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Welcome to Victoria Park Bridge Club

Victoria Park is a combined bridge and tennis club with off-street parking in the St Leonard’s area of Exeter. The bridge section has its own playing room and use of a shared kitchen in the clubhouse.   It is a small, friendly club keen to get back to the numbers we enjoyed before Covid. We have regular sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings and on Wednesday afternoons. Membership enquiries are welcome using the contact links provided here.

The Wednesday sessions are particularly suitable for new and improving players and of course for those who prefer day time sessions.   If you have recently completed a bridge course or are a returning player then we offer face to face duplicate bridge with a small number of tables and advice and support from more experienced players.

The evening duplicate sessions are more competitive, play is faster, and detailed analysis of the play is not encouraged.   However we maintain a sociable atmosphere, and take a break for coffee and biscuits.  The standard of play is the same for both these sessions.

For a trial period, we are adding a further session to our weekly schedule of events.  Entitled "Develop your Play", this is a joint activity with Exeter Bridge Club in an initiative led by Jeremy Child (for further details see the New Item below).

For Thursdays, advance booking is no longer required, but participants are expected to attend in pairs.   For our other duplicate sessions players - visitors and members alike - should book a place by emailing Don Mitchell ( [for Monday play] or David Brice ( [Wednesdays] up to seven days in advance of the session itself.  These booking arrangements supersede those set out in our Covid Policy which can be found elsewhere in this website.   To avoid spreading infection of any kind, please do not attend a bridge session if you are suffering from a cough, cold, or any other respiratory symptoms.


News Item(s)

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new Club activity starting shortly.

This will be a weekly session sponsored jointly with Exeter Bridge Club and will initially run for a six-week trial period. Dubbed "Develop your Play", it will focus on the card-playing tactics Declarer and Defenders might use respectively to make or sink a contract. The initiative is primarily intended to provide an opportunity for recent learners to hone their skills and a full description is provided here. The sessions will be overseen by Jeremy Child who will circulate round the tables to offer guidance. As an Interclub activity these sessions will of course be open to all VP members - Associates and Full members alike. Some of you may well feel you could benefit from buffing up your skills in squeezing or end-play and, if so, you are more than welcome to come along.

The sessions will take place in the Clubhouse on Tuesday evenings (7pm-9pm), with the first meeting scheduled to take place on 12th March.

Jeremy would very much like to be joined each week by a couple of experienced players to act as additional advisors and to join tables to offer a robust defence. If you would be prepared to help from time to time, please contact Don Mitchell ( so he can arrange some dates. It goes without saying that Assistants will not be charged a table fee for participating. However, if you would like to attend exclusively as an advice-receiver, you will be asked to contribute the standard 50p table fee. Those who do this will not formally be called upon to help others. Again, if you are interested in this, please contact Don Mitchell (address above). 

It is in the interests of all clubs in the area to have new players coming on and preparing to take the step of joining regular duplicate sessions, so we should be delighted if you would support this initiative in one or other of the two capacities described above.

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