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The Social Corner...

As we all continue to try to stay in touch with our bridge friends during this COVID time, if you see or know of something of interest to the membership, and it is verifiable information, please contact the webmaster for inclusion in this "social" area of our website. 

Welcome to The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club

Welcome to The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club.  Our club is located in The Villages (Florida's Friendliest Hometown) which is in central Florida.  Our ACBL sanction number is #217489.  We are in District 9, Unit 128.

This is an invitational club so guest passes must be obtained for a guest to play.  All regular game fees are $3 per person for a resident and $5 per person for a guest.   We are a non-smoking club and adhere to the ACBL Zero Tolerance Policy.

Our web site has a lot of information and you should scroll down the home page first to find out what you want and then click on the special menu buttons to obtain additional information on a specific subject.

Last updated : Jun 28, 2021 13:03 EDT
BOD Candidates

There will be an election for the Board of Directors beginning December 1 through December 15.  To read a short, self-written bio of each candidate, please click here.

Last updated : Nov 14, 2021 17:05 EST
Education Coordinator Position

The BOD is currently seeking a qualified individual for the position of Education Coordinator.  The description/application may be accessed by clicking here.

Last updated : Nov 10, 2021 12:38 EST
If You Would Like To Make A Reservation

For information on how to use the Reservation System please click Reservation Instructions

For a very informative video on how to use the system please click Here 

And this is part 2 showing how to change reservations and some FAQ’s  Click Here

Please contact Janet Matthews for any questions or problems at

If you show up with a partner other than the one shown on your reservation then you move to the bottom of the wait list.

Last updated : Sep 26, 2021 13:38 EDT
Let's get back to Face to Face
  1. The club will provide masks at each venue for anyone asking for one, but the use of masks will not be required for those who are fully vaccinated.
  2. Hand sanitizers will be available at all venues and their use encouraged.
  3. The club will supply latex gloves to all that want them.
  4. We know that the virus we have all just lived through can at times be deadly and that many of us have compromised health systems to begin with. So, we ask that you please respect the safety and well-being of your fellow members and stay away if you feel unwell or sick in any way. We will not impose any further rules but ask that you place yourself on an Honor System to help us all remain healthy, fit, and able to go on enjoying one another’s company for years to come.
  5. Game directors are authorized to remove players from the room if they demonstrate obvious flu like symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny noses etc.
Last updated : Nov 19, 2021 02:25 EST
Rank Changes for November 2021
Congratulations to those who have achieved a new ACBL ranking as of November 2021.  To read the article, click here.
Last updated : Nov 8, 2021 07:09 EST
F2F and BBO Schedule starting Monday November 29th




DAY TIME RANGE # of Bds / Venue Director Reserve
MONDAY 9:30 AM < 500 18 bds @ 7 min Caroline
MONDAY 10:00 AM < 2500 18 bds @ 7 min Caroline
MONDAY 1:00 PM OPEN Sea Breeze Rick Click Here
MONDAY 1:00 PM < 300 Laurel Pat Click Here
MONDAY 5:30 PM < 100 Sea Breeze Paul Click Here
MONDAY 6:30 PM OPEN 18 bds @ 7 min John 
TUESDAY 10:00 AM < 1500 18 bds @ 7 min Caroline
TUESDAY 1:00 PM OPEN Miona Jon G Click Here
TUESDAY 1:00 PM < 750 Eisenhower Pat Click Here
TUESDAY 6:15PM <200 18 bds @ 7 min John Q
TUESDAY 6:30PM OPEN 18 bds @ 7 min John Q
WEDNESDAY 9:30 AM 2500 18 bds @ 7 min Caroline
WEDNESDAY 1:00 PM  < 1500 Miona Terry Click Here
WEDNESDAY 1:15 PM OPEN 18 bds @ 7min Ann
WEDNESDAY 1:30PM < 500 18 bds @ 7 min Ann
WEDNESDAY 6:30PM OPEN 18 bds @ 7 min John
THURSDAY 9:00 AM OPEN Rohan Jim D Click Here
THURSDAY 1:15 PM OPEN 18 bds @ 7min John
THURSDAY 4:30 PM < 500 Rohan Pat Click Here
THURSDAY 6:30PM OPEN 18 bds @ 7min John
FRIDAY 10:00 AM Mentor 18bds @ 7 min Jon G
FRIDAY 1:00 PM OPEN Eisenhower Ann Click Here
FRIDAY 1:00 PM < 500 Eisenhower Ann Click Here
FRIDAY 1:15 PM < 1500 18 bds @ 7 min Jon G
FRIDAY 6:15PM < 500 18 bds @ 7 min John 
FRIDAY 6:30PM OPEN 18 bds @ 7 min John 
SATURDAY 10:00 AM OPEN 18 bds @ 7 min Ann
SATURDAY 10:15 AM <200 18 bds @ 7 min Ann
SATURDAY 1:15 PM OPEN 18 bds @ 7min John
SUNDAY 10:00 AM 2500 18 bds @ 7 min Caroline
SUNDAY 1:30 PM <500 18 bds @ 7 min Ann
Last updated : Nov 29, 2021 05:48 EST
Directors emails and phone numbers
Rick  Gauthier ( Head Director) 413-531-3020
Janet  Matthews (BBO) 352-283-4914
Sandy  Booke 352-702-1358
Caroline  Davies 352-633-8505
Jim  Dick 352-643-1595
Jon  Greenspan 352-805-9774
Pat  Holmes 248-931-4003
Paul  Matheson 508-991-0680
Bob  Matthews 352-283-4913
Terry  Oleske 917-806-7607
John  Quinn 802-989-0157
Marilyn  Schmidt 413-329-3779
Ann  Smallen 315-527-1294
Jon  Williams 352-259-2749
Last updated : Nov 19, 2021 02:26 EST
Instructions on How to Play and Improve playing on BBO
The following links will help orient you to the BBO games.  Just click on the appropriate link below:
The 1st one will help you on learning how to use Bridge Base - Click Here
This video shows you how to add BBO $'s to your account -Click Here
This video shows you how to bid and play -Click Here
Next How to Alert your bids Click Here
This is a link to a very useful video on how to set up your Convention Card Click Here
Give it a try.
Last updated : Mar 12, 2021 13:11 EST
Alert Message
Alert! Effective Monday, 11/22 neither the Monday afternoon nor Friday afternoon BBO OPEN  games will be run due to very poor attendance. You have Face2Face options available both days. The afternoon BBO Limited games will remain the same. 
All members should watch for this weekend's blast when we will announce the start of 2 new Open Face2Face games and 2 new Limited Face2Face games effective 11/29! Simultaneously, select BBO games will be eliminated so please pay attention!!

Checkout Neil's newest lessons on the simple overcall, interference over artificial bids, and assessment of fit points.  All three are located under the Education tab and the current and all previous lessons may be found on the "Neil's Archives" page.  Happy learning!

Stay up-to-date with the business of your club.  For the November BOD's minutes, click here.


To access a short biography of each of the  candidates for the Board of Directors election voting December 1-15, click here.








Last updated : Nov 23, 2021 09:10 EST
#11341 9:30 (Caroline) <500
#11361 10:00 (Caroline) <2500
#6576 10:00 (Caroline) <2500
#6658 Ann 1:30pm <500
#6651 Ann 1:15pm OPEN
#1697 Ann 10am - OPEN
#1710 Ann 10:15am < 199 MP'S
#1818 Pairs John Q on BBO-OPEN
#1898 6:15 (Caroline) <500
#96355 Pairs John Q on BBO-< 500 mp's
#96357 Pairs John Q on BBO-OPEN
Director: Jim Dick
#84482 9:30 (Caroline) <2500
< 1500
Miona 13:15
Director: Jim Dick
BBO 18:30
BBO 13:15
#78604 VILLAGES < 750 MP'S
#78737 Pairs John Q on BBO- OPEN
#78747 Pairs John Q on BBO- <500
#78834 Pairs John Q on BBO-OPEN