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New Session Member Survey

Recently we have identified the need for a number of new sessions:

  • Member’s requests for additional day-time and night-time No Fear sessions
  • Need to offer a session for members who no longer qualify for No Fear but do not want to play in Duplicate
  • Potential to offer a Twilight duplicate session during Daylight Savings time
  • Potential to offer a Social Bridge session for those who just want a game without the competition aspects

As you can imagine with limited resources, we want to offer those new sessions that will satisfy the greatest number of our members.  We have completed an initial analysis to determine the viable sessions for each available time slot after applying relative priorities and assessment rationale.

This survey is open to all members and is not limited in any way.  You may respond to all questions or only those you are likely to attend.


No Fear
35 MPs is a guide to the experience level of your competitors, people with higher masterpoints can play in the session for any of the following reasons:

  1. Returning to bridge after a long absence or illness
  2. Mentoring less experienced partner
  3. Members who have played in that time slot for years and have no other options

Players with additional points can play as long as they do not use any other system except Standard American with basic conventions such as stayman, transfers & blackwood.
Use of “Cheat sheets” or notes are permitted
Additional time is allowed to complete a round at the discretion of the Director
No Fear Next
Up to 75 MPs, again as a guide to experience rather than a hard limit.  System is limited to Standard American with basic conventions and some gadgets such as NT raises, Bergen raises, cue bidding, etc
Cannot refer to “cheat sheets” or notes
Standard duplicate time allowances for play.

Social Bridge
2 hour session plus a 15 minute break
Relaxed play – rounds are not timed with movement at the discretion of the director.
Emphasis is on a “friendly game” so chatting is encouraged, players can get help from “teacher”
Session is scored but no masterpoints are awarded.
Bridgemates are used to score and results are posted on the web
Standard round of 3 boards unless the number of players require additional or less boards – at the discretion of the director

Twilight Bridge
Will only be offered during Daylight Savings time
Normal duplicate session open to all
Session time 4:30 – 8:00pm with 30-minute break for dinner or 5:00 – 8:00pm with no break

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