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Upcoming non WCBA Events
Upcoming Sim Pairs
EBED Autumn Sim Pairs
02 - 06 September 19
British Autumn Sim Pairs
07 - 10 October 19
eCats Children in Need Charity Sim Pairs

22 - 25 July 19
08 - 14 November 19
Event times 2017/18
All Sunday events please arrive by 1.45 for 2.00pm start of play.
League matches please arrive by 7.00 for 7.15pm start of play.
Knock Out Plate 2019/20
Knock Out Plate 2019/20

1st Round                         Semi-Final                                   Final 

Play by 20 November   Play by 31 January 20             Play by TBA

Bridge v. Sloan

Sloan won by 32 IMPs

Bennett v. Gwyer
Bennett won by 16 IMPs

Green v. Trivett

Blandy bye  



Sloan v Blandy
Green or Trivett v Bennett