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PreviousTips of the Week
  1. Holding AQ10x opposite xxxx finesse the 10 first. Finessing the Queen guarantees that you will lose a trick but if you start with the ten you will end up with four tricks about 25% of the time.
  2. Before you open the bidding prepare your potential rebid. Remember that unless partner bids 1NT or simply raises your suit (or the opponents intervene) you are obliged to make a rebid.
  3. With a very weak hand and having supported partner's suit with Qxx(x) or Kxx, lead the honour in case you need to switch to another suit. If you lead low you may never get in again.
  4. With two 5-card suits, open up the higher ranking suit first, regardless of the strength of the hand or of the relative suit strengths.
  5. With three 4-card suits plus a singleton open 1D, unless the singleton is in Diamonds, then open 1C
  6. You cannot defend properly unless you count. Start with trumps and the important suit.
  7. Avoid rebidding weak 5 card suits. Try to think of something else.

  8. As declarer, when leading a suit with touching honours lead the higher or highest if you want it covered and the lower or lowest if you don't. It works a treat.
  9. Against a suit contract never lead away from an ace on the opening lead.
  10. When signalling encouragement with equal spot cards, signal with the higher equal. With A987 signal with the 9. If you signal with the 8 you deny the 9!
  11. Keep your singletons and doubletons in the middle of your hand. Some players watch where they come from.