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Welcome to Victoria Park Bridge Club
Arrangements for Covid-safe play

Face-to-Face bridge at Victoria Park


The Club is currently running regular face-to-face (f2f) sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings, as well as an experimental series of sessions on Wednesday afternoons.  These events are open to all full and associate members who have renewed their subscriptions.  Guests  providing contact details are also welcome to attend.  Until further notice, the results of the Monday sessions will be merged with those for a simultaneous RealBridge run by Vanda and Paul van der Linden.   Both stand-alone f2f and Combined results will be posted here on Bridgewebs.

Our spring/summer sessions will be run on the following basis:

1. There will be a maximum of six tables playing duplicate bridge using Mitchell movements if possible in order to reduce the numbers moving between tables. 

2. Members are asked to reserve places, not more than seven days in advance, in pairs via email to David Brice ( who will confirm by email. The club’s partner finding service will be available from Catriona (  Members may be asked to act as reserves in case others are forced to withdraw at short notice (see below).

3. Members are asked not to attend unless they have had 2 jabs (at least 2 weeks previously) or tested negative in the previous 24 hours and not at all if they have any doubts about recent contacts or COVID symptoms.

4. During play, members will be required to wear masks throughout the session unless there is a unanimous vote of those present to waive this requirement.   During the midway break in play masks may be removed for the consumption of refreshments.

5. Table money will be collected at all sessions.

6. Bottles of sanitiser are kept in the cupboard and can be requested at any time.

7. Refreshments should be taken from the kitchen one table at a time, players being responsible to maintain social distancing as far as possible. 

As infection fates fall we are pleased to welcome everyone back to catch up and enjoy playing proper bridge again.


Extra partner-linking assistance

As more members rejoin our sessions, we have heard about established pairs in which one partner feels more vulnerable than the other.   In order to encourage the return of those now ready to play we have introduced an enhanced partner-finding service to work alongside Catriona's continuing facility.   Elizabeth Ambler will be overseeing this new system.  If you are looking for a temporary partner, email Elizabeth ( and she will contact others in a similar position and try to help you fix up an arrangement for for an evening's play (or perhaps for several).

Yesterdays News

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5th December 2022
Covid-adjusted f2f Duplicate
7th December 2022
Afternoon Pairs
8th December 2022
Covid-adjusted f2f Gentle Duplicate
12th December 2022
Covid-adjusted f2f Duplicate
Covid-adjusted f2f Gentle Duplicate
Director: David Brice
Scorer: Bridgemate
Covid-adjusted f2f Duplicate
Director: David Brice
Scorer: Bridgemate
f2f & RealBridge (merged)
Covid-adjusted f2f Gentle Duplicate
Director: Mark Drew
Scorer: Bridgemate