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West Bridgford Bridge Club

A friendly club for duplicate bridge

Committee Members

West Bridgford Bridge Club needs some new commitee members.

Please see if you could spare yourself for 3/4 meetings (usually before we play on a Monday night ) per year.

We need new input and ideas.

Please see any commitee member to express your interest

Chairman's Offer

If any member would like the opportunity to partner the chairman, please contact him using the details below:

Dave Beaumont
 07899 917972

An Amazing opportunity for Improvers

We are hosting informal Improver sessions 

These are held at 

'The Willow Tree'

Rufford Way 


On  Wednesday evenings between 7 and 9 PM

These are free and anyone wishing to inprove their game is welcome

Check the calendar for the next session

Most Improved Player Comp

We are running a new competition for the most improved player using EBU NGS

The comp will run from 1st October 2019 until 31st March 2020


We have a large collection of tutorial DVD's at the Bridge Club.

These are available for anyone to borrow, you just need to sign them out.

They cover many different aspects of the game and are very understandable.

Please make use of them 

Committee Meeting 24 Nov 2014
Committee Meeting 24 Nov 2014

Minutes of the Meeting of West Bridgford Bridge Cub Committee
held on Monday 24th November 2014

Present: Tim Anderson, Shiona Dawson (chair), Ian Dovey, Clive Goode,
                David Hazeldine, Val Savidge

1.  Matters Arising From Previous Meeting

1.1 ID has a draft version of the Club Contact card. The “Best Behaviour at Bridge” guidelines and a note requesting members to be seated 5 minutes before the schedule start time need to be added. DH offered to organise the printing (60 cards). Action: ID/DH

1.2 Item 4 (“Attracting New members to Contract Bridge”) has not yet been followed up. Action: TA/ID

1.3 The red law book has been located.

2.  Match Boards

The cards in the boards used for matches need replacing. Four dozen packs are to be purchased. These will be used for the club night boards and the packs currently in the club night boards (which are relatively new) will be put in the match boards.  Action: DH

3.  Christmas Party

The Christmas party will be held on Monday 22nd December. There will be a mix of Bridge competitions and a quiz. All are welcome – partners will be available for anyone on their own.   
Action:   Bridge/Quiz: ID
     Drink: DH
     Food: SD
      Prizes: VS

4.  Relocation During Arena Refurbishment

The latest information we have from the Council is that the Arena will close in August 2015 and will re-open at the beginning of 2017. The council has indicated that they will attempt to find alternative accommodation for us but there is no guarantee that they will come up with anything suitable, so we need to check out options ourselves. Facilities that need to considered are Opening Times, Parking and Equipment Storage.  Action: All

5.  Disputes Procedure

We currently don't have a procedure for disputes in director judgement rulings. Shiona has produced a draft but the appeal procedure needs firming up. Ian will produce a draft and circulate (via E-Mail) to committee members. The final proposal will be made available on the club web-site and made know to all members.  Action: All

6.  AOB

6.1 The possibility of showing appreciation to club night directors in some way was discussed. Options include waiving of the table fee, special prize at the Christmas party (or AGM), bottle of wine, etc. To be discussed at the next meeting.

6.2 The use of Bridgemates for club night scoring was raised. Cost is not really an issue but the logistics (storage, Wi-Fi access, computer, etc.) make this problematic at the moment. It was felt that this would be better addressed in the future when the location of the club has been confirmed.

7.  Date of Next Meeting

Monday 26th January 2015 at the Rushcliffe Arena