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Board Information
Board Information

The Board of Directors is elected from our membership and is responsible for all financial and administrative duties.

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:

Meetings are held throughout the year and the minutes for all the meetings since 2013 are posted.  Click on the year of the minutes you want to view and then click on its submenu button for the specific Board Minutes you want to view.

By-Laws and Constitution:

The By-Laws and Constitution for our club's operation.

Duties of the Board & Directors, and Club Procedures:

A detailed description of the duties and procedures that must be followed by both the Board and the Game Directors.

Appeals Committee:

The Appeals Committee is made up of members from our club who meet the ACBL and our Club's requirements, as stated in the By-Laws, to resolve conflicts or controversies that occur during a game.  The current members are shown to the left.  Keep in mind that the ACBL Game Director can select people at large if there aren't enough people available from the list, provided those people meet the minimum requirements.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

Our Club fully supports the ACBL Zero Tolerance Policy.  The rules are really common sense rules of good behavior that we should all be doing regardless of the activity.  However, since Duplicate Bridge is a competitive game, we all need to be reminded at times that this is a game and we need to treat it as such.

Our ACBL Directors will be enforcing these rules per ACBL policy which means that the first offense will result in a disciplinary penalty of 1/4 board or 3 IMP's.  The second offense will be ejection from the game.

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