Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Partnership Contacts


Joanie Colbert



BJ Chiota


Online Partnership Curator

Mike Mocella


Support Staff
Administrative Support Staff
Administrative Support Staff

L to R:  Alex Booke, Russ Pearly, Tom Bush, Pat Poitinger, Marvin Welles, Joanie Colbert, Mike Lotti and BJ Chiota

Alex Booke Club Manager 350-1306
Joanie Colbert Partnership 430-3503
BJ Chiota 399er Partnership 751-4095
Mike Lotti Comptroller 753-4254
Pat Poitinger Co-Editor Club News 430-1900
Buck Buchanan Co-Editor Club News 633-2111
Tom Bush Webmaster 259-8600
Paul Matheson Database Manager 259-4627
Rich Seidman Information Systems 407-405-4230
Marvin Welles Information Systems 348-4732
Bob Matthews Education Coordinator 352-283-4913
Susan Fraser Assist Education Coord 502-303-7544
Russ Pearly Club Recorder 775-6129


Contact the people above with concerns or suggestions you have for their respective area of responsibility.

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