Following my last article about weak two openers it seems logical now to look at WJOs which work on exactly the same principle as weak two openers. Both are based on the total trumps principle about which I have written before and which states that on hands where your side holds the minority of points or the points are balanced between the partnerships then you are safe to compete to the level of the number of trumps held by the partnership. If you hold a 6 card suit that leaves 7 to be divided between the other 3 players and it is not unreasonable to assume that partner holds at least 2 making for an 8 card fit and safety competing at the 2 level.


I want to be able to use my pre-emptive bids as often as possible and as I get more weak hands than strong hands (donŐt you?) I prefer to use WJOs at all vulnerabilities although many players take a different view varying the strength of the overcall according to the vulnerability. Personally I donŐt mind the odd bottom board because of the regular gains of pre-emptive bids but I am a tad more careful if vulnerable!


The requirements for a jump overcall are a 6 card suit of good quality. The only purpose of these overcalls is to be obstructive- they are only mildly lead directing. For a bid at the two level your point range should be about 5-9 but for a 3 level bid more points and a better suit are required.


Love All. RHO opens 1C


a) S KQJ987         b S 84                  c) S 4                           d) S Q76432

    H 76                    H 53                    H KJT987                       H KJ4

    D 98                     D QJT987                      D 82                     D A84

    C 842                  C K53                  C 7543                 C 3


a)    A perfect weak two overcall. The hand will make 5 tricks in offence but only 1 in defence.

b)   Another very good hand for a WJO as the opponents almost certainly have a major suit fit which your bid will make it harder for them to locate.

c)   An absolute minimum but worth the effort.

d)   1S. The suit is absolutely disgusting and you have excellent defence in hearts and diamonds.


Game all. RHO opens 1S


a)      S 9873                 b) S 82                c) S  4                 d) S 6432

         H 7                          H 4                               H KJT987                      H KJ4

         D KQJT98                D 642                   D 82                     D AQ5432

         C 42                        C QJ98764           C 7543                 C

Bid 3D                     Bid 3C                PASS!                 Pass