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Josee's classes start in April. Check out her web site!

Welcome to Wayne's Bridge World, an ACBL sanctioned Duplicate Bridge Club hosted by Wayne and Joyce Ruttan for Intermediate level players.

 Please click on the "Club Information" button at left for details.

Game results can be accessed through the menu at right.


Come on your own. A Partner is always guaranteed.

We have lessons/tips starting at 6:40 and ending at 6:55.

Game time is 7:00 sharp. Please arrive earlier to ensure a seat. We cannot guarantee you will be able to play if you arrive after 7.We are trying to end the game at 10:15 pm allowing everyone to have an early night.  


Our games are intended to be scent-free zones. Many players suffer from allergies or repiratory reactions when exposed to perfumes or other scented products.


We really welcome your Bridge questions. Contact us as follows:


Cell: (416) 284-8887

We will try to steer you in the right direction when Bidding, Play or Defense difficulties or disagreements arise. Sometimes Partnerships need a third voice to help in solving these problems.

Josée Hammill is offering a supervised duplicate game for those players that are not quite ready for our Intermediate game. Please see below for additional information.

NEWER PLAYER Bridge Games at Trinity Presbyterian Church: 

Director:  Stephen Laufer – M;  416-729-8600 - Contact:

Founders Hall, 2737 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON, just south of Highway 401.


Play and Learn Duplicate Bridge:  On Tuesdays, game starts at 1:00 p.m. and bridge tip at 12:45 p.m.   Ask questions during the bidding and also receive some play tips throughout the game.  You may have up to 20 Masterpoints to Play in Game

Easy Duplicate Bridge:  On Thursdays, pre-dealt hand games start at 12:45 p.m. and bridge tip at 12:30 p.m.   Make a decision about bids and play your hands --- questions are welcome if time permits at the end of a round, at a break, or at the end of the afternoon session.  You may have up to 50 Masterpoints to Play in the Game

Come and play novice and intermediate bridge!  You are invited to attend with or without a partner...if you need a partner, then we will arrange one.  The atmosphere is friendly, the players are open and welcoming creating a wonderful environment to advance your bridge skills.  On Tuesdays, you may ask questions during the bidding and employ memory aids or 'cheat sheets'.  On Thursdays, we encourage decision making during the bidding and play so no memory aids ('cheat sheets, etc) are allowed during the game.  However, the Director and Assistant Directors are always eager to answer questions, if time permits, after a hand, round or at the end of the session.





Intermediate Pairs
Director: Wayne Ruttan
Intermediate Pairs
Director: Wayne Ruttan
Intermediate Pairs
Director: Wayne Ruttan
Intermediate Pairs
Director: Wayne Ruttan
Intermediate Pairs
Director: Wayne Ruttan