Watford & Bushey Bridge Club Any queries call Susan Mount, tel No05601 114 470 or email: wbbcemail@gmail.com.

Visitors are welcome but partners are needed for evening sessions. Visitor table money is £5.

Need a Partner/Team Mates? Call Donald Reid on 01923 227 969 at dreidd@aol.com

Summer Tutorials
Exciting Summer Programme to Improve Your Bridge.
Venue: c/o Bushey Sports Club, Aldenham Rd, Bushey WD23 2TR.
For more information call: 03333 403 960 or email: wbbcemail@gmail.com.
No Partners are needed.


For Beginners and Improvers

A series of 9 revision classes on various topics lead by Rosalind Campbell and Jim Blair. No pre booking required. Click here for details. 

Dates          Topics
25th April   Ironing out 1NT Bids and Responses.

9th May      Improve your confidence in playing NT contracts.

23rd May    Opening one of a suit and responses.

6th June      How to approach declarer play in trumps.

20th June    Find a good lead when defending.

4th July       Should I be overcalling this suit?

18th July     Bidding a stronger hand.

1st Aug       Double or not - that is the question?
15th Aug    Finesses

For Improvers

A series of 4 classes on improving your card play. Booking is recommended. Click here for details.

May 2nd  – Setting a Firm Foundation
May 16th – Declarer Play in No Trumps

May 30th – Declarer Play in Trumps
June 13th – Defender Card Play




For More Advanced players

(Class now full but you can add your name to waiting list.) 

Six classes on Advanced Card Play by Peter Clark. Booking is required. Click here for details.

June 19th   – card play rules
June 26
th   – counting

July 3
rd      – deceptive card play

July  10th   –
protecting your winners

July  24th   –
safety play 

July  31st   – ducking