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Mike Mocella


If you come upon an issue that involves conduct or ethics and you wish to report it either confidentially or not, please click on this article title to pull up a form for you to fill out and submit to Russ Pearly, our Club Recorder.  This is an additional procedure set up to supplement the Zero Tolerance card to help maintain a friendly atmosphere at the bridge table.

I will be away The Villages from June 27th through early October.  I can be reached at my usual email address (, my cell phone (610-360-1901) or at 11 142nd St, Unit 215, Ocean City, MD 21842.  I will continue to conduct my Club Recorder responsibilites.

Online Partnership
How to Use the Online Partnership Request

All you have to do is click on the Online Partnership Request link just below the Partnership Contacts box on the left side of our Home Page and fill in the request spreadsheet which comes up.  As soon as you type the information onto this spreadsheet, it is saved automatically to the “Cloud” and anyone viewing that spreadsheet will be able to see your request.  You can request a single game or the same game every week.  It is very flexible.  Follow the instructions under the title.  This site is completely editable so be careful you don't delete someone elses information.

If you need a partner, please check out our Online Partnership Request spreadsheet first to see if any compatible partners are available before either entering your own name or calling Joanie or Maria.  If you see someone listed for the game for which you need a partner, go ahead and call them.  You don’t have to get Joanie or Maria involved.  However, both ladies will be monitoring this link and matching up the online requests with those they get by telephone.

Maintenance of link:

Mike Mocella has agreed to act as Curator for this online form and will monitor the link, keep it in chronological order, delete old requests that have expired and generally keep it organized.  If you are familiar with Excel or other spreadsheets, you can help Mike by inserting your request in the proper chronological order and deleting your own request when it has been filled or elapsed.

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