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If you come upon an issue that involves conduct or ethics and you wish to report it either confidentially or not, please click on this article title to pull up a form for you to fill out and submit to Russ Pearly, our Club Recorder.  This is an additional procedure set up to supplement the Zero Tolerance card to help maintain a friendly atmosphere at the bridge table.

I will be away The Villages from June 27th through early October.  I can be reached at my usual email address (, my cell phone (610-360-1901) or at 11 142nd St, Unit 215, Ocean City, MD 21842.  I will continue to conduct my Club Recorder responsibilites.

ACBL Directors
ACBL Directors

Back L to R: Greg Saunders, Jon Williams, Caroline Davies, Phil Benner, Lyn Benner, Paul Matheson.  Mid L to R: John Kuyper, Kelley Dryden, John Quinn, Alex Booke, Sandy Booke, Rick Gauthier.  Frt L to R: Marilyn Schmidt, Janet Matthews, Pat Holmes

Rick Gauthier (Head Director) 413-531-3020
Jon Williams 259-2749
Janet Matthews 352-283-4914
Caroline Davies 633-8505
Bruce Thiher 643-0121
Stephen Macheel 920-296-0892
Pat Holmes 750-1148
John Quinn 802-989-0157
Beverly Magnuson 561-385-9016
John Kuyper 561-4307
Marilyn Schmidt 413-329-3779
Alex Booke 585-224-6975
Sandy Booke 350-1306
Phil Benner 916-606-0156
Lyn Benner 916-806-0438
Kelley Dryden 954-707-1494
John Lahoud 633-2528
Jim Strazzere 446-3705
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