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12th Aug 2020 23:48 BST
Welsh and Cambria Cups
6th Jul 2020 21:56 BST
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Welsh & Cambria Cups

Further matches have been played online in the Welsh & Cambria Cups which has shown how practical it is to play Welsh & Cambria Cup matches online.  The Welsh Cup (Northern region) is complete. The results shown to the right have been updated suitably.

Welsh and Cambria Cups
Covid 19

Owing to the spread of Covid 19 and emergency measures taken as a result

the closing date for each round of the Cambria and Welsh Cups 2019/20 is extended.

When it is known when ordinary bridge can be resumed the deadlines will be decided.


It is recommended that matches be played online if possible.  Several matches have already been played.

As with ordinary bridge, results showing who played how many stanzas that were won or drawn

and the overall result should be sent to the organiser, David Stevenson.

In the Cambria Cup it is important that one male and one female are playing at all times

and no pair plays more than one third of the boards.


The dates for the finals will be considered when it is known when ordinary bridge is resumed.

The finals will not be on the dates previously shown..