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Orientation for this Website
Orientation for this Web Site

A few of the menu button links which will help you get started are:


The first page will show the rank order of how you did.  Click on your name and it will go to a second page which includes all sorts or information such as your personal score card, actual hands played and your bids.  Note that in a 2 section game, you may need to click the Section button on top of the results page to see your section's results.  On the Home Page there is a "Quick" link to get you to the 9 most recent game results.

A submenu under Results titled "Personal Analysis" gives a summary of the games you played in and who you played with.


The MPS Leaders positions will be here and it is "live" - continually being updated.

Member Directory:

This list of telephone and email addresses for our members has sorting capabilities to help find a person quicker.  Note you will need to click on the email icon to get their email address.


It has all the contact information and pictures for our Directors, Board and Support Staff personnel.

Menu Buttons:

There are currently many many more menu buttons for you to explore.  We've just listed 4 of them above.  The menu buttons with down arrows such as NewsletterStaff and Board Information have submenu buttons for more specific information for that subject.

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