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Upcoming non WCBA Events

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Middlesex Congress

27th and 28th November

Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams

To be played on Realbridge.

To enter, click here

Llangollen Congress

11th and 12th December 2021

to be played on Realbridge

2-day GP Swiss Teams event

Upcoming Sim Pairs
 Children in Need Sim Pairs
8th - 10th Nomveber
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Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association
Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association
Blue Point Teams of Fours

The next Wiltshire competition is now open for entries - Blue Point Teams of Four, taking place on Sunday 5th December. The competition will be on Realbridge, starting  at 2pm, with a break roughly halfway through the event. The entry fee is £20 per team, to be paid by bank transfer by the team captain on completion of the entry form. To enter, please click here.

If you would like to enter, but need team-mates, please contact Chaz Cross.

If you have any queries, please contact Chaz Cross, chazrcross@gmail.com.


9-High Winners

Well done to the winners of the Wiltshire 9-high which took place on BBO on Sunday 14th - Paul Winstone and Roger Harris. Congraulations also to the runners-up, Glenys Foster and Mary Oram, and the 3rd place pair, Chris Bocci and Christine Oakhill. There was a good turnout - with 18 pairs taking part in this event.

Mixed Pairs 2021 winners

After a closely fought but friendly competition, Andrew Clarke and Rita James came top in the Mixed Pairs, with Colin and Gayle Webb coming second.

For the full results, click here.

Valerie Austwick

It is with great sadness we report the death of another Wiltshire player, Valerie Austwick. She had represented Wiltshire in numerous competitions. She had also competed in and won several national bridge competitions. She was a stalwart member of Bath Bridge Club. A full tribute to Valerie may be found here.

Robot scores in Wiltshire online games

After a number of comments from players about the scores achieved by robots playing in Wiltshire events, it has been decided to remove these scores before posting the results. If you had a bad score against a robot, this will be removed, regretably if you had good score this will also be removed. The director has made, and will continue to make, an annoucement at the start of the Wiltshire Tuesday and Saturday online games to this effect.

Have you considered becoming a bridge teacher in Wiltshire? EBED, the education arm of the EBU, are re-starting face-to-face training in September and there are courses on offer In Aylesbury, Yeovil and Solihull. Each EBU affiliated cub may apply for one free place every two years, and anyone applying via an affiliated EBU club (who will be paying the invoice), will be entitled to a 20% discount. This discount is funded by the EBU.

For more information about the course and details on how to book, please click here.

Latest Results
League One
Dunlop 18 - 2 Hands
Bridge 16 - 4 Hodgson
Hands 6 - 14 Bridge
Bennett 6 - 14 Hodgson
League Two
Buck 20 - 0 Nadel
Meats 14 - 6 Phillips
Buck 12 - 8 Webb
Nadel 5 - 15 Meats
League Three
Turner 8 - 12 Cross
Cooper 11 - 9 Thackaberry
Turner 5 - 15 Thackaberry
Cross 12 - 8  Cottee
Wiltshire Saturday Swiss Pairs No.19
Wiltshire Saturday Pairs 2021 No.25
Wiltshire League match 4
Nine-high Pairs
Wiltshire Saturday Swiss Pairs No.18
Wiltshire Saturday Pairs 2021 No.24
Sat 4th Dec 2021
Wiltshire Saturday Pairs 2021 No.26
Online 1pm
Sun 5th Dec 2021
Blue Point Teams
Realbridge 2pm
 Click for more information
Sat 11th Dec 2021
Western League Match 3 East Wales v Wiltshire
Online 2pm
24 boards to be played on Realbridge
Sat 11th Dec 2021
Wiltshire Saturday Swiss Pairs No.20
Online 1pm
Sat 18th Dec 2021
Wiltshire Saturday Pairs 2021 No.27
Online 1pm
Fri 7th Jan 2022
Wiltshire League match 5
Online 7.30pm
To be played on Realbridge