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Special Games
Special Game General Information

A variety of Special Games have been selected by our Board and Head Director to give our members some variety in the type games they play.  All these games have been established or sanctioned by either the ACBL, Florida District 9 or Unit 128.  See the Regular Game Schedule at the bottom of the Home page for a list of all our games.  The Monthly Special Games Schedule article is just above that and gives you all the details as to what special games are available during that particular month.

Detail and explanation of some other games and learning opportunities are listed below.

Eight is Enough Game:

Eight is Enough is a Swiss Team game that attempts to equalize the playing field by requiring the experienced players (Level 2 or 3) to team up with the less experienced players (Level 1 or 2) so that the total count of all 4 players on a team doesn't not exceed 8.  Currently, the masterpoint spread is as follows:

Level 1 - MPS between 0 to 500/NLM

Level 2 - MPS between 501 to 1500

Level 3 - MPS 1501 and above

299er and 399er Game:

Several regularly scheduled games each week are specifically created for new players with less than 399 MPS.  These games give new players a chance to practice their game skills with fellow players of comparable abilities so they don't feel intimidated by playing with the "big" boys.  This helps build confidence and a better chance to earn master points as they progress toward improving their skills and moving to the Open games.

Mentor-Novice Game:

The Mentor-Novice Game is set up for all the Mentor-Novice teams to play each other.  Additional time has been allowed for the teams to discuss the hands between plays.  If you would like information on our Mentor Program or would like to sign up, please click the Education menu button to the left.

IMP Game:

IMP games have been held in the past but there are currently no games scheduled.  It is scored like Swiss games versus MPS which means the emphasis is more on bidding and making your game or slam rather than making over trick.  In other words the scoring goes by cumulative points and not rank order of individual hands.

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