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♠ ♥ New Session Times! ♦ ♣
♠ ♥ New Session Times! ♦ ♣
♠ ♥ Waverley Matchpoint Pairs ♦ ♣
♠ ♥ Waverley Matchpoint Pairs ♦ ♣

Waverley Matchpoint Pairs

3 Week Red Point event on Real Bridge

April 11, 25 & May 2

Starting time: 7:30 PM

Cost: $90 per pair

Director: Laurie Kelso

To book on the WBC Portal, CLICK HERE

Improver Lessons

Improver Lessons have started

Cost per 2 hr lesson: Member: 20$, Visitors $25.

Click here for full details.


♠ ♥ Novice Matchpoint Duplicate ♦ ♣
♠ ♥ Novice Matchpoint Duplicate ♦ ♣

Novice Matchpoint Duplicate

One Session Red Point Event

April 11 2023

Starting time: 1:00 PM

Cost: Normal Voucher

Director: Val Daly

*Must have under 100 MP

To book on the WBC Portal, CLICK HERE

♠ ♥ The Art of Defence Masterclass ♦ ♣
♠ ♥  The Art of Defence Masterclass  ♦ ♣

Tired of feeling unprepared when it comes to defending against your opponents?
Do you want to improve your overall game and boost your results?

Well, we have some exciting news for you!

Join us for a 4-week masterclass on defence principles and techniques led by Paul Hill.

This class is designed for intermediate to advanced players who are comfortable with their overall game and are seeking to improve their defensive strategies.

After mastering these techniques, you will be able to disrupt the declarer's planned line of play and hold them to one less trick than the rest of the field, reaping benefits in duplicate scoring.     

APRIL 22, MAY 6, MAY 20, MAY 27 @ 10:30



♠ ♥ ABF Knockout Teams  ♦ ♣
♠ ♥ ABF Knockout Teams  ♦ ♣

Interested in representing your club in the ABF Teams Knockout event for GOLD POINTS?

We can enter one representative team in each of the following divisions:

< 50 masterpoints - < 100 masterpoints - < 750 masterpoints - Open 

The event is scheduled for 7:30 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month starting in June .

Matches will be played on RealBridge. The Club pays the entry fee for each team.

Please register your interest using the following links, as soon as possible and by no later than 23 May 2023.

Under 50MP     Under 100MP   Under 750MP   OPEN


Waverley Bridge Club is the largest bridge club in
Melbourne Victoria. 

We offer competitive bridge, bridge education at all levels and a range of social activities.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clubrooms.

Session Times

Day Session Type Time Director Booking
MON Duplicate F2F 10:00 AM L Gold Link
  Duplicate F2F 1:30 PM L Gold Link
  Duplicate RB 7:30 PM J Codognotto Link
TUE Duplicate F2F 1:00 PM V Daly Link
  EST RB 7:30 PM L Kelso Link
WED Supervised F2F 7:30 PM J Hill Link
  Duplicate F2F 7:30 PM J Hill Link
THU Duplicate F2F 1:00 PM J Hill Link
  Supervised F2F 1:00 PM E Vanselow Link
  Duplicate F2F 7.15 PM P Hill Link
FRI Duplicate F2F 10:00 AM L Gold Link
SAT Duplicate F2F 1:00 PM J Partington Link

You are most welcome to attend any session, if you do not have a partner - please call the office.

We request all players are seated at least 10 minutes before the advertised starting time.

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