeth Whitmore, Anne Williams, John Wilson, Jackie Wilson, Scott Wilson. 


Step 2 March 2019 - 70 students

Mike Airey, Kathy Bolton, Mandy Bray, Pauline Cherry, Alan Clark, Anne Clifford, Christine Corbin, David Craigmyle, Henry Craven, Chris Crossman, Pauline Fisher, Alan Frost, Caroline Good, Don Green, Tony Hargreaves, Katrina Heatley, Richard Henry, Jane Henry, Anthea Hipwell, Brian Hirst, Kay Hirst, Linda Johnson, Annie Ketteringham, Maureen Law, Baron Levine, Trudy Levine, David Marsh, John Meakin, Felicity Meakin, Tony Newman, Serena Newton, Gordon Paterson, Roz Peters, Tony Raybould, Nicky Russ, Tanya Salmon, Paddy Smyth, Pat Snow, Megan Stephenson, Steve Taylor, Roy Tazzyman, Sue Thomas, Jill Totten, Stuart Totten, Anne Williams, John Wilson, Jackie Wilson, Scott Wilson. 21 more students also completed this course.