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Waverley Bridge Club

♥ You are most welcome ♥ 

to come to any session, but please note that a partner is required.

We request all players are seated at least 5 minutes before the advertised starting time.

 'No Fear' duplicate sessions are available.

F2F Bridge at the club - BBO Bridge - RealBridge - Bridge Beginner Lessons - Melbourne Bridge Club - Learn Bridge - Everyone is welcome - Supervised Lessons
WBC - Realbridge and BBO Schedule 01/03/21 - 06/03/21
WBC - Realbridge and BBO Schedule 01/03/21 - 06/03/21

Both members of the partnership need to be active members of the ABF and on BBO at the same time to register. They must ensure that they are back on-line at the scheduled start time, otherwise the BBO system will automatically exclude the pair.

Waverley Booking Portal

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Waverley Booking Portal

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