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Wichita Bridge Mobile
Wichita Bridge Mobile

For those new players to the Wichita Bridge Club, put our web page on your smartphone.  Have a direct link to Results, Personal Analysis, Game Times, & News while on the go.  Directions for both iPhone & Android Smartphones in the link below.

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May 16th: Monday Afternoon Pairs

George Sevick & Sharon Marcy 72%

May 10th: Tuesday Evening Pairs

Frank Boyce & Wanda Lonnon 77%

April 26th: Happy Hearts 399er

Steve Brown & Gordon Tolle 70%

April 12th: Happy Hearts 399er

Marilyn Heffron & Janice Hilyard 70%

March 24th: Thursday Afternoon Paris Game

Margaret Crawford & Carol Dumford 72%

March 18th: Jeanne's Open Game

Gina Austin Fresh & Bob Ellison 75%

March 15th: Happy Hearts 399er

Steven Brown & Gordon Tolle 72%

Friday Afternoon Pairs
12:30 PM
Director: Jeanne Houghton
Thursday Afternoon (749er)
12:30 PM
Director: Julie Scherz
Thursday Afternoon Pairs
1:30 PM
Director: Julie Phares
Thursday Evening Pairs
6:30 PM
Director: Merlin Suderman
WBC Grass Roots
Director: Ronald Traudt
Tuesday Afternoon Pairs
12:30 PM
Director: Merlin Suderman
Happy Hearts 399er
12:30 PM
Director: Mary Beck
Sun May 29, 2022
Sunday Afternoon Pairs
WBC 1:30 PM
Director: Jeanne Houghton
Mon May 30, 2022
Monday Afternoon Pairs
WBC 12:30 PM
Director: Ron Traudt
Mon May 30, 2022
Bridge Kastle @ The Regent
BKR 6:30 PM
Director: Marilyn Heffron
Tue May 31, 2022
Happy Hearts 399er
WBC 12:30 PM
Director: Mary Beck