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Richard Holmes, Platinum Life Master and Dean of the Wichita Bridge Club, passed away February 18th.  

Richard was also known as a Doo-Dah Diner Celebrity for his almost-daily presence at the restaurant. Richard would sit at the same stool at the counter and enjoy his favorite dishes while chatting with the staff and customers who happened to sit down near him. He loved talking to people, and he famously recorded his encounters at the diner in a series of “Counter Chats” writing about those he met. Besides his Doo-Dah Diner Celebrity status Richard was also known for riding his giant tricycle all around the Wichita area.

Wichita Eagle Story of Richard Holmes

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BBO has a great teaching tool. Once logged into BBO select "Practice" then select "Bridge Master" and play five free hands at five skill levels from Beginner to World Class.  This is a great way to learn play of the hand.

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All Game Times Central Time Zone

Date Time Event
Monday 9:30 AM 99er Game (BBO)
Monday 9:45 AM 349er Game (BBO)
Monday 1:30 PM Open Game (BBO)
Tuesday 1:30 PM 349er Game (BBO)
Tuesday 6:30 PM Open Game (BBO)
Wednesday 1:30 PM Open Game (BBO)
Thursday 9:30 AM 99er Game (BBO)
Thursday 9:45 AM 499er Game (BBO)
Thursday 1:30 PM Open Game (BBO)
Thursday 6:30 PM 749er Game (BBO)
Friday 9:30 AM 299er Game (BBO)
Friday 1:30 PM Open Game (BBO)
Saturday 9:30 AM 349er Game (BBO)
Saturday 1:30 PM 749er Game (BBO)
Saturday 1:45 PM Open Game (BBO)
Sunday  1:15 PM 349er Game (BBO)
Sunday  1:30 PM Open Game (BBO)
Sunday 6:30 PM 749er Game (BBO)


2021 ACBL Online Event Schedule


ACBL Rank Achievements
ACBL Rank Achievements

The Following Kansas Collective Players Advanced In Rank During January:

Ruby Life Master

Tracey Ball

Doreen Colket


Bronze Life Master

Lorna Anderson

Rebecca Barton

Jeannette Jensen

Satya Kunapuli

Rhonda Leibner

Mary Magstadt

Denise Tabor

Life Master

Vera Dodson

Carol Scully

Kaye Summers

Advanced NABC Master

Rick Bond

Raymond Hui

Alan Huttung Lam

Jim McGinnis

Barbara Starrett

NABC Master

Bruce Bygate

Lindy Purvis

Roger Reese

Regional Master

D Brandon Cobb

Susan Culbertson

John Davis

Carol Denninghoff

Barbara King

Patricia Konrad

Kathleen Markus

John Raffel

Sundaresan Ramani

Sectional Master

Deena Burns

Anita Estey

Sylvia Hall

Leslie Harris

Marcia Hill

Frank Indelicato

Sandra Johnson

Zach Kissane

Ophelia Maloney

Srivatsa Rajan

Steve Rholl

Dr Phillip Rindt

Mary Shoop

Pankajam Sundaresan

Richard Williams

Jenny Yuan

Xiaodong Zhao

Club Master

Dee Dee Lowland

Christie Ulmer

Club Master

Linda Bahl

Kansas Collective (Open)
1:30 PM
Director: VACB901322
Kansas Collective (349er)
1:15 PM
Director: VACB901322
Kansas Collective (Open)
1:45 PM
Director: VACB901322
Kansas Collective (749er)
1:30 PM
Director: VACB901322
Kansas Collective (349er)
9:45 AM
Director: VACB901322
Kansas Collective (99er)
9:30 AM
Director: VACB901322
Kansas Collective (Open)
1:30 PM
Director: VACB901322
Sun Feb 28, 2021
Kansas Collective (749er)
BBO 6:30 PM
Director: VACB901322
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Mon Mar 1, 2021
Kansas Collective (99er)
BBO 9:30 AM
Director: VACB901322
Mon Mar 1, 2021
Kansas Collective (349er)
BBO 9:45 AM
Director: VACB901322
Mon Mar 1, 2021
Kansas Collective (Open)
BBO 1:30 PM
Director: VACB901322