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New statistic tables relating to BBO are now available under menu item - Competitions

Welcome to Warrenpoint Bridge Club
  NIBU Interclub Event

The Third NIBU Interclub Event is taking Place on Thursday 13th January 2022. Competitors are charged 5BBO dollars to defray NIBU charges for this event.

  Christmas Message 2021

I'm pleased to have the opportunity to wish Members and Friends of Warrenpoint Golf Club Briidge Club a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and joyful New Year.

The Club has faced a second challenging year and while it has been wonderful to have virtual bridge on BBO, no doubt members have missed the social contact.

The arrival of the vaccines however, means we are in a much better place than we were last year. This gives us reason to look forward to a more normal life and a return to 'live'bridge.

Perhaps the summer of 2022 will see us back in the Golf Club house. We will continue to keep members informed via the website of any such progresss.

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Members who act as Tournament Directors on BBO and to our friends from other clubs who join us each week.

Without you, the members, there would be no club. Thank you members for your continuing support in these unprecedented times. 

On behalf of the committee and myself, I wish you good health and happiness over Christmas and the New Year.


Very best wishes







  A message from the Chairman

To all our Members & Friends,

I wish to inform you there will be


I wish you and your families a Happy Christmas!

Stay Safe!


  Committee meeting

Hi Members

The committee met Monday August 30th last. 

We will look to arranging an event to take place next year to mark the loss of Mr Terry Blackman. 

There is no plan to reopen the club for face to face play. This reopening is unlikely till well into the new year. 

Meanwhile play on BBO will continue. 

There will be no AGM either online or 'live' for the forseeable future.

Meanwhile the current committee will continue with Ms Roisin McCormack as president.


  Fee reduction

The committee have agreed to a reduction in the fee to play for our weekly competitions on BBO.


The new fee will be BBO$300 and will apply from this week.



  Mr Sean Mc Donagh

Mr Sean Mc Donagh will join the committee of the club taking up a vacant place on that committee.

This will bring our committee up to strength. The committee members look forward to working with Sean.



  Playing in our events on BBO

Our weekly competitions are open to anyone. To play, please contact one of the current TDs - 

Mr Gerry Daly - 07887534629 

Mr Michael Mc Namee - 07970180403

Dr Emmet Devlin - 07769150814

You will be asked for your BBO username as well as your real name. Your username will then be entered on our 'Include list' and you will be 

able to play in any of our competitions.

  Bridge etiquette on BBO

Etiquette applies while playing on BBO as much as in a club situation.

Players are free to discuss with themselves any aspect of the bidding or play. However, traditionally such discussion should take place after the 

pair have left the table i.e. out of earshot of the previous opposition.

A tendency, which has appeared while playing on BBO, is for players to comment on the PUBLIC  forum i.e. 'Table' with phrases such as WPP (well played partner) , VWPP (very well played patner), HLP (hard luck partner), WPO (well played opponents) etc. 

It is believed that such comments run the risk of undermining the morale and confidence of those not receiving them. This applies especially when the opposition are less experiened.

Such comments should be placed on the Private forum only. The Private forum is available after the round is complete.

The public forum - 'Table' should be used for 

1. Greeting the opponents and briefly outlining the bidding system

2. Answering any questions the opposition might ask  

3. Saying 'Thank you partner' (TYP) when the declarer first sees dummy  

4. Saying 'Tks opps' (thank you opponents) at the end of the round.

The 'Private' forum should be used to communicate with partner - available after the round is complete.



  An Important Message From NIBU/CBAI to all members playing "On Line"

Because of the prevalence of unethical and dishonest behaviour by a small minority of online bridge players, the NIBU has asked the club to remind you about requirements for ethical behaviour at all times. There are daily reports of people perceived to be deliberately CHEATING when playing online. All members should be in no doubt that the NIBU is taking this issue extremely seriously and there will be consequences for anyone found to be cheating.
Club TDs or Online Managers should endeavour to ensure that all players are aware of what actions as acceptable and which are definitely not – e.g. providing explanations in the chat area for partner to see as well as opponents is NOT acceptable, the alert area only should be used

#Clubs playing on the NIBU platform are required to note the following:
    All players must enter their real names in their user profile.

Preferably enter both names but a First name only is acceptable
    If visitors are playing in a club the club must have the visitors’ NIBU/CBAI Membership number
    No unaffiliated players may play on the NIBU BBO platform
    Local Master Points will be awarded in accordance with the NIBU Master Point Scheme for all events.
The following instructions to be issued to all people playing on the BBO NIBU platform -
Whether you are playing in your local friendly club or you are representing your country you must adhere to the international rules of bridge.


All those wishing to play on the NIBU BBO platform must
confirm to their club that they have read this document.

Ensure that the club has their NIBU Membership number
Enter their REAL NAME in their bridge profile on BBO – First name is acceptable if you don’t want to give your full name.
Ensure that they always play according to the rules of our game

Those who have concerns about the actions of another NIBU member should raise them with your TD or Online Club Manager and should not make public accusations or insinuations on social media.
A.    Self-Kibitzing    


B.    Having another person kibitz and pass on information to you
                                                               THIS IS CHEATING       

C.    Phoning/contacting partner during play    


D.    Communicating with partner when playing in the same house/room. Showing your hand, asking for a lead, suggesting bids
                                                             THIS IS CHEATING 

    The Tournament Director or BBO Online Club Manager is required to forward details of any unethical behaviour to the NIBU Hon Secretary, who will undertake a full investigation of any alleged wrongdoing.    If Unethical behaviour is proven, the players will face suspension or expulsion from NIBU and notification of same to International Bridge Organisations    



  New season


We hope all members, their families and friends are well.

This week, beginning Monday August 31st, sees the end of the summer bridge season and the start of the winter sesson. 

There will be two events this week - Monday 31st and Thursday Sept 3rd - both at 7.30.

Due to the pandemic, there will be none of the usual prizes/cups/trophies etc unless there is a change of circumstances. 

There may be Simultaneous Pairs events run by e.g. the NIBU - information on that will be posted. 

We will play each Thursday at 7.30 through till the end of April 2021. All events will be open to members and friends as per the summer.

Anyone wishing furthur information on e.g. joining BBO etc should contact a member of the committee.

Dundalk Bridge Club will continue to run their weekly competitions on Tuesdays at 7.15. - All welcome.



  Trial run on BBO

Hi members

If anyone would like a trial run - c.10 boards with other club members in order to acquaint themselves with BBO, let me know. 

I recommend a series of Youtube videos by Paul Gipson on using BBO.


  BBO Guide

Members should note that Terry has installed a useful guide for playing on BBO.

It contains all the necessary information.


  Online bridge

Dundalk Bridge Club have just started an online bridge competition on BBO. The next event will be next Monday June 1st at 12 midday. It's free.

Warrenpoint members are welcome to play in the event. They should contact the organiser - Bernadette Brennan beforehand with their email address, BBO name and full name.

When that venture is up and running, regular competitions will be run from the Dundalk club with a fee to play. 

Peter Byrne - is also running regular events and is open to members of Warrenpoint Bridge Club.


Meanwhile, the NIBU continue with their twice weekly competition - Sunday and Wednesday at 2pm.

  A word from the club

To Warrenpoint Golf Club Bridge Club Members

Dear Member

We are aware that this week would have marked the end of the winter season. Unfortunately, of course it wasn't to be.

Like other clubs, we will wait till the time is right to resume.

Meantime, we hope all members, their families and friends keep safe and well.

We again encourage members to become acquainted with Bridge Base Online (BBO). Daily competitions take place.

The NIBU run twice weekly pairs competitions for members of the NIBU - Sunday and Wednesday at 2 pm.


Signed by the president and committee.

  Warrenpoint Bridge Club

Welcome to the Warrenpoint Bridge Club web site.

We play duplicate bridge every Tuesday at 7:15 pm from September until early May.

During the summer (May till September) we play on Thursdays (7.30 pm) 

at Warrenpoint Golf Clubhouse.


  Members area

The information provided by members is now available in the members area. Access is by clicking on 'Membership' in the list in the home page, using the email address provided and setting an individual password. 

  Corona Virus

As the impact of this contagion increases, we hope all members, their families and friends remain well.

We look forward to the time, hopefully not too far away ,when we can get together again for a game of bridge.

Members will note that various online bridge events have appeared. For example, Bernard Magee is doing a regular teaching symposium on You Tube - look for 'Bernard Magee'.

Andrew Robson is doing a daily small subscription tutorial -

The NIBU are considering running some of their upcoming events online. Members should, if they wish, become  familiar with BBO where these competitions may be run.

3rd NIBU interclub duplicate pairs
Director: Michael Mc Namee
Scorer: Patricia Conway
Winter Bridge
Director: Patricia Conway
Scorer: Patricia Conway
Winter Bridge
Director: Peter Van Der Lenden
Scorer: Patricia Conway
Winter Bridge
Director: Michael Mc Namee
Scorer: PC
Winter Bridge
Director: Peter Van der Lenden
#74026 Pairs Warrenpoint Bridge Club
Director: Patricia Conway
Scorer: PC
Thu 20th Jan 2022
Winter Bridge
Thu 27th Jan 2022
Winter Bridge
Thu 3rd Feb 2022
Winter Bridge
Thu 10th Feb 2022
Winter Bridge
Thu 17th Feb 2022
Winter Bridge
Thu 24th Feb 2022
Winter Bridge
Thu 3rd Mar 2022
Summer Bridge