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Count your cards face down on the table, not in mid-air, BEFORE you look at them



What does a cinema and a bridge room have in common?

Mobile phones must be switched off.

Think of Others


Keep coughs and colds out of the bridge room


Bournemouth January 2020


Linda Barnett & Graham Lavender

Eastbourne October 2019


Lona Finch & Joan White

Bournemouth June 2019


Kate Pratt & Rosemary O'Brien

Bournemouth January 2019


Linda Barnett & Graham Lavender

Eastbourne October 2018


Linda Barnett & Graham Lavender

Eastbourne May 2018


Lona Finch & Joan White

Bournemouth January 2018


Fiona Ross & Phyllis Hay

Eastbourne Oct 17


June Margison & Angela Meakin

Bournemouth June 2017


Peggy Robinson & Malcolm Chaplin

Eastbourne March 2017


Linda Barnett & Graham Lavender

Bournemouth Jan 2017


Ann Briggs & Sue Calder

"voted the friendliest club in Hampshire ...... by its members"

The club is closed until further notice.

We have started an online club,

a Teams competition and

have a list of members seeking social bridge at home

Please submit ideas for a reopening party.




We are now playing friendly but competetive online duplicate three times a week

Mondays at 2.15pm,  Wednesdays at 2.15pm & Thursdays at 7.15pm

Guests are welcome

Contact us for further information


About Us


We are a friendly and welcoming club for players of all abilities. We are not affiliated to the EBU but we apply the laws of bridge.  


We play duplicate bridge at 6.50pm on Thursdays and at 1.10pm on Fridays at Sacred Heart Church, Waterlooville.


Thursday evenings are for members, although visitors are welcome subject to prior notification.  Friday afternoons are open to non-members.


We use electronic scoring and predealt hands with printout


About Us
Pairs Champions 2019
Pairs Champions 2019

David Halford & Peter Best

Club Person of the Year 2019
Club Person of the Year 2019

Geoff Stokes

Slam Champion 2019
Slam Champion 2019

David Halford


For further information, including details of lessons and other bridge clubs in the area, contact

Graham Lavender  -  07941 358491  -


Linda Barnettt  -  02392 648297  -




We have a host scheme on Thursday evenings so Members can attend without a partner and there will always be someone for them to play with.

Visitors are welcome to attend with a partner but please call first.




Sharpen up your game at an Improvers class

Thursday mornings


Contact details above


BCL Online
BCL Online
Teams - Results


Lona 50 v Bill 32 Jenny 26 v Sue 19 Gail 14 v Allan 51
Sue 43 v Lona 42 Jenny 38 v Gail 37 Bill 22 v Allan 41
Sue 28 v Bill 23 Gail 14 v Lona 44 Jenny 29 v Allan 30
Jenny 21 v Lona 42 Gail 35 v Bill 26 Sue 37 v Allan 36
Jenny v Bill Gail v Sue Lona v Allan


Teams - League Table


Team    Played Won Lost Drawn  For    Ag'st   Nett  Bonus Points
Lona 4 3 1 0 178 110 68 4 16
Allan 4 3 1 0 158 102 56 3 15
Sue 4 3 1 0 127 127 - 1 13
Jenny 4 2 2 0 114 128 -14 1 9
Gail 4 1 3 0 100 159 -59 1 5
Bill 4 0 4 0 103 154 -51 2 2

Win = 4 points:  Draw = 2 points

Bonus points - Win 16+ IMPs and Lose <10

Online Club - Players of the Month
Online Club - Players of the Month
February Jenny
January Jenny
December Jenny
November Colin 
October David H
September Jenny & Colin

CLICK here to play online with your regular partner in our online club or to arrange a table for friends

Players of the Month - Thursday Section
Players of the Month - Thursday Section

March Jaya & David
February Sarah Lee
January Lona & Angela
December Maureen
November Lona
October John & Peter
September Becci
August David Halford
July June
June Becci & Michael
May Sarah Benson
April Sue Tribe



Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016

The usual gang of trouble-makers

Christmas 2017
Christmas 2017

Mike & Pam - words escape me

Strawberries, Cream & Pimms Night
Strawberries, Cream & Pimms Night

Linda & Lona preparing the Pimms


Information about bridge holidays can be found by clicking below


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