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Welcome to The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club

Welcome to The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club.  Our club is located in The Villages (Florida's Friendliest Hometown) which is in central Florida.  Our ACBL sanction number is #217489.  We are in District 9, Unit 128.

This is an invitational club so guest passes must be obtained for a guest to play.  All regular game fees are $3 per person for a resident and $5 per person for a guest.   We are a non-smoking club and adhere to the ACBL Zero Tolerance Policy.

Our web site has a lot of information and you should scroll down the home page first to find out what you want and then click on the special menu buttons to obtain additional information on a specific subject.

Last updated : Nov 28, 2018 10:03 EST
BBO Games for Villagers
Janet Matthews has been working very hard in trying to get BBO games for our club.  Unfortunately it has been a work in progress for ACBL, BBO and our club and there has been several glitches.  Hopefully things are more or less straight now and it should work for everyone.  We have 22+ tables now, so obviously a lot of Villagers are playing and many more learning.
The following two files will help orient you to the BBO games.  Just click on the appropriate link below:
The 1st one titled Step by Step Guide will help you learning how to use Bridge Base - Step by Step Guide to Playing on BBO
2nd one titled Playing On Bridge Base will tell you how to sign up and play BBO games - Playing on Bridge Base
Give it a try.
Last updated : Mar 29, 2020 08:02 EDT
2020 Educational Class Schedule
All classes temporarily cancelled until further notice because of virus concerns.  The upcoming class schedule for the Tuesday morning educational classes at the O’Dell recreation center is now available.  To view the schedule for classes that are being presented for intermediate players between now and the end of May 2020, please go to the Education menu link to the left and click on 2002 Winter Spring Class Schedule - issue Mar 4 2020 .
Note that we highly recommend two things if you are considering attending any of these Sessions. 
First of all, the maximum benefit will be obtained if you attend with a partner.  Bridge is NOT a solo game and it is essential that wherever possible both you and a playing partner learn together.
Secondly, we are building in this year what we regard as a most valued aspect to all we are trying to teach.  That is, for every topic, there will be a following Workshop where what you are taught will be re-visited, worked with, and made more clear in context.  We strongly urge you to consider that both the class and the workshop should be regarded as one and that whenever possible you do your very best to attend both.
Last updated : Mar 14, 2020 03:35 EDT
Alert Message

All games cancelled until further notice because of the COVID-19 virus.

The March 17 Board Minutes are available for reveiw.  Click on Board Info and then the 2020 Minutes

The BBO games are working better now.  Please read the aritcle to the left to get the latest instuctions

The April Newsletter is now available.  Click on the Newsletter menu button and then the particular Newsletter you want to view.

Officially our club maintained it's size ranking as the 2nd largest club in North America for 2019.  Click on the History link and then History - ACBL Ranking and the 2019 Top Clubs in ACBL for more information.

Neil's April lesson on "Vacant Doubleton Convention" has been posted on the Education link.

Last updated : Apr 1, 2020 11:19 EDT
Top Clubs in ACBL

In 2019 our club maintained it's size position as the 2nd largest ACBL club in North America.  Click on the History - A Growth Story  menu button for the history of our club.

Last updated : Mar 24, 2020 12:55 EDT
1 PM Sea Breeze Sunday
Director: Ann Smallen
Saturday Afternoon Session
Director: John Quinn
Friday Evening Session
Director: Kelley Dryden
Thursday Morning Open
Director: Kelley Dryden
1 PM Mulberry Open
Director: John Lahoud
Th PM '150' Pairs
Director: Pat Holmes
Lake Miona 400
Director: John Quinn
1 PM Mulberry Open
Director: Stephen Macheel
6 15 PM Sea Breeze Open
Director: Bev Magnuson
Wednesday Morning Session
Director: Marilyn Schmidt
1 PM Eisenhower 750
Director: Caroline Davies
1 PM Miona Open
Director: Jon Williams